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Bike messenger and supernatural tracker Evie Scelan is back in Wild Hunt—and off on another action packed paranormal adventure through the flames of mythology and Boston’s magical undercurrent  In Wild Hunt Evie “The Hound” goes head to head and claw to claw with a devastating werewolf nightmare the terrible Gabriel Hounds of darkest legend 

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    This is the second in the Evie series and I enjoyed it than the first book The action starts from page one and goes on through the whole of the book The author does not give a lot of background of the characters but since I read the first book I didn't feel as lost in this oneThings I liked1 Nate2 the Mystery involved3 the addition of another paranormal element ie shape shifters4 the cliff hanger of what did she give up to the water spirit and what will happen to the hornThings I didn't like1 Sometimes Evie seems a bit dense especially for someone who lives in a world of magic She doesn't pick up on clues very swiftly You don't want a know it all but even I picked up on the clues faster than she did2 For someone who doesn't always pick up on clues she amazingly ends up putting all the pieces together just in timeOverall I liked the book and the mystery and will read the 3rd in the series when it comes out

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    Ok to be brief I really liked this book I like Evie she's grown on me I like Nate and I adore KatieMore than that the plot and the secondary characters continue to feel real There is enough mythology and reality combined to make this book a smooth ride and an enjoyable one at thatI'm not going to go into too many details because I'm pretty sure I'll spoil something but I didn't necessarily see the shifter thing coming and I'm excited about where that is going to take the story It ended up on a semi high note and there has to be another one after this I look forward to reading

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    This book starts six weeks after Spiral Hunt ended This book starts off with a few different things going on First Evie is summoned to Yuen's side was he passes on But her job here is to verify by scent the ghost of his father is gone when Yuen passes too Then you start to see Evie seems to have a new found respect from or at least response from the undercurrent now after taking out the top man of the organization named Fiana of Magicians and ran the undercurrent at the end of Spiral Hunt Those of the undercurrent seem to be sizing her up for one reason or another Also her world of normalcy seems to be colliding with the undercurrent work she does which bothers Evie as she doesn't want to put her friends in harm Finally Evie is visited by a potential client an older woman who recently inherited chests of her Great Great Grandmothers and believes they hold stolen items she would like to return to the rightful familyThe main thing I would like to say I enjoy about these books so far is the way Margaret Ronald starts off with a few different happenings and how they come together in the end All the ties get connected and the lose ends tied up And the mythology used in doing soScent is Evie's ability to find anything the descriptions used for scent are great With Evie being part Hound and the way scent identifies everything to here I could really tell what she was smelling by the descriptions in wordsTo me Evie seems to have grown in this book Not only does Evie seem to be accepting the Hound in her which is becoming stronger and helping those who need helping but she seems to be starting to figure out what she is to do to help Boston is changing or at least the undercurrent of Boston is She still doesn't want to be involved in the undercurrent world and the struggle to keep her normal life and the magic life separate is a big one for her But she seemed to accept that the undercurrent is there and she is not going to be able to stay out of in completely Although Evie is a strong enough character in the end of this book that she decides the friend that don't want to know of this world or be around it that she will protect them anyway she can verbally not talk of it or physically fight to protect themIn the end I loved what happened with Evie and Nate On all angles

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    I was pleasantly surprised with this book The first book Spiral Hunt was good but for some reason I just could not get into the story until the last uarter of itBut this one is fast paced and I'm sad to say over with before you know I really hope that Margaret Ronald writers a third book it certainly leaves off as that way One of the thing I love about her books is the premise of it it's something you don't really see a lot of The main character as a Hound In the first book you think Evie Scelan is called that because to find items or people she just follows her nose yes just like the Trix commercial There's to the story on that but I won't spoil itThis one deals with a bit conseuences one must face cause of your actions But the plot in this one is just as original as the first one Though one of the subplots is somewhat predictable Even though you want to shake Evie proclaiming come on how can you not see that coming? The author was basically bashing it over your head since page 30 Margaret Ronald at least has the Evie character as someone who has a smart nose attached to a dumb brain or something along those lines Which you gotta admire Yes one of the plots is predictable but this books is still an awesome read

