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From Jay Asher #1 New York Times bestselling author of Thirteen Reasons Why comes a romance that will break your heart but soon have you believing again Sierra's family runs a Christmas tree farm in Oregon—it's a bucolic setting for a girl to grow up in except that every year they pack up and move to California to set up their Christmas tree lot for the season So Sierra lives two lives her life in Oregon and her life at Christmas And leaving one always means missing the other  Until this particular Christmas when Sierra meets Caleb and one life eclipses the other By reputation Caleb is not your perfect guy years ago he made an enormous mistake and has been paying for it ever since But Sierra sees beyond Caleb's past and becomes determined to help him find forgiveness and maybe redemption As disapproval misconceptions and suspicions swirl around them Caleb and Sierra discover the one thing that transcends all else true love What Light is a love story that's moving and life affirming and completely unforgettable

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    I was sent an early copy of this book because I can read I read this book and LOVED it You should definitely add it to your TBR list I would talk about the book and the characters now but I'm so terrible at reviews I'm afraid anything I say might deter people from reading this rather than encourage them to read it because my reviews are that bad I should just stop here This is definitely where I should stop Stopping this review right now would be a good idea You know what else is a good idea? Sunscreen

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    Omg y'all I loved this book so much I cried good tears though I put off reading this book for a year and then one of my book groups is reading it this month and I jumped on board I had NO IDEA that I would love it this much Sometimes I just love those sentimental sweet and wonderful books Sierra's parents own a tree farm It's what Sierra has known all of her life They live in Oregon but ever year they take trees out to California where they have had a lot for many moons It was in the family from back in the day Sierra has special arrangements with her school to do work from CA and send it back to Oregon because they are out there from Thanksgiving to Christmas I wanted to own a tree farm when I was youngerSierra helps work at the lot of course They also have a lot of school kids working there One of the guys has a crush on Sierra but no just no Sierra's best friend Heather and her family live there and they all hang out and have the holidays together They have all known each other since they were little Sierra and Heather even plant some trees up on the mountain as a little thing read the book Sierra also has two best friends at home that hate to see her go but this has happened for years on end Unfortunately this may be the last year they will be able to go because they are not making enough money any You know the big guys are pushing them out Anyway Sierra meets a wonderful guy named Caleb at the lot He keeps coming and buying trees Well Heather tells Sierra she doesn't want to get involved with him because of something dangerous he did when he was younger Some people make mistakes get over it Sierra doesn't listen to Heather and finds a wonderful love in Caleb He also buys all of these trees to give to people that can't afford them and Sierra starts going with him on some of the trips to take them to the people It melted my heart I love reading about people doing good works There is a lot with Caleb's past and Sierra helps to mend some things for Caleb and I loved that too It's really a truly bittersweet story Yes it's young adult I love young adult so it doensn't matter to me It's got so many family things that I just love and it's Christmas My second favorite holiday of the year ♥ I'm so glad I got to read it and the hardback is now on my wishlist ♥Happy Reading Mel ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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    Five years that I waited for another book by Jay Asher and this is the book he comes to us with?A typical YA contemporary romanceAh why oh why?Like many people I was very moved by ‘‘Thirteen Reasons Why’’ and it was actually one of my first reads dealing with suicideThen came ‘‘The Future of Us’’ which I thought was kind of slow and cliché romance wise but ultimately the original idea of being able to see one’s future on one’s Facebook page really entertained meBut ‘‘What Light’’ is just so expected and cliché as well We have a girl falling for a supposedly troubled boy Of course things are never as simple but it simply doesn’t introduce anything new I’ve got to say I love the cover and the fact that Christmas is so alive in the story thanks to the setting and Sierra’s family businessBut I didn’t exactly like how much pressure Sierra’s friend Heather put on her to find someone to go out with for the one month she is in Oregon It’s unfair to the boy in uestion and goes against what relationships should be about to begin withThere’s also a lot of denying going on – does Sierra like Caleb or does she not? Obviously she does we know this but should she? And does HE? Blah blah blah I lost interest in this book very fast At first I was committed to savour every word but after some time the words stopped tasting so good Does it count as finished reading if I skimmed parts?Christmas romances are supposed to charm you but this story isn’t charming It’s just ‘‘okay’’Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    I absolutely adored this book My book bestie Laura sent me this one today and I finished it in 1 sitting This had all the Christmas feels I was looking for and a bonus addition of some extra emotional moments involving daddydaughter relationships This was a super clean YA book as well which makes it a nice option for parents looking for something age appropriate for younger teens Highly recommend reading this around Christmas or at least during winter for the full experience

