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After Witnessing A Mob Hit, Surgeon Jack Francisco Is Put Into Protective Custody To Keep Him Safe Until He Can Testify A Hitman Known Only As D Is Blackmailed Into Killing Jack, But When He Tracks Him Down, His Weary Conscience Won T Allow Him To Murder An Innocent Man Finding In Each Other An Unlikely Ally, Jack And D Are Soon On The Run From Shadowy Enemies Forced To Work Together To Survive, The Two Men Forge A Bond That Ripens Into Unexpected Passion Jack Sees The Wounded Soul Beneath D S Cold, Detached Exterior, And D Finds In Jack The Person Who Can Help Him Reclaim The Man He Once Was As The Day Of Jack S Testimony Approaches, He And D Find Themselves Not Only Fighting For Their Lives But Also Fighting For Their Future A Future Together

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    Nick s Very First Giffy ReviewThere s D the sexy hit man

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    New review posted May 13, 2013 Re read and buddy read with Rosalinda, May 2013 Thank you, Rosa, it was a pleasure mwah Jack is a maxillofacial surgeon with a subspecialty in craniofacial surgery Maxillofacial surgeons treat injuries, diseases, and defects in the skull, jaw, neck, and face After witnessing a mob hit in an underground garage, Jack is put into protective custody to keep him alive until the trial begins and he can testify D is a hit man and a former view spoiler member of a Special Forces unit hide spoiler

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    OK, so I was SO INCREDIBLY LATE to this party, it is almost shameful Zero at the Bone was published way, way back in 2009 If you are a M M romance fan, like me, and haven t read this FAN FUCKING TASTIC novel yet What are you waiting for I kept thinking that as I read this one I can t believe I am just reading this now And what is even shameful I bought this back in January of 2012 I am ridiculous Mercenary MC D is a lost and lonely man He has been denying his basic human emotions for 10 years, putting them in a vault that is locked up tight, and no one has the key His most recent target, MC Dr Jack Francisco, who s only crime was being at the wrong place at the wrong time, barrels into his life, picking away at the lock on D s vault A hit man and a surgeon Really Really The sex is off the charts, the passion is glorious, the hurt healing comfort is the stuff of my wildest dreams and the story line Blew me away The way Jane Seville actually pulled off a plausible way for these men to be attracted to each other was impressive enough But to give them the rainbows and bird s singing HEA they eventually got Fuck Perfection Enough of my praise vomit This one is on my Fuck Yeah, 5 Stars shelf and it is the best of the best If you haven t read this one yet, give yourself a nice block of time and start This one does NOT disappoint HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    self indulgent, overlong, and inauthentic, he snarled.reads like fanfic, and probably was.not a total horror show there was tension, and that opening chapter or two was pretty good.as far as canonical MM reads go, i am now something like 3 for 1,093 in terms of agreeing with consensus.fuck it, fuck this book, and fuck you too. smiles sweetly

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    Why doesn t this author write MORE I adored this book Jane Seville just BLEW MY MIND There are so many amazing reviews of this book by many of my Goodreads friends A few days have gone by since I have read this book and the characters and their chemistry are still with me I m having trouble organizing my thoughts so I ll just blurt out a few highlights 1 Can I just say how much I love that Jack was an oral surgeon As someone who really knows and understands oral surgery, I think that the author did a kick butt job of accurately describing the profession and the training involved I felt like I connected with the character based on this alone though I know I m crazy biased I automatically loved him because he was a dentist I couldn t help myself 2 I don t know why but I have a thing for grunty, quiet, reticent main characters so, of course, D was amazing for my tastes I loved how you really got to see him fall apart and let Jack in, emotionally It was beautiful to read.3 This author has a serious way with words She describes things so gorgeously and skillfully that I really felt like I was there with the guys, going through the action with them I loved her style and it really enhanced my reading experience What would I have improved I didn t love the epilogue and I think some of the sex scenes could have really used description like about 100 pages of excruciating detail I also wanted character description I couldn t picture the two MCs well at all I didn t even know that D had light hair until the end of the book However, the positives far outweigh the negatives here Amazing book Ms Seville