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    Full disclosure The author is a friend of mineHowever I didn't give it 5 stars out of loyalty it's a really good book I enjoyed Spiral Hunt the first book in the series but Wild Hunt is almost in a whole different category In developing the main character Evie Ronald has also defined her voice much clearly In Spiral Hunt there were moments when I felt Evie's voice sounded a little hollow just a few seconds where I thought she wouldn't really talk that way In Wild Hunt I never had this feeling I do feel like it's exciting to watch an author evolve a new character and world and experience I haven't been very aware of having beforeThe plot of this novel is compelling as are the notion of the magical Underworld in the city of Boston and the heritage that Evie is discovering as her own But I have to give particular kudos to one particular element the romance I don't like romance books and even romantic sub plots in many books seem too suishy unrealistic or like soft core porn for my taste I don't want to give anything away but Ronald has handled this element of the plot perfectly Especially one particular scene you'll have to read the book to find out which one

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    Great But how can the author end the book like that I want to know what she had bargained away Though the book didn't describe how the heroine was actually agreeing to the bargain

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    read the first book in this series Spiral Hunt last year and I liked the story enough to get Wild Hunt when it came out this yearThe Premise This is an urban fantasy series set in Boston where the protagonist is Genevieve Evie Scelan a bike messenger who also has a side business finding things for people with her highly advanced sense of smell A sense of smell that is a genetic gift from a famous ancestor which is the reason for her nickname Hound In this installment of the series Evie is called in for a special last reuest for a customer and finds out about a foul family artifact and an ill fated expedition to Boston Another customer asks her to find out about some objects that their ancestor stole As Evie tries to do her job she discovers connections between the two jobs and strange goings on in the city like a call to Hunt which Evie can't help responding toMy Thoughts The main character in this series is a working class girl with a little bit of power and a lot of responsibility She knows some things about magic but it's what she's learned on the street and it's not very much She has a small group of friends who make reappearances from the first book Rena the cop her friend Sarah and Nate a graduate student raising his younger sister You need to read this book after reading the first book in the series otherwise you will probably be very confused about what's going on I had some trouble remembering things myself which made me wish I had the first book to flip through but I remembered the ending at least which is referenced a lot in Wild HuntIn this book there isn't really a clear objective for the protagonist other than to try to do a job or two and to do the right thing We follow Evie in her day to day work and like Evie we know something is going on but we don't have an idea of the big picture until three uarters of the book is done This is a urban fantasy where the heroine does a lot of catching up she isn't really investigating anything in particular just doing a couple of jobs for customers and stumbling onto odd things but eventually discovers connections Despite being considered one of the big guys in Boston after her role in the last dust up Evie is fairly unschooled in magic The other characters expect her to know than she does and then berate her when she shows her ignorance This was an irritating thing for me I'm not sure where people expect Evie to have gained this knowledge and I'm not fond of this device Fortunately for Evie her tenacity counts for something and she comes out stronger than before It's done without fanfare and a lot of work but I think that through no plan of hers Evie gets knowledge and power each time she has one of her adventuresOne of the things I enjoy about this series is that the author integrates myths I hadn't heard of before There's the Celtic mythology of the first book and in this second one there's mythology and magical lore from other places which combine well with what Evie has learned thus farAnother thing I liked was the romantic relationship in this series The love interest is a nice guy and his relationship with Evie feels like real life It reminded me a little of the relationship in the Kitty books by Carrie Vaughn In fact I would recommend this series for people who like Kitty Norville There is interest in both sides but both people are too shy to admit it and it's sweet when they finally get together as we hope thankfully the author doesn't torture usOverall I enjoyed this one for the characters than what Evie gets involved in It has a character driven feel despite the fast paced plot and the author left me curious as what would happen to Evie next Not in a cliffhanger way but I'm definitely interested in finding out

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    The seuel to Spiral Hunt finds Evie trying to cope with the power vacuum left behind by the destruction of the Fiana Since she was the one largely responsible for the destruction various adepts and other mundane individuals have been trying to get in contact with her Meanwhile Evie’s friend Sarah wants to organize a sort of “neighborhood watch” for the magic users of the city so that no new gangs decide to work their way into the “undercurrents” of the Boston magical scene A goal that is seemingly futile since generally speaking magic users are about as easy to organize as cats Paranoid junkie catsWild Hunt opens with Evie at the death bed of the owner of a Chinese grocery store The owner a Mr Yuen is involved in Boston’s magical “undercurrent” and needs Evie’s help in making sure that his death also ends the “life” of the ghost of his grandfather currently residing in a jarfunerary urn Evie accomplishes the job successfully but manages to get her foot stuck in her mouth up to her knee when talking to Mr Yuen’s daughter Elizabeth after the fact Not long after Evie is contacted by a mysterious and very slimy individual named Janssen who offers his services as a “muscle” and by an eually mysterious adept who wants to find out if her grandmother is guilty of having stolen a magical objectAll of these plot threads are connected to an expedition undertaken by Elizabeth Yuen’s grandfather and a group of individuals to deliver certain magical objects There was a falling out among the members which resulted in murders and death Evie ends up connected to all of this by not only her undertaking the job for the adept and her connection to Elizabeth Yuen’s father but also by the ghost one of the members of the expedition who it turns out was a relative of hers The how and why of all of this is very gradual and you don’t realize most of the connections until right about the time Evie does The magical item in contention is a horn that summons the Wild Hunt all of the Wild Hunts or maybe it might be said the Platonic Ideal of themWild Hunt is another fast paced complicated mystery adventure Ronald draws a lot of parallels between the ill fated expedition and Evie’s attempts to solve the mysteries behind it There are also a lot of interesting side plots that turn back and turn out to be vital bits of information for the main plot For instance we learn a lot about Nate which is connected to the modern mystery of the missing magical object which is paralleled by what happened in the past This happens a lot and really creates a feeling of local history within the setting Evie also ends up having to do a lot of research about both the expedition and the magical item that had been a point of contention for the expedition and ends up being stolen I really enjoyed this book and the previous one Spiral Hunt

