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Steve an attractive 29 year old New York City gym manager becomes involved with Jenny a slightly mysterious but stunningly beautiful client But during their first steamy encounter at her home it becomes clear that he is not the only man in Jenny’s lifeKnowing that his key to becoming the focus of her affection is to maximize her pleasure — whether her husband is watching or not — Steve sets about to give Jenny the best sex of her life And as Jenny takes her husband’s cuckolding fantasy farther than he’d ever dreamed she also uses her bull for than just just his impressive endowmentHer passion blazing and her hunger insatiable Jenny sways both her husband and her younger lover to her erotic will and both men discover unexpected fulfillment in sharing herA vividly retold story of consensual infidelity narrated by the dominant though sensitive bull in the relationship What She Wanted is a Stephen Blake’s first erotic novel

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    3 starsSmut pure and simple ;Discriptive sex scenes not much storyMFM

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    So my bf saw this when it came out on a few days ago and it looked interesting We like reading erotic stories together and he likes to play with a cuckold fantasy so we tend to read stories along those linesThis was the first erotic ebook that we actually bought It was 4 bucks on which seems to be on the higher end for this kind of book But that said i don't think it was a lot to pay The book has 5 pretty long scenes in it and i'd say any one of them was as long as a story on literotica One thing i really liked was that once the scenes got going you could really get into them you didn't skip a lot of text looking for the part where they start getting freakyI really liked the descriptions in the book It's very realistic and it talks a lot about the way things feel which i really like as a woman It's also pretty well written which was nice because it doesn't just say fuck and cunt a lotWe've read a lot of cuckold stories and there are a few things about this one that I really liked The way it described the sex wasn't degrading neither to the woman nor to the man who was cuckolded The narrator is the other man A lot of other stories are written about the guy who's wife has sex with other men but here it's the other way around and i think that adds a lot Again as a woman i really liked that because it keeps the masculinity and a man's desire front and center The narrator doesn't treat the woman like a sex object He has feelings for her that's not to say that this is a love story than a sex story but as a woman i really appreciated that it wasn't just all about fucking fucking fucking but a bit tuned to what turns a woman on There's a good balance between plot and sex throughout the whole book The beginning and end are focused on plot development but new elements are introduced along the way The plot definitely doesn't interfere with the sex scenes but i think adds to them in a wayMy favorite part about this book though is how it affected my bf He was incredibly hard while he read it to me and it got him primed for really good sex afterSo i definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys cuckold stories but could use a change from a lot of the humiliation interracial stuff that shows up in most erotic stories in the genre