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    This book was incredibly well written by Jane Seville and has all the ingredients for a great read.action, kidnapping, courtroom drama, car chases, shoot outs, a big dose of humour and a beautifully told romance between two very unlikely characters.5 Glorious Stars We meet Dr Jack Francisco in a Police interview room, still covered in the blood of a woman he saw murdered, before his very eyes..Maria Dominguez She was due to testify against her ex husband, one of the Dominguez Brothers for his part in the Brothers illegal drug trade operation In this underworld of crimeall threats are illiminated.Jack was scared.very scared Sitting in a room with faceless, suited men, bombarding him with questions, repeating the same answers over and over again, he is confused and bewildered He is about to be whisked away into witness protection.to become anonymous, to become a nobody Checked out of his previous life as a top surgeon which he had trained for and worked hard to achieve All his dreams and future life would be gone..He has witnessed a crime and with all his well meant notions of good verses evil, he was prepared to stand up for what was right and testify and so far, HE, was still alive..but for how long D is an assassin, a hired cold blooded killer He has no past He has no name He has no life He is like a machine and performs like a robot, without feeling or concern He gets a hit, does the hit, moves onsimple Mmmmm.except he does have a code, no kids, no women and no innocents So when his handler asks him to take the hit on Jack and he refusessomeone else has other plans and blackmails D into taking it So our two MC s meet Jack, in witness protection, on a never ending loop of boredom filled with mind numbing nothing ness, goes hiking to relieve the tedium, try to exhaust himself to escape the futility of it all Arriving home he finds a man, sitting in a chair in the shadows heart was pounding at this point, all kinds of Oh No and expletives, entering my head When he, cool as you like, stands slowly all quiet menace and deadly intent, lanky frame, shorn hair, stubble and sunglasses inside..really OK at this point I was drooling and open mouthed in anticipation Jack knows he is going to die and surprisingly embraces it, as he no longer has to live in fear of it.So, OK, we know he does t go through with it, as that would be the end of the story Jack is fascinated by D and his analytical brain wanted answers, he wanted to know what was beneath that steely resolve He should be afraid and in a way he was But he had seen that small display of emotion from the man that had been hired to kill him, with his indecision when faced with the kill shot So stilted and unemotional was D that Jack started referring to him as Hal 2001 Space Odyssey computer in his mind In fact Jack did a lot of talking to himself, arguing with himself, his inner monologue and musings were hilarious, and it was fun to watch his constant indecision.As we see of D we are let inside the complex gates and barriers he hides behind He has a heart and Jack is slowly wearing those defences down, he can see beyond this persona that D has created and he doesn t see the coldness and the cruelty.there is to D Only D cannot see past the darkness and is unable to remember what life was like without it, he wants to protect Jack from it, he wants him to remain the kind, funny innocent man that he is.The relationship evolves amongst all the madness and it is both beautiful and tender in all its complexities It is fragile and tentative as D lets Jack in, past the barriers, to see the tragedy and hurt that have framed this man into D he slowly crawls out of the darkness and is desperate to keep hold of the man that trusts him and has opened his heart to what life can truly be like I loved this book, the voices of the two MC s are so distinct, their personalities were intense and so real, I could see them and hear them in my minds eye I did struggle however with D s accent for the first few pages, unable to decipher it, but when I got the southern drawl, that was all D their voices were perfect and I was on a roll.Which brings me to my only gripe with regard to Zero When I read I like to have an image and voice to go with the character, this is usually provided by the author with snippets of information at the beginning to help us build a picture of this person of persons in our mind Even though we are given a full description of D s look, all drool worthy and lusciousness that he is, the same is not true of Jack We learn early on he has blue eyes..that s it Later on towards the end we finally learn he has dark hairthat s it Which also goes for the accent, which was OK for me but I know a few people have has issue with, if it was pointed out that D was a southern boy, it would all have been good.There are some sex scenes in this book and the build up to them was amazing, all tummy flutters and anticipation, only to fall flat on the deed My original theory, was that as the barriers were broken down, it would improve and it did slightly, but it was still all fired up to only deliver a sizzle Having said that, this book is about the emotional connection that develops over time, rather than the sex and that was all fine with me, even though I am sure a few of my pervy friends would say otherwise

