Trinity Vol 2 Dead Space MOBI Ü Trinity Vol Epub / 2

Batman Superman and Wonder Woman the superheroes known as the Trinity have gone through a lot in the aftermath of the DC Rebirth epic event But now the bonds of their friendship are tested like never before as they must let their closest allies die in order to save the worldAn emergency summons to the Justice League Watchtower puts the icons face to face with an unexpected crisis The other members of the League have been infected with a fatal alien virus that will destroy all humankindunless the Trinity destroys the Watchtower and the Justice League along with itPlus the revelations of Superman Reborn require Batman and Wonder Woman to give their all to save Superman from his doubts about his very existence and a trinity of villains Lex Luthor Ra's al Ghul and Circe concoct a scheme to use the mysterious Pandora Pits to put an end to the World's Greatest HeroesBest selling writer artist Francis Manapul THE FLASH is joined by writer Cullen Bunn and artists Clay Mann and Emanuela Lupacchino in TRINITY VOL 2 DEAD SPACE Collects TRINITY 7 11

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