Audible Unleash Your Inner Super Powers: and destroy fear and self-doubt (Words of Wisdom for Teens Book 3) (English Edition)Author Jacqui Letran –

Jacqui writes for a tough audience namely pre teens, teens, and young adults I don t know how she manages to convey such next level concepts in a way that doesn t bore or lose the reader is beyond me Kudos Everyone can benefit from these books. Nautilus Book Awards Gold Medal, Young Adult Non Fiction You Dream Of Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin You Dream Of Going After What You Want With Confidence And Feeling Happy With Your Everyday Life But Your Fear And Self Doubt Are Holding You Hostage, Causing You To Feel Trapped And Powerless To Change Your Situation What If There Was A Way To Change All Of That In This Book, Award Winning Motivational Author And Teen Confidence Expert Jacqui Letran Is Going To Let You In On A Little Secret You Already Have All The Tools You Need To Do Just That You Have Extraordinary Inner Super Powers That Will Help You Find Your Own Happiness, Self Confidence, And Peace Of Mindand It Starts With You In This Book, You Will Discover Your Top Seven Inner Super Powers, Guaranteed To Destroy Your Fear And Self Doubt How To Consistently Tap Into And Unleash Your Inner Super Powers To Create The Experiences You Really Want How To Reprogram Your Mind To Be Calm, Confident, And Courageous In Everything You DoReal Life Methods And Exercises To Integrate Your Inner Super Powers In Your Everyday LifeHow To Use Your Inner Super Powers To Dramatically Improve Your Lifeand Much, Much Stop Secretly Wishing You Could Be Someone Else Or Have A Different Life You Can Learn To Unleash Your Inner Super Powers And Create The Epic Life Youve Been Dreaming Of Unleash Your Inner Super Powers Is An Enlightening, Practical Book That Will Help Struggling Teens And Young Adults Unleash Their Inner Superheroand Change Their Lives For The Better This book teaches us how to take back power, stop choosing the role of victim, release all the excuses why we can t do what we want to do in this lifetime It is a matter of fact volume packed with examples for all readers to explore themselvesand seriously work with turning their lives intoself fulfilling and self satisfying experiences This book has a place in all home schooling settings, and could well serve as a primer for college entrantseven the basis for intimate discussions between parents and their teens a learning tool for all who want to improve their happiness. Highly recommended Jacqui has a knack for keeping to the point and making that point succinctly and powerfully This is another great contribution she s making to the world of personal growth What I ve noticed is that there s a trend in all of her work that is focused on actionable relevant material that can immediately put a person seeking changes on the right track She uses her experience as a mother combined with her deep study of nursing, psychology, NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT and other modalities to enhance her perspective This book is highly recommended for anyone who wants to take another step into what is possible. Jacqui s book is relevant, relatable, insightful and inspirational Although written for teens, the concepts in her book are applicable to everyone of all ages This is an easy, enjoyable read that reveals powerful tools and provides valuable exercises that will guide and motivate you to reclaim your personal power and start you on your journey of personal growth A must read for anyone who wants to take control of their life and open up to what is possible.