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    This book is something like watching an action mafia movie, only it has personal drama and gay heroes The writing style is unusual, not like what I m used to, so it took me a while to get over it and just read D has some strange accent and speaks jargon all the time, so it took me a while to get used to that too lolSo the story is about Jack, the doctor with the perfect life, witnessing a murder done by the mob, and of course, after he goes to the witness list they all want him dead D, the mysterious contract killer, is blackmailed into taking the hit to Jack Although he s a killer, he can t bring himself to kill an innocent man, so he and Jack are forced to run together because they are both targets now.It went really slow with them in the beginning, I was squealing all the time, just waiting for something to happen and then they held hands and it just started from there, the first sex really shocked me because it was relatively early in the book, but the first kiss 3 Oh that was wonderful Jack was totally Ok with his sexuality from the start, he had no problems admitting to himself he was attracted to D, but D poor guy, complex all over I felt really bad for him, and then I loved him so much seeing how he gradually fell in love with Jack, and what he was willing to do to keep him alive and assure he had his perfect life back My favorite scenes and I have to say 2 3 of them made me cry Spoilers ahead D being shot and sick, and Jack taking care of him 3 them holding hands for the first time their first kiss after Jack got kidnapped, the lovely scene where they held each other the goodbye before Jack went to court the talk of how their life would be like if they were together the letter for Christmas oh I cried my eyes off on this one the package for Valentine s Day the perfect ending of course I really really loved this book, 5 stars from me I ll have to get these short stories

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    4.5 Stars This book collected so much dust on my kindle shelf it s not even funny Yeah.just call me an because this book was good Really good Now, I have some minor complaints It was a bit long 9700 locyeah lengthaversion And the sex was about 3 steps up from fade to black Not descriptive and detailed at all But damn, I loved this one anyways.DD was quiet and moody and closed off But when he wasn t, he was so sweet.I wish he would have talked normal but I got over that Despite the length, I was never bored There were plenty of edge of your seat moments But the pace was slow, slower than I preferwhich made for a nice slow burn though between D and Jack The story was great The characters were great I think a sequel has been in the works Is still in the works I don t knowsince this one was released in 2009 But I would definitely read from this author.

