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Save the wizard fall in loveSamantha wants to find someone to live her happily ever after with but in today’s modern world finding a dashing hero is an impossible task until the God of Chance steps in Pure adventure follows as Samantha finds herself magically teleported to a tropical island where she meets a hunky wizard in need of rescuingA curse traps Sinclair on a tropical island with little hope of rescue that is until a luscious librarian is dropped on his beach Having been betrayed by love once he’s leery of trusting again but as he and Samantha overcome the magical obstacles set in their way they discover that true love awaits them if they’re ready to take a chance Please note Wizard's Chance was originally titled Take A Chance and was published by Champagne Books from June of 2010 until June of 2013 Published anew in August 2013 by Eve Langlais this book has been revised from its original version to read smoothly and was given a new title along with a new look The story itself however remains the same

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    Hmmmm you can tell that this is one of Eve's early novels it's lacking in both the humor AND smut department There's the curvaceous woman and the hunky out of her league supernatural hot guy but that's about it I'm so glad Eve decided to add of the good stuff in her later novels; that's how she's become one of my go go authors after all ☺

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    This book is pure fairy tale And since I love a good fairy tale this book works very well for me Sinclair is a powerful wizard but he was taken in by a nasty witch who betrayed him stealing a powerful amulet and putting a curse on him sending him to an almost deserted island with no chance of escapeSamantha is our heroine She doesn’t have the greatest of a life and lives pretty isolated She is out for a walk one day when she notices a small book store that she’s never really seen before She enters and is given a book of spells by a strange proprietor The next thing she knows she’s on this mysterious island with a handsome stranger who claims to be a wizard under a spell She believes him and they work together to try and break the spellAs I said this is a fairy tale and as such doesn’t really have a lot of depth or character development Apparently this is a reissue of one of the authors earlier books and isn’t really a reflection of her recent writingBut heck I was in mood for this kind of light story and I enjoyed it

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    I really enjoyed this book I thought it was a lot of fun I felt like I had a lot in common with Samantha and really fell in love with her character I'm going to be looking forward to the next book Breana's story You can read my full review at

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    This book was a bitdumb Like for the most part it was mediocre at best but the characters just annoyed me There wasn’t anything explicitly wrong with Sinclair but oh my goodness was Samantha a irritating toe rag This girl wouldn’t stop crying her personality was seemingly always changing and he was just overall unpleasant There was nothing about her that made me a fan I thought the idea of the Realm and the normal world being the same place but hidden from one another was interesting I can’t say I was the biggest fan of it but I respected the idea Overall I just didn’t have a great time Especially that ending oh boy was that dumb

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    I can totally see this appealing to some people but not me Our curvy we are never allowed to forget how padded those hips of hers are heroine is a librarian a virgin and a major wide eyed Mary Sue kind of gal She has zero self esteem and can't belief any man would want her those dratted padded hips Until along comes our one dimensional stoic kind of dim Hero who magically fixes her vision and without her glasses voila she's a true beautyThese two were attracted to each other though I never got that connection and time and time and time again are about to do the deed and some extraneous factor stops them a wave a servant a monster a sharp stone finally about the 60% mark they get down to business and it is of course life altering for our virginal heroine they declare their love I started skimming big time Then just kind of gave up I didn't care The bad gal was too over the top The mystery of the betrayer was no mystery And our Hero was too dim to see he was surrounded by conniving super villains?MC's I really didn't like could relate to or care about A story that goes almost no where Not for me

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    What is hotter than wizard sex where he can hold you down with magic while BOTH hands are free to explore? Uh Nothing ;Mrs Langlais did a fantastic job of painting a beautiful representation of the Realm within my imagination as I read along Every new thing that Sinclair would introduce Samantha to I felt like I was becoming acuaint with also From the friendly green and scaly villagers known as Undines to Samantha's protective ball of fur a magic cat called Chance Absolutely mesmerized by her creative concept of wizard board games and wizard fishing Harry Potter's board games don't have shit on the wizard game ConuerYou have your evil Wizard handsome Hero and a Heroine just waiting to be loved Samantha The curvy she always compliments herself with some sort of chubby referencePlease I would love to have breast that reminded me of a canyon when pressed together girl with glasses that has read a library's worth of romance novels Her reactions to this new world had me really connecting with her character on a personal level I know for sure that I would of also kept telling a gorgeously hot masculine man in tight ass pants and black boots that he was just part of my hallucination induced dream and would do whatever I beckoned Despite our reactions being alike our words of choice would of been a far cry from Let's see how she enjoys being threatened and scared Really Samanthayour 23 If a bitch poisoned me and plotted on taking my man I'd put aside every lady like manner I possessed to let out my inner sailorSinclair The wickedly wanton wizard His use of old fashioned words had me hanging by every damn syllable There is one scene where Samantha goes into EXCRUCIATING detail about his naked glory that included A scrumptious ass Gold medallion hanging about a sculpted chest There is always one body accentuating piece of material that grabs my attention on the men in my stories and leaves an impact on me This time it was that wonderful gold chain hanging down his potent pecs groans And a ' sword' wink wink to die forIt had been pretty funny to see Sinclair standing in his birthday suit ready to take on what he thought was an intruder She couldn't help grinning At least he had a big swordFor God's Sake The girl actually pokes his manhood a couple of times in disbelief that it was in her earlierYep Definitely a BIG ' sword'Demonte The most predicable bad guy ever As the reader with omniscient viewing of everything that’s happening this bad is so easy to spot it’s hard to believe the other characters didn't catch on soonerThis is a really enjoyable book The romance is sweet the fantastic World well developed the characters have depth and the plot is interesting It's a fun fantasy fluff read that makes me smile

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    I loved this book it's a great book it's a total thriller Samantha is your average nerd or bookworm she is also a librarian and loves to read books especially romance novels Sinclair is a wizard who has been sent to a magical island because his evil ex sent him their the island has a boundary so he can't escape for three long years he is stuck there with no hope that is until Samantha walks by a book store by chance she had never seen it before the store and the shop keeper were in her eyes peculiar because the book store has strange books the shop keeper gives her a book called the wizard's curse she starts to read the book and feeling sorry for the grapes wizard a single tear hits the book and she is transported to the island that the wizard is on there is where the adventure begins Will they get off the island? How will they break the curse? Will Samantha and Sinclair get together? To find out what happens to them and much I strongly suggest that you buy this book it's worth every penny 5 gold stars

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    Okay I enjoyed this book but numerous things pissed me off First off how the hell didn't these idiots realized that the sister husband was the bad guy? I mean it was SO obvious For a wizard Sinclair was pretty useless at times and it took a muggle ie Samantha to help defeat some of the magic I mean for god sake the man had Demon in his name hint hint and when Chance was growling at himHELLO Other than that a great cute funny book If Harry Potter Beauty The Beast and The Little Mermaid decided to mix sperm and have a baby this book would be the product It was like reading a made from Disney for grown ups moviebook

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    Wizard's chance is actually a very nice sweet story I enjoyed Samantha and Sinclair interaction their romance is sweet action filled and of course full of magic I have to say that the Realm was well developed and the plot is interesting But it just did not have the same level of banter and sassiness that her Welcome to HELL Furry United Coalition or Freakn' Shifters series has and it just missed some punch WOW factor but besides that its a fun fantasy fluff read And I will check out the next two The Hunter and Chances Game