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    And here is my first one star rating for 2017 Sadly the cheese pill didn't workThink of all the terrible cheesy and cringe worthy things you can find in a contemporary novel That should sum up this bookHonestly I was expecting to like this book I heard it was extremely cheesy and cringy but I didn't think much of it and thought I would at least give this 3 stars because you know it might not be that bad and it wasn't bad It was so fucking terrible that I was tempted to repeatedly slam my head against the wall and uestion why on earth is this even a book? This book didn't start out bad tbh it was actually an okay read towards the beginning but then by the 150 page mark I wanted to DNF this so so so bad When Sierra met Caleb things started to suck※She met him for like what 5 7 minutes??? and the next day she couldn't stop thinking about him※Caleb's dimples were mentioned so much I wanted to cry Like there should be a separate fucking book about Caleb's dimple because obviously they were extremely important to be mentioned at least five times while I was reading Now you might be wondering that mentioning someone's dimple five times isn't that bad but tbh it got really annoying ※When I found out about Caleb's reputation view spoilerHonestly who the fuck stabs their sister's fucking door like repeatedly? I would call the cops if my brother ever did that like that's just fucking psychopathic behavior hide spoiler

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    I know I say this all the time but I really mean it I wanted to like this book so badly I saw good reviews from trusted sources so I had faithbut I just had so many problems with this bookhttpsemmareadstoomuchwordpresscoLet’s start with the good stuff though I really liked the first part I started reading this late last nightearly this morning and stayed up even later to read it I’m obsessed with the idea of Christmas tree farms and the setting was done well Most importantly this book felt Christmasy Which is obviously the most important aspect of a book featuring the best month of the yearI wish it was all positives but that’s about all I liked This book’s only 250 pages long and around page 100 things started falling apart for me Let’s start with the characters Y’all know that’s what I care about most Caleb is so vanilla for me just one of those snoozefest male characters who are handsome and nice kinda and that’s it Bor ing But Sierra is the one who really grinds my gears She’s a YA fantasy esue object of obsession every guy who sees her is hopelessly in love with her causing all sorts of hijinks to ensue She’s just that beautiful guys But she’s a total control freak who tries to fight all of Caleb’s battles for him long before she’s even kissed him They’re essentially in a committed relationship WAY before they get to kissin’But the worst part of Sierra? She’s like the worst friend ever She skips her her friend’s first big role in a play which is her dream just to get time with Caleb She prioritizes Caleb over one of her best friends who she only gets to see one month a year even though this might be the last of those months When she finally gets around to apologizing to the former she talks extensively about Caleb in the same text She doesn’t help her parents with the tree farm and they have to hire workers to replace her despite the fact that she endlessly bemoans the potential loss of her winters at the tree farmPlus all of the obstacles are really easily overcome Example None of the teenage tree farm workers are allowed to even talk to Sierra or they’ll be sentenced to cleaning the outhouses But when one of them asks her out and is so furious about being rejected he takes to trying to ruin her relationship with Caleb? We’ll just have to deal with it I guess And the timeline in this book is so confusing Some entire days are just skipped while others are end to end filled with major eventsAlso Sierra begins her interest in Caleb after being told he tried to stab his sister with a knife view spoilerAnd that turns out to be for the most part true hide spoiler

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    A really sweet and uick Christmas romance

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    I was sent a copy of this book by PenguinRating review redacted

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    I’m so utterly in love with this books it’s nauseating Note this review may be slightly biased because winter is my favourite time of the year and so this book just made me feel really nostalgic – and that’s probably why I love it so much – judge me What Light is a contemporary written by Jay Asher Now I know his previous book Thirteen Reasons Why was highly controversial and got a lot of negative feedback but I loved it so naturally hearing that he published another book got me all giddy – I had to have itAnd so I began reading the story of Sierra Sierra and her family run a tree farm in Oregon but spend a month of the holidays in California selling their harvested trees This year during their visit in California Sierra meets Caleb this really awesome adorable guy but Caleb got some nasty rumours going around Sierra is determined to see beyond the rumours and accept this sweet boy for who he is now rather then define him for his past It was wonderful story on redemption and acceptance and forgiveness There’s something absolutely mesmerizing about the writing style it got me hooked from the beginning It was so honest well written and realistic Reading this book reminded me of the feeling you get when you drinking hot chocolate on a winter day It was just so adorable and perfect and like hot chocolate it made me really really happy The characters have this beautiful charm to them Each and every character added their own special bit to the story and made it just that much sweeter And omg Sierra and Caleb are so fricken awkwardly adorable together awwwI’m sure many people will find this book to be slightly cheesy – but I’m just so blind to any flaws because I’m trash for this book damn me “People think what they want That's what I've had to accept he says I can fight it but that's exhausting I can feel hurt about it but that's torture Or I can decide it's their loss” Somewhere between 45 to 5 stars

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    The Heart Knows BestFollow your heart even when the whole world is conspiring against your choicesUnlike brain which is always diverging dwelling on options the heart knows Just One Way — the right one 👍