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A debut coming of age novel about a motherless teenage boy who discovers a terrifying secret in his small Georgia town and finds that sometimes the most gruesome monsters are those inside ourselvesWhat I need to do needs to be done before it gets too dark Sixteen year old Samuel confronts his own inner monster when he discovers a set of deformed triplets whose mother believes they were immaculately conceived Soon the babies have taken hold of his waking and sleeping thoughts and unable to escape them he decides to save them but their shut in mother and violent older brother want nothing to do with himSamuel must fight the trouble within him and the trouble he sees around him to determine who he will become in a year that forces him to grow from motherless boy to self defined man Set in a small Georgia town this psychologically complex story of survival and self determination explores the dark often contradictory worlds of young contemporary life laying bare the ugly truths and secrets that haunt all of us

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    Mini SynopsisSamuel is in his first year of high school He’s a good kid He’s smart popular from a healthy family and facing the normal challenges which occur for most young teens Coupled with his adolescent angst he just lost his mother to cancer In addition he is also harboring feelings of guilt around her deathIn an attempt to create a video for a class assignment he decides to record a local set of triplets whom have some unusual physical disabilities Because of these oddities they are surround by local myth mystery ignorance and sadly horror When Samuel sees “the babies” for the first time he has strong conflicting emotions and an obsession develops for him to see them again and again This desire leads him to discover a terrifying situation involving them As he becomes inextricably involved he must ultimately decide what constitutes right action and what defines men as evil The choices he makes move him toward the beginnings of manhoodMy thoughtsI gave this book 4 stars – I loved itSang Pak has given the young adult reader “a modern rites of passage” story with many of the current day conflicts which boys and teens face Samuel the main character is an excellent and important role model for growing men as they struggle with the inevitable tobacco drug and alcohol exposure and sexual introduction What is important is that Samuel’s character immerses himself in these situations without loosing his sensibilities and balance The character provides an example of neither abstinence nor abuse when confronted with these issues which although not the only option is a sensible oneSpeaking from the perspective of an adult with a background in childhood education I have been led to look at books for their “learningteaching opportunities” Waiting for Twilight has them Because of the content in the story I do recommend this book for a mature teen as well as their parents or adults interested in issues around young adults The book contains smoking drugs and alcohol usage safe sex and violence These examples can be used as a starting place to begin “conversations” since as adults we cannot prevent an exposure to them

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    Sang Pak’s Wait Until Twilight captures the ambivalence frustrations joys fears and triumphs of high school I’ve read it three times now and each time the narrative takes me back to my teenage years capturing the insecurities the uestions and the fears There is what seemingly appears to be brutal violence in the narrative but it’s an unflinching view of reality High school life is tough a microcosm of the macrocosm with experiences amplified by proximityFull review at Entropyhttpentropymagorgwait until twil

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    Got halfway through and couldn't go any further 8282014Note to selfDon't want this to count as part of my challenge since I didn't finish it but I need it on my list so I don't make the mistake of trying to read this again

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    Their heads are way too big and their arms and legs are all different lengths Some long some just stumps with little fingernails stuck in a semicircle Even their eyes are different sizes one larger than the other and their twisted little noses are hardly thereSamuel is a 16 year old boy who has lost his mother He lives with his dad in Georgia His older brother Jim is in college and has drifted apart from the family after the loss of their mother He has do a Video shoot for one of his school project When his friend David takes him to a family for such a shoot he simply freaks out There he sees three babies who are triplets and are totally deformed Their mother thinks they have been divinely conceived and sees nothing wrong with themAlthough Samuel comes out of the house totally revolted but he can't get those monster children out of his mind They take up all his waking thoughts Then he meets the older brother of the triplets who is a danger for the children Samuel knows he has to save those children However he understands that he has his own demons to kill Because giving in to the dark impulses is easy and overcoming those is the most difficult taskWe slowly see Samuel emerge from a boy to maturity He constantly misses his mother And yet knows that he has to make something of his life His friendship with mixed races and with people from different cultures is one step towards that goal Despite his initial revulsion for the deformed children he somehow comes to accept them as they are and knows he has to save them from their vile older brother Daryl who wishes them dead at any cost Samuel also tries to build bridges with his older brother Jim whom he had missed so muchThe story is told from the point of view of Samuel and is not really a very easy read But well worth it Sang Pak's debut novel really works His handle of the language is good and he can uncannily know the ways the mind of an adolescent works That too of one who has lost his mother It is all about the darkness within us which we have to face and ultimately overcome A coming of age novel with a satisfying end I just couldn't put it down after I started itThanks to the authorpublicist for the review copyWait Until Twilight

