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Chances of a guy like him wanting a nerd like me? Zero point zero zero six percent Approximately Charlie Computers have always made sense than people do But I fall asleep next to my laptop in bed every night wishing I had someone warm to hold When I was forced to attend a holiday work party I was a nervous wreck but determined to make a good impression Then Dean Aldridge showed up just in time to find me breaking the rules complete with whiskey dripping down my chin And he was one million times hotter in person than in the magazines I was an awkward mess Dean was cocky flirty and every bit the playboy I expected I never thought he’d look twice at a guy like me but now I know that Dean’s reputation for being hot as fire in bed is true When he finds out I’ll be alone for Christmas he invites me to his family’s cabin I can’t say no I don’t have much experience but I know his body is addictive I can’t stop even though I've never done this before Small problem I’m falling for him Hard And for once this isn’t something I can hack my way out of Dean I don’t go for uiet shy awkward guys I’m the life of the party and I need someone on my level Someone experienced like me So why do I want Charlie so badly? Two words Hot Nerd It doesn’t take long before we collide in bed On the floor actually because Charlie is way filthier than he seems He’s than just pure lust under all the awkward though He’s worked his way into my heart and head Once I’ve had a taste of him I don’t want anyone else even though I don’t do relationships When I learn he'll be spending Christmas alone due to a broken family life I can’t help but invite him to my family's cabin He says he only needs me physically but for the first time I might be catching feelings

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    This is my favorite book in the Kinley Island series thus far I adored both Dean certified tech heir and manwhore and Charlie socially awkward genius computer geek The romance develops naturally The men have great chemistry and there's enough sexy on page to complement the sweetness The angst is kept to a minimum and the HEA is pretty great This book can be read as a standalone although Alex and Landon MCs from Fall Deep third book do play a role in the story

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    Fun and SexyCharlie and Dean the heroes of Your Wish are perfect for each otherTheir journey from acuaintances to friends with benefits to HEA is one full of love laughter acceptance and yes even few heartfelt tears It also has geeky random facts humorous witty and snarky banter With the perfect amount of angst and drama And lots of spine tingling UST and utterly delicious and naughty descriptive hot AF sexy times Your Wish is a fast paced engaging story Had fun reading it Received an ARC of this book through LesCourt and am leaving my unbiased opinion

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    This books starts off on a dirty crazy scene If you read the book before it and know this is Dean's love story it shouldn't surprise you The whole book stepped up the heat in a big way And then there's Charlie uirky awkward nerdy Charlie Opposites attract right? I have to say I was kind of mad at Dean's brother in this book Here he is trying to turn things around and Alex is Mr Judgey Also there are a couple seriously funny moments and these characters bring out the better in each other I'm lovin this series but you could also read this as a stand alone

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    An awkward nerd with a limited amount of experience in between the sheets and a sexy ass hell playboy with experience than he can count falling into bed and perhaps maybe in love? Yesyes yesI LOVED the hell out of this I was completely wrapped up in Charlie and Dean’s story from the start and found myself greedily inhaling this book in one goCharlie is an awkward anxiety ridden mess who has just undergone some very shitty things back in his hometown but thinks perhaps a no strings arrangement would be perfect and who is perfect than the rich playboy who doesn’t do relationships or responsibilities Dean is that playboy but feels like the tables have turned He’s used to being the fuck up but this time this time he wants what he can’t have than just between the sheetsAnd when these two came together though it was fire But like all relationships Charlie and Dean have to work for their happy ending They each have their own set of things holding them back whether it’s insecurities or outside people threatening to destroy what they are just beginning to make And I found myself feeling bad for Dean a lot of the time He had led that playboy life so long that it made it hard for people to truly trust him and he got doubted a lot But overall I really loved this story and this couple together They way they burnt up the sheets together was sexy as hell and watching them fall in love was even so enjoyable Your Wish does contain homophobia from Charlie’s own family It is uite upsetting and made my heart hurt for him uite a lot 5 stars

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    Love love loved this one I haven’t even read the other books in the series but had to read this one as it ticked all my boxes Charlie is super awkward nerdy and absolutely adorable Dean is a suave billionaire playboy who seems to be realizing he wants in life They both decide to start up a friends with benefits situation and let me tell you awkward Charlie is hiding some serious hotness behind the shy facade It also had my favorite thing ever an embarrassing drunk scene While this is part of series it can definitely be read as a stand alone and I recommend it to all who are looking for a nerdy MC and an opposites attract love story