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    This is going to sound really strange but if I had written this review even a few days ago I feel it would have been positive For some reason over the last few days I've been going over in my head what I thought and felt while reading this book and I'm now coming away with different thoughts I still really enjoyed the book and felt it was a good follow up to the first book in the series Spiral Hunt but now I'm also thinking it was a bit confusing as well I'm absolutely in love with both Evie and Nate after this book and I was ecstatic to see them grow as characters and as a couple Evie is forced into a situation where she is out on a limb with no sign up being able climb back down With the defeat of Fiana she is now being looked up to as the assumed leader of the magical community of Boston Who else but the one who defeated the magic mob would take over? Nature abhors a vacuum power can't survive in one Evie needs to decided what she cares about her own life or that of the city The choices she makes on the way will thrill and fascinate you Evie is written with such a sense of humor that you can't help but like her and root for to come out on top Nate on the other hand is going through changes of his own He is still taking care of his younger sister who seems to be growing in her own powers and having to deal with a long absent father who wants to talk to him Little does Nate know but he is about to need Evie in a way that he never anticipated or that his father will be the catalyst for the change he is about to go through The characters and how the events they are participating in change their lives is what I loved about this book They are both so human and so real that you as the reader are not only able to understand every decision they make but you are hard pressed to think of a different way to handle them Now to what I'm not so sure I liked as much namely that this book had way too much going on Evie is such a fun character that you want of her and less of the crazy circumstance she finds herself in This book is chalk full of Chinese mythology ghosts time travel lycanthropy the Wild West spirit roads water spirits the Wild Hunt and the Gardner Museum There is so much going on that you almost feel sorry for Evie she is never really able to stop and catch a breath Now since this is an urban fantasy book every single element comes together at the end but sometimes it's a little distracting to keep track of everything that is going on Even with all that being said this was a solid second book in a series that I plan on following for as long as it lasts

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    I hate to say it but I was really disappointed I was not as into this book as I was the first one in the series I really want to like Evie mostly because I think her power is so interesting Super sense of smell really is super However I am having a hard time connecting her super power to the responsibility that she is being pushed into If there is supposed to be some left over power from what happened in the last book it feels a little disconnected and I am just not really sure that I understand it Reading this book has taught me that I need to start keeping a notebook with me as I read so that I can take notes and then later point out specifically what my issues are It is so much easier to remember the specifics of something that I think is good When something is a little off though or leaves me feeling just so so it is hard to recall the exact reasonI always try to be careful when reviewing not to retell the story because that for me is not a review it is a synopsis I will try to be somewhat vague here but I did not like the development in the friendship between Evie and Rena Their friendship was one of my favorite things in the first book and I think that is why I am so sad about it Also I just can not make myself get into the romantic relationship in the book Nate just doesn't seem real to me and I do not really understand her attraction to him other than the fact that he seems less repelled than normal guys by her powerThere was one bright spot for me and that is the little girl in the book Katie She has some interesting things going on with her paranormal abilities and I think that she is written well She is the sister of the romantic character Nate and the relationship between her and Evie is an interesting one I think it is portrayed in a believable mannerThe actual plot of the book was pretty good Some paranormal creepiness going on It starts outs as unrelated things but of course they all conveniently end up correlating in a way that was just a bit confusing for me It was still an interesting read overall I think my ho hum tone about it is just because I was expecting to love it I WANTED to love it but I just didn't I am still excited to read the third book I have high hopes for it