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    Samuel is a teenager who has lost his mother a year back He lives in a small Georgia town with his father who owns a hardware store One day he and his friend David decide to film 3 babies that are said to be very odd Some say they look like the devil Samuel wants something cool and different for their school project so on a hot sunny afternoon they head off to the “Underwood” That’s the place where the triplets live with their motherSamuel has a very strong reaction after he sees the babies to the extent that he pukes Look at the descriptionTheir heads are way too big and their arms and legs are all different lengths Some long some just stumps with little fingernails stuck in a semicircle Even their eyes are different sizes one larger than the other and their twisted little noses are hardly there The mother is angry and drives them out of the house After this incident Samuel spends his days as before But the babies’ faces keep haunting him They are all he thinks of day and night Their faces keep on haunting him in his dreams and even when he is awake He knows he shouldn’t return to the house but he does The mother of the babies has an older psycho son called Daryl whom Samuel should have probably stayed away from But as days turn into months he becomes so obsessed by the babies that he keeps going back He wants to do something to save the babies to find peace withinWait Until Twilight is mostly a coming of age story but it’s also a story about overcoming the demons inside you and taking charge The prose was very simple and hence the book was a uick read But that was exactly what made the horror and the danger that Samuel was in seem so real The story grows on you slowly and takes hold of and doesn’t let you go till the very endThe descriptions of the small town were bang on and I could also feel Samuel’s thoughts his guilt and his fear seeping through the pages As the book progressed I grew to really like Samuel and the choices he made And although I sometimes wanted to tell him that what he was doing was very wrong and dangerous I also knew that he had to do itConclusion Wait Until Twilight is a great debut novel and although it’s a YA this is one of the books that is without doubt a cross overFirst posted at

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    An interesting take on a coming of age story Samuel is an incredibly smart soph in high school who recently lost his mother to a brain tumor and lives alone with his father His estranged brother since the death of his mom is living away at college Samuel feels a bit closed off about the death of his mother and doesn't seems a bit isolated within all his relationships On day his friend and him have an assignment for school which involves a story and video tape His friend brings him to Mrs Greenan's to do a story on her horribly deformed triplets These babies have a powerfully negative effect on Samuel to the point of him having to vomit outside the home once he has seen them Mrs Greenan who believes the babies are special and born from an immaculate conception tells him to leave and not come back Samuel cannot seem to shake those babies from his mind and finds himself returning over and over again What Samuel later learns is that there is a malevolent presence in that home in the form of the triplets 20 something older brother Daryl Daryl depises the babies and wants to do them harmThis is a story about Samuel's struggle with his own personal demons and dark nature that we all harbor to some degree and how to resolve those emotional appropriately choose the light over the dark We got through some of these struggles along with Samuel during this strange summer I believe much of the story of the babies and Samuel's choices are a metaphor for his emotions and making right choices which is what teens are all about learning to do which is making the right choices Samuel handles school and friends and his choices with great balance There is smoking alchohol drugs and sex which he is faced with as are all teens yet he handles each one fairly well He's experiental yet not indulgent as he has goals set for himself to do extra well in school This is a strength which I believe he carries with him and soon becomes aware of along the way Not to give away the stories plotlines too much but this is an atmostpheric haunting dark violent tale that may not be suitable for all tastes or ages I would let both of my sons read it who are teens but they are uite mature and could handle to content I would not say that for all teens I would caution parents to read first then decide

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    Reading Wait Until Twilight is totally a new experience for me In the beginning I was very intrigued by the premise It is about a sixteen year old Samuel who is coping with the death of her mother after she died of a brain tumor However this story does not focus on his dealing of her death it is of a coming of age story after he encountered something horrific and unimaginable that made him see things differently and clearly as compared to other boys his age Samuel's father owns a shop and his brother Jill is attending college in a nearby town Samuel is not close with his family but that does not really bother him His so called peaceful life is interrupted when he has to think of ideas for his school project and he found three deformed babies in his neighbour's house Before this he had heard of rumours on the babies but this is the first time that he actually believed in them Thereafter the image of the deformed babies began to haunt him in his waking moments as well as in his dreams and he knows he has to see them again The triplets' mother Mrs Greenan however does not welcome him and thinks he is nothing but a troublemaker Besides the triplets Mrs Greenan also has an older son Daryl but it seems there is something not right about him Samuel is troubled by his violent and abusive behaviour and this is where the core of the story really is You see Samuel is battling with himself for as much as he find the triplets horrifying however there is an emotion in him that makes him want to save them This dilemma he faces will uestion about his humanity and how the decision he made in the end will affect his outlook on life thereafter In the beginning I did not know what to expect when I started reading this story Reading the part about the deformed triplets left me in chills because like Samuel I was totally unprepared for it Honestly I was a little scared of them but yet I also felt sorry for them This book was not an easy read and there were times I had to set it aside before picking it up again Though the story may sound a little dark but I like the idea of having a young protagonist who is battling with his inner self especially on a sensitive topic like this