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    Better than I expected It started a little weird for me I didn’t immediately connect with Charlie As the book went on though things got better If you are following this series it was a perfectly good addition

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    This was a very sweet fake boyfriends holiday story and I really enjoyed Dane and CharlieThe moment they drank and had their little secret to the moment everything went as they wished I was just cannot put this book down Charlie and Dane were so perfect for each other not even them can deny the attraction between themThe family was also great and I loved family in holiday storiesSo yeah Your Wish was kinda fulfill my craving for a sweet holiday story with a definite happy endingRecommended

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    “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true You may have to work for it however” Richard BachCharlie of ‘Your Wish’ by Raleigh Reubins has just started his dream job with Allerico Tech One of his first duties is to attend a company party For most people it wouldn’t be a big deal but for Charlie who suffers from social anxiety it’s a nightmare Charlie’s a whiz at understanding computers but people remain a mystery Worse yet it is a nonalcoholic event In order to assuage his fears Charlie turns to some liuid courage at his desk before going down to the party Unfortunately he is caught by Dean Aldridge second in command of the company Charlie is sure that he has lost his job Instead of being chastised Dean just smiles then pulls out his own flask Maybe things aren’t so bad after allDean is the public face of Allero Tech Despite his bad boy reputation that often calls for enormous amounts of damage control for the company Dean is an expert as schmoozing His brother Alex is CEO of the company and stays in the background handling the business side of their organization Dean can and does charm the pants off of everyone man or woman Dean resents having to attend this party for work but knows that important people will be there including their newest hire in charge of cyber security whom Dean is supposed to welcome When he realizes that the man he caught drinking is the same one that he’s there to meet he’s amused but unusually charmed as well After all Charlie is an awkward computer nerd who would otherwise never be on his radar Dean takes him under his wing and helps him maneuver the party Dean flirts with him shamelessly Since he doesn’t get a clear response he assumes that Charlie is probably straight Still the thought of having sex with Charlie remains in his mind Dean decides he needs to find an excuse to see him again When Dean finds that his computer is truly and completely messed up it’s the perfect excuse to do soLike almost everyone Charlie knows about Dean’s reputation He doesn’t even venture to dream that Dean would be interested in someone like himself but it doesn’t keep him from wishing He is surprised but pleased when Dean visits Kinley Island to have dinner with Alex and his boyfriend He is happy to fix Dean’s computer One day Dean gives Charlie a ride home Dean is good on the way home but when Charlie tells him that he wants to have sex with him Dean is floored He desperately wants Charlie but doesn’t want to take advantage of him Probably for the first time in his life Dean isn’t willing to sacrifice Charlie for his carnal pleasures; Dean turns him downI love the Kinley Island series and have been waiting to see how Raleigh was going to work out a happy ending for Dean the “incorrigible” playboy I was delighted to see that it took someone like Charlie Dean’s total opposite to ‘tame’ him Thanks Raleigh for another gratifying read

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    Imagine Dean's predicament splayed out naked on a soft rugsomehow throwing his alcoholic drink on his nether regions all while he realizes how lonely he is This happens in the first pages of this book and I was hooked Raleigh Ruebins already managed to get me hotsad and snickering all at the same time Yeahbecause this author is awesome like that It only gets better after Dean meets Charlie They couldn't be differentthe cockyself assured playboy and the socially awkwardanxiety ridden computer geek Yetsomehowattraction flairs highconvincing them to agree on a mutually beneficialonly sexrelationship You can't imagine how hot they are together how intense their chemistry And it would have gone brilliantly if only feelings hadn't come into play Neither know how to deal with thatnot with all their emotional hangups I cheered and hooted so much when they finally pulled through whatever kept them from admitting that they're in love𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗪𝗶𝘀𝗵 is another wonderful book by Raleigh Ruebins Gripping storytellingwith endearing main characters and likable secondary ones The book is sweet entertaining burning hot and an absolutely heart warming opposites  attract romance Can't recommend it enough

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    Every book in this series can be read as standalone but you'll find throughout the narration many familiar faces and couples so I suggest reading the previous books first to avoid spoilers Now is the turn of Dean and Charlie and their love story The plot is interesting with a lot of romance and hot scenes but also with a great story about how love influenced them to start a journey through their own personal growth to ensure a better future together I don't want to overshare and spoil it for you but from all the book in the series is my favorite for the way the author manages all these topics inside a very sweet and cute love story Great readingI received this book as an ARC and this is my honest opinion