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When Hollywood’s sexiest bachelor meets the girl next door their relationship doesn’t follow the scriptOn screen Christian Slade is America’s favorite heartthrob Off screen letting romance into his life isn’t as easy The women he dates all seem to want a piece of his glamorous life rather than his heart and trust doesn’t come easy for himThen along comes Lana A beautiful rocket scientist who’s also sweet smart sexy and has absolutely no idea who he is But what will happen when she finds out?Will their worlds prove too far apart or could love really be like in the movies?

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    Available wherever books are soldI love California and I'm so excited I'm finally writing a story set in HollywoodDo you love romances that include celebrities? I hope you do as my leading man is an actor super starNow also in Audio

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    Favorite Quotes“Two adults booking a room at the Peninsula? They’re not here to play Scrabble” she hisses“I’m trying to find a silver lining” Winter says “If breaking up with Jonathan isn’t giving you the slightest chest pain perhaps it isn’t all bad you broke up I mean he and my sister are two cockroaches who deserve to burn in hell forever but maybe it was about time you took your relationship with John behind the barn and shot it”My ReviewThis was a fun and appealing read that was smartly written and I can boast it was also informative as well since the main character was a rocket scientist who taught me the little known fact that there is a scientific unit of measurement called a slug which weighs 322 pounds And my mother always chided me for reading fiction claiming it was a waste of time I adored these characters they were easily accessible and highly likable and I wanted good things for them Penned in my favorite dual POV the writing style was crisp and engaging yet also perceptive and loaded with wry wit and clever touches such as naming identical twins Summer and Winter I easily fell into this tale from the very beginning and felt happily entertained and well pleased as I zipped through their star crossed storylines

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    Book Reviewed on wwwwhisperingstoriescomMovie star Christian Slade is trying to avoid the paparazzi at the hotel he is staying at He rushes into a nearby storage room and soon hears muffled sobs Inside is Lana who has followed her boyfriend to the hotel and witnessed him and another woman one of her friends entering a hotel room togetherLana doesn’t watch TV or movies so has no idea who Christian is much to his relief He tries to comfort her and stop her from crying On departing the room he offers her a lift home in his ‘environmentally friendly car’ The two seem to have an instant connection and before leaving Lana gives Christian her business card n which she has written her phone number on the backEventually Christian calls Lana but with Lana not knowing about his celebrity status how is he going to keep his fame and fortune from her and what will happen if she ever finds out who he really is?To the Stars and Back is the fourth book in the First Comes Love series by Camilla Isley However all books can be read as standalones even if the characters do cross over into other booksIn this book we meet rocket scientist and teacher Lana who is a very well educated and clever woman She cares about the environment and doesn’t like fuel guzzling cars or celebritiesChristian is a multi million dollar celebrity who loves his fast loud cars and spending money He sees something in Lana he likes and is willing to be someone different for her but to get Lana to like him he has to pretend he is something he isn’t or is this the real Christian behind the movie star money and looks?The book was a quick easy read and the story flowed along at a decent pace The friendshiprelationship between Lana and Christian felt natural and realistic even if I didn’t agree with him hiding his career and wealth from herThe book is written in dual POV which I’m not a great lover of but I managed to not let it bother me It was entertaining and had a few laugh out loud moments and a lot of moments that made me smile The book is perfect for fans of Rom Coms and with two books in the series being planned this is a fabulous series to invest your time in

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    This was a fun cute entertaining story This is the fourth book in Camilla Isley’s “First Comes Love” series I have only read the third book prior to this one and I don’t think that impacted my enjoyment of the story There are some appearances from previous characters but the stories are self contained Christian and Lana have a meet cute when they are both hiding out in a hotel closet Christian who has appeared in previous books is a big time movie star and quite swoon worthy Lana is a “rocket scientist“ smart and sweet with no knowledge of Christian and his star power I’m sure you know where this is going but as in all good romances it’s not the destination it’s the journey And this was a lot of fun The characters in this series are so much fun so relatable the kind of people you’d love to meet I really liked Christian and Lana together they had a definite connection Made me think though what I want to date a famous movie star? I think in my youth I probably would have and been so insecure it would have driven me insane Now that I’m older and much confident I don’t think I’d want to be part of that kind of lifestyle Fortunately for us all I have never had to make this decision no movie star is knocking down my door maybe I need to jump in a hotel closet? An engaging story perfect for a lazy summer afternoon of reading many thanks to the author for my copy of this book