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    Finally a well written engaging thought provoking and imaginative Southern gothic It's been awhile since I sat down to read a book and got through the entire novel without skipping a single line Wait Until Twilight by Sang Park is easily one of the best coming of age novels I've read all year Set in the small Southern town of Sugweepo Georgia this poignant story about a sixteen year old boy's internal struggle to do the right thing is sure to charm readers Samuel's narrative is a well crafted introspective look at his life a year after his mother's tragic death to cancer when he is struggling with adulthood and the choices that will define his life The story opens with Samuel and his friend David on their way to film a mother and her three deformed triplets for a school project Mrs Greenan claims her babies are the product of immaculate conception and their birth defects simultaneously frighten and fascinate Samuel so deeply that he becomes physically ill Following this strange visit Samuel uickly becomes obsessed with thoughts about the babies and their abnormalities On his next visit Samuel is nearly strangled to death on the porch by an unseen assailant A third illegal visit brings him into contact with the triplets' violent older brother Daryl and this terrifying encounter convinces Samuel that the triples are in grave danger for their lives Samuel finds himself unwittingly thrust into the position of savior both to himself and the three babies but will he make the right choice or will circumstances and fear force the choice for him? This story is a fresh fast paced read at only 229 pages The first person narratiion makes it easy to delve into Samuel's world and the characters are well constructed with engaging dialogue I probably would have read the book straight through if not for the fact that it was started on the bus ride to work I highly recommend it to everyone and look forward to future novels by Sang Park

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    Samuel is a sixteen year old teenager who's dealing with the death of his mother He's working on getting good grades and just being a normal kid However Samuel seems to struggle at being normal School is important to him as our his relationships with his friends and father But it's when he becomes fascinated if not totally obsessed with a set of deformed triplets he comes across with his friend in search of the perfect video project Samuel's horror is clear not just from the first scene when he meets them but in his later thoughts of them as well It seems the triplets have awakened a part of Samuel he never knew existed a strong violent streak that becomes even apparent when Daryl is around him Now to be uite honest Daryl scared the crap out of me Daryl is certainly sick and twisted and around the triplets too much Samuel's feelings towards the triplets shift in an interesting way and I enjoyed the ending once I got thereI must admit it took me a while to become accustomed to the pace of the novel and Sang Pak's writing style But after and reflection I've come to realize that this is a book I will most likely never forget Even now after knowing and saying that this is a coming of age story I found Samuel adult than I could imagine It goes to show you or me I suppose that situations and events have such a heavy impact on shaping peopleAt the end of the day it comes down to this Sang Pak made me think I wasn't just reading his words I was experiencing them And for a debut author that speaks volumes in my opinion He took me out of my reading comfort zone and I couldn't put WAIT UNTIL TWLIGHT down I recommend this to anyone looking for a different kind of coming of age tale; a gothic psychological mixture that will certainly grab your attention

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    Wait Until Twilight is a wonderfully well written piece of fiction set against a realistic small town backdrop The characters are compelling and authentic with interesting motives that make you want to continue reading even though you may be disturbed by the storyPowerfully affecting is exactly how I would describe Wait Until Twilight It was extremely hard for me to read parts of the book not because of the language or anything but because of the subject matter Truthfully I didn't know at times if I'd even finish reading it I persevered and I'm glad I did but I must warn you Wait Until Twilight may be too disturbing for some readers Without giving too much away I will just say that there are some particularly unsettling scenes of child abuse and also of brutality towards animals that you should be aware of before picking up this book Wait Until Twilight is Sang Pak's debut novel and he certainly did an amazing job of creating a creepy skin crawling freaky hair on the back of your neck standing up kind of feeling I can't say that I really enjoyed reading it but Wait Until Twilight is a dynamic and impressive first book I will be interested to see what Sang Pak comes up with in his future novels