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Since Night of the Living Dead zombies have been a frightening fixture on the pop culture landscape lumbering after hapless humans slurping up brains and veins and whatever warm fleshy matter they can clench in their rotting limbs But what if they were real? What would happen if tomorrow corpses across the nation began springing up out of their graves and terrorizing the living?Employing hard science and solid police work—not to mention jaw dropping literally humor—Zombie CSU is the only guide you need to make it through alive—not undead At last you can

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    So you love zombies? NO I mean you really LOVE zombies? You spend time in chat rooms debating over the best methods to survive a zombie outbreak or zombie apocalypse You argue with non believers about how likely a zombie plague actually is You love the mechanics of the various zombie incarnations and how society and specifically the police the military and the every day Joe would actually react? You have dug so deep that you actually can vividly imagine the whole process of the zombie invasion would take place including the discovery of Patient Zero the initial victim and the expansion of the plague or whatever process would take place that caused the initial infection and where it goes from there This book is for you Jonathan Maberry has done exhaustive research conducting interviews with over 200 experts in various fields who have as much of a fascination with zombies as he does This book serves as a research tome for not only the zombie fan but those who might direct a zombie flick or write a zombie story No stone was left unturned in the process of going through a theoretical zombie apocalypsewell a lot of it argues the validity of the idea of an apocalypse actually occuring if we are talking about a plausible scientific explaination for zombies rather than a supernatural process Slow vs fast spiritual vs plague infected it is discussed here and far beyond that My favorite parts of this book had to be the smaller insertions including the ongoing debate of fast vs slow zombies as discussed by numerous authors directors and other experts in the field There is also a great deal of zombie art in this book with the artists comments on what they were conceiving and thinking about when they created a particular piece I have always felt that in many zombie movies the police and military are treated with limited respect they are made to be less than competent so a zombie apocalypse is that much likely This book presents a fair and balanced view of how the police SWAT and the military might actually respond Good stuff for a real zombie zealot but the author still acknowledges the excitment that goes along with the fantasy that is zombies Perhaps this book peels back too many layers of this onion in exposing what is realistic and possible but the author says than once in the book as a reminder to the reader that we are talking about zombies here the modern variation concocted by George Romero in Night of the Living Dead not something we have ever really seen or that has ever actually really existedas far as we know This is the book for the zombie fanatic Perhaps a little too dense and complex for the casual zombie observer someone who digs the occasional zombie flick or book But if you really are fascinated with everything zombie in all its gory incarnations if you can imagine hunkering down in a bunker cleaning your guns waiting for the undead to break down your reinforced doors then this book is a great read

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    Entertaining interesting and covers pretty much every aspect of the medico legal and law enforcement angles of a potential zombie plague outbreak which I liked However it was so riddled with editing errors that I wanted to take out my red marker and start having a go at it Legendary director Val Lewton is referred to as Hal Lewton and Ray Dennis Steckler's trashmasterpiece The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies is given the wrong title as is DL Snell's zombie novel Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines Later in the book in a Top Ten List of Best Zombie Songs Maberry actually includes a footnote after the band Mercyful Fate's name to indicate that this is a correct spelling since the word merciful is spelled with an i After seeing so many other spelling and editing errors that actually made me laugh out loud To give Maberry credit he did his homework and his research and he's obviously a devoted and passionate fan of the zombie genre He interviewed plenty of legal medical and law professionals in addition to zombie writers and zombie film actors It's a book worth reading if you're a serious zombie fan

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    This book was very cool So cool in fact that I have dogearred a bunch of pages so I can remember to go back and use some of the uotes for the project I'm writing as part of my postgrad degree at UofEdinburgh I have some novel ideas about how I can use Zombies as a hook to make learning fun for 7 to 11 year olds Admittedly it might be stretching the connection a bit thin but I think that a make believe Zombie Apocalypse could very well be the catalyst needed to make it impossible for the kids to forget their experiences learning about geography geology natural history in Glasgow and the local history surrounding the new school site If escaping a zombie apocalypse reuires drawing on critical knowledge gained during the academic sessions then I've got a ready made and hella exciting method of assessing whether they got what it was I was trying to teach them

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    If you are a fan of zombies this book is for you The author goes into great detail about how the authorities would respond to a zombie outbreak if such a thing ever happened He is not just shooting from the hip either He interviewed hundreds of experts in various fields and then breaks down that information step by step A great read though there were some parts where it got a little dryThe book did have some minor typos here and there and one huge typo attributing the First Amendment to Lyndon Johnson instead of attributing the Freedom of Information Act to the former president The author seemed to have been let down by his editors But as an editor I know how very easy it is for something like that to slip by under deadline None of this detracts from the amazing job done on this book which includes snippits from leading zombie authors artists and plus zombie art

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    This is the first book I encountered by Jonathan Maberry After this I was hooked on his works Originally I was going to use this book for a research paper in speech for the spring semester of school then something happened I realized what Jonathan Maberry has done with this book A scenario was posed and extensive research around the scenario was was revealed I went on to make a helluva grade This book is fantastic This is a must read for any zombie apocalypse survivalist theorist Plus on the up and upthis book is litered with some bad ass zombie pop culture origins and history Can't beat that with a stick

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    Awesome book I started reading it not having a clue what it was but was uickly became so engaged in the 'how would things actually go down' information in he he book I loved that the author consulted with people in different industries to discuss such things I would say this book is a must for anyone preparing for a zombie outbreak or horror film enthusiasts as there are lots of film references in the book

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    Lots of useful information in this book Said with tongue in cheek

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    Check out my artwork on page 159 Filled with tons of amazing facts

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    Funny uirky but not as good as the Zombie Survival Guide Still worth a read though

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    Every fan of the zombie genre needs to read this book I don't know if I can make that statement any clear I would say that this is a must have book along with Wolrd War Z The Zombie Survival Guide and The Field Guide to the Apocalypse With these four books in tow you should find yourself than prepared to make it through the zombie outbreak that hits your neighborhood or perhaps the world Should you not survive these books should provide hours of what ifs and entertainment for youI highly suggest that anyone who plans to take on any type of zombie project book story game or film read this first Maberry has done research on this subject and interviewed experts than most of us could ever imagine He included a huge amount of material that debunks several zombie possibilities while giving ideas on how this type of outbreak might actually occurMy only complaint was that Junk was included as one of the worse zombie films ever made I like Junk I really do Swap that with Redneck Zombies or ZZombie Toixin and this book would have been perfect Bring on the seuel