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    Cute sweet and funTo the Stars and Back is a quick light flirty tale featuring the sensible clever Lana and the handsome successful Christian as they navigate a relationship that includes a storage room meet cute careers that are worlds apart instant attraction romantic moments and undeniable chemistryThe writing is sharp and smooth The characters are quirky charismatic and endearing And the plot is a delightful blend of drama emotion snappy dialogue fame fortune stardom tender moments friendship and love Overall To the Stars and Back is a warm witty charming tale by Isley And even though it is the fourth title in the First Comes Love series it can easily be enjoyed and appreciated as a standalone novelThank you to Camilla Isley and Rachel’s Random Resources for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    I loved this book to the stars and backFrom page one I was hooked Lana and Christian's meet cute was perfect Even if Lana is going through a tough time Christian came into her life exactly at the right moment and from there on I just couldn't put this book down I loved Lana She was smart environmentally conscious and a bit feisty in an understated way like when she revenge packs her ex's stuff That scene ha me cracking Oh and she's also the owner of two adorable adopted cats and a bookdragon honestly we could be best friendsChristian was the perfect swoon worthy hero Okay he lived on anther planet being a Hollywood megastar We see that from the start when he buys a new car just to impress Lana another super LOL scene But he was also sexy hot as hell but also kind devoted to help the less fortunate and just plain adorable I'm still a little starstruckAnd finally the supporting characters were fantastic too Christian's assistant was fun and sassy and I connected with Lana's friends so muchAh Icing on the cake there's also a mean Tweet I love Jimmy Kimmel's feature and adored the fictional mean tweet “Christian Slade has the face of a dude who’d request She Bangs at a wedding and then try to salsa dance with the bride when the music isn’t salsa and he can’t even dance”Just LOL

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    I have devoured this book in a couple of very short hours and loved every single second of it I also love the details being shared in the note by the author at the end of what books 5 and 6 in the series will be bringing especially book 5 and no this is going to be a very long wait potentially for me to get my hands on it But back to what really is a standalone book four in Camilla Isley's excellent First Comes Love series it does feature short cameos from the main characters else where in the series but the main focus is on Lana and Christian Slater Ok Christian has been mentioned and featured in some of the previous book but equally we have never got this up close and personal with him before and the majority of the book is from this incredibly sexy mega film starts perspective We really do get to know him incredibly well and I would have happily kicked Lana out of the way to have a shot at him myself I completely fell for Christian in this book and its been ages since I last felt like this about a book boyfriend I'm gutted that I ran out of pages and have finished reading his story now Ah and Lana who is completely different from Christian is really cool too and I really enjoyed getting to know her I absolutely loved every up and down in this book the incredibly wonderful romantic gestures the differences in their lifestyles all the dialogue even their initial meet cute I mean who wouldn't be intrigued to keep reading a book where the main characters meet hiding out in the same closet of a hotel And importantly just why on earth is a mega star reduced to hiding in a closet? I knew I had to find out i loved Christian's assistant Penny and would love to get to know her better in a future book and same with chef Jeff Just generally I loved everything Fun quick and easy to read I was hooked and feel sorry for whatever book I read next as I suspect I may have a Christian Slater hangover from this one Thank you to the author for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily

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    Camilla Isley has been in my reading radar for some time now This is the fourth one in her 'First Come Love' series but can absolutely be read as a standalone An easy quirky read that will keep you glued to the end even if you are quite sure of the Cinderella trope ending      From a storage room meet cute there springs an unlikely relationship a rocket scientist and a film star that involves a lot of laughter and hurdles of course Christian's struggles to date a girl who is unaware of his fame he didn't even have to lie and Lana's baby steps into a celebrity's life was quite hilarious to read I especially loved the one about the designer bag a cliched one but something that never fails to amuse      Nikki and Diego from the previous book also make a brief appearance here and on the whole this was a total fun read So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy for the weekend this is your perfect company for a night in

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