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There are some pretty weird grown ups in Bailey City But is the new assistant principal really a wizard who plans to turn all the students in Bailey School into animals at the fifth grade graduation cermony? The Bailey School Kids are going to find out

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    My favourite part was when Melody defended herself against Eddie I think she's one of my favourites I know it's a common thing that girls are better than boys and boys are better than girls but Eddie did need to be put in his placeMrs Jhick was almost the one to put him in his place but like all of the other strange adults who happened to stop by Bailey City she too leftIf anyone is wondering if she really is a wizard; I believe she is

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    Great book

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    The collection of The adventures of the Bailey School Kids stories are among my all time favorite children's books Witty mischievous and fun these short and silly books continue to bring giggles to the young and old Just as I have enjoyed them as a kid my own children also love them today I even catch myself re reading them alone from time to time What can I say? I guess I'll always be a BSK kid at heart

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    It actually taught a lot about what kids thought about wizards maybe stereotypes The book never said there were definitive wizards I liked the use of vocabulary onomatopoeia but the writing was not the greatest Being an adult reader I noticed things before they were told to me And a wise teacher of mine told me to write showing the audience not telling While I got good ideas for lessons I still don't like the telling and lack of a real ending Sorry

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    Like any Bailey School Kids book Wizards Don't Wear Graduation Gowns is a fun book for children who are beginning to read chapter books It has enough mystery and suspense to keep kids reading and it leaves them guessing at the end Publication Date 2002AgeGrade level 1st grade to 3rd grade Format Print Book

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    This book the absolute first Bailey school kids I loved it so much that it made me continue the Baily school kids books

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    In this book I like how they figure out the assistant principal is a wizard and then I like the part where Mrs Jhick turns all bad students into animals

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    The fifth grade is graduating Bailey School The assistant principal appears to be a wizard The story is OK but the ending is just too vague

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    It was almost summer vacation there was a new assistant principal Her name was Mrs Jhick Mrs Jhick had a pet named morty Morty was a hawk

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