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    Written January 8, 2015Re reading this time listening to the 13 20 hrs audiobook narrated by Alan Smith.This was one of my first M M romances back in May 2013 and I loved it Soooo very much Still loving it YAY still 5 big stars I m glad I read it first but the audiobook was a fun way to meet these amazing lovebirds and enjoy this thrilling storyplot once again I feel I missed a bit of D s way of funny talking here but all in all okay done by this narrator and not a boring minute.As I said to a friend It was a good audiobook I enjoyed these 13 listening hours and I might do it once in the future, this is maybe my all time favorite M M book My original review I first read Zero at the Bone, Jane Seville s only, but amazing enjoying, suspense romance 8 10 May, 2013 I dare not read what I wrote then but I guess it still applies Written May 11, 20135 Huge Stars A great lovestory and a thrilling escape hunt plot for an eternal happiness endThe surgeon Jack Francisco becomes a witness to a mob murder and is put into protective custody until he can testify A hitman known as just D becomes forced a contract to kill the blueeyed doctor According to D s own code of whom he takes elimination contracts on, he instead, takes Jack on a run D sees as his task to ensure that Jack will be able to testify in the trial An action loaded escape begins Pizza s good Francisco sat up, frowning Oh, you want some I m hungry too D watched Francisco s bemused expression What Francisco shrugged, shaking it off I don t know It s just weird that you, you know eat When I started reading this novel, I thought I d got an suspense story with some pieces of added nice M M romance stuff But o boy how wrong I was I had instead received a grand, tenderly told, love story about two very different men Two men from completely different worlds, with different backgrounds, experiences and life situations Jack is easygoing, think well of others and cares about right and wrong He is successful at work but a little lonely Setting up as a witness against the Mafia, he wants to do it, although it will change his whole future and life D however, has lived in the shadows for so long that he doesn t allow himself any feelings or kind of normal life any He is one of the best in his field, but have since long lost every hope for himself He has no friends or any human contact with others outside the job What s so nice is that Jack immediately rely on D D is his lifeline and savior against the danger The story tells us step by step, how the this two approaches and find one another They are both strong and emotional men, but find it really hard and difficult to dress their feelings in words for starts It leave actions and gestures to show the way And it does, they are both willing to risk everthing for each other These guys are two wonderful and easily loved characters Two so different characters, but they are now both deep inside my book boy heart for a very long time I d bite of one side a the shell real careful like, so non a the syrup spilled, then suck all the gooey out, then fish out the cherry with my tounge, then I d just have the chocolate shell left and I d nibble on it til it was gone There is so much happening in this story and I will not even try to share a single percent of everything You just read it To say, however, is that this is a book about two men who find their true love It s about their hardships to achieve the new love and in the background is a really exciting action story going on You get some nail bits scenes and a thrilling persistent anxiety until the end The death threats are there all the time and I wondered nervously how it could work out and be a wonderful HEA at the end But don t worry it IS a true romance you get what you want a nicely finished LOVE story.Any heat and steam Yes, described in the finest way, tenderly and lovingly An added plus for the superb finish with a long and glorious epilogue Among the better ones I ve read in a long time It provides, as this novel in general, a lull in the narration of the events I could feel each scene, know what D and Jack felt and had time to enjoy the wonderful sweet dialogue Did I mention D s dialect tough at first for a girl who learned English in school It is absolutely a great fun to read D s voice and it gave me so much to his character What would it have been like Jack whispered Lying on their sides, face to face, just staring at each other for what felt like hours, drifting off and waking again.D sighed, tucked his hand underneath his head Maybeget a house Never had no house a my own With a garden Yeah, so s you could come inside smellin like sunshine after weddin A great, hot and thrilling read Sweet and lovely D Jack Love it, love that, love themI LIKE Enormously good, I m than satisfied Don t miss to read three nice shorties with small glimpses of Jack and D s daily life after the novel ended Date Night, Time After Time, Liar ten pages each available for free to download There is also a Christmas story and A Very D Christmas some fifty pages to buy.

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    Buddy reading with Melissa 3 3The plot it was amazing I highly recommend this story for those who enjoy thrillers and romantic suspense while appreciating a slow build romance.Zero at the Bone is about a surgeon Jack whose life is in peril when he becomes a witness to a mob hit..D is an assassin and he can choose and what he doesn t want to do..But this time he can t refuse,he is blackmailed into killing Jack.When D meets Jack, he really isn t able to kill the man,the innocence of the man is clear in his eyes and D is tired to let people die due to an event that isn t their fault So they go on the run and are forced to work together to keep unknown forces from killing them both.Not knowing who to trust or where to turn except to each otherThe relationship between Jack and D is intense and emotional.Jack definitely is the expressive type and his personality fits with why he doesn t let things drop with D.He s curious and honest.The last fact makes for amusing moments when he finally admits his attraction to D and what will happen from there on.His devotion to D He starting worries over why he allowed himself and D to develop a relationship D is yummy with a sexy accent assasin His blunt nature especially with Jack is a great set up for laughs and smiles.I apreciate how layered he was D turns from enemy to protector and he appoints himself the only protector of JackThe ending was what I wanted for Jack D Setting up home,loving and caring for each other and having a happy life together For reviews you can check mine and Kristinas s blog Dmy link text