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In The Ticket That Exploded, William S Burroughs S Grand Cut Up Trilogy That Starts With The Soft Machine And Continues Through Nova Express Reaches Its Climax As Inspector Lee And The Nova Police Engage The Nova Mob In A Decisive Battle For The Planet Only Burroughs Could Make Such A Nightmare Vision Of Scientists And Combat Troops, Of Ad Men And Con Men Whose Deceitful Language Has Spread Like An Incurable Disease Be At Once So Frightening And So Enthralling

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    Lust for lifeI got a lust for lifeI got a lust for life Iggy Pop, Lust for LifeReviewing, cutting, looking slowly back at 1962 o or tekst, 1967 Endetext, fold, refold, oragami fold, cut, paste, recut, film and redact So Start again From the bigbanging there are no good words I wrote silences review the story of two halves, two texts, living text, breathing review Here comes Johnny Yen again With the liquor and drugs Better than the real thing there is no real thing reviewing the review, before the end, I m not sure the cut up review will work Abandon all holes, ye whosorifices here Mother smother may I must I smother mother this May And the flesh machine He s gonna do another striptease I ve naked lunched and snacked on soft machines I ve dined on queers and feasted on exterminators These all do their part, they have all left me full and slightly sick Puppy sick Sick sick sic poopy I m not sure my form or pattern or strategy will add much to the Universe I m not sure it will subtract either It will like a Luxor light on New Years attract only non native moths, that feed the non native bats, that feed the non native owls, circling the giant urban a hole of the Las Vegas universe Boys will be boys and boys, Boys we ve been sublimated I m worth a million in prizes With my torture film.I ll redraft this draft, re view this review, and post it toast it on Audible I ll come at from two directions Equally futile F body I ll let DearGODreads swallow my early editions I ll let Audible carry my post review drip penicillin Clock clock Tap tap Tock tock Written before on the Soft Typewriter transparent quivering substance the body is two halves stuck together around Jeff B3zos Lizard king Owns my words Licking the metallic air Sells me your word drones Shed your skin Barter, trade, and consume all words made flesh No good No bueno Departed have left no address It s all done with tape recorders Well I am just a modern guy Of course I ve had it in the ear before Listen again Listen harder Escape to and from the Nova But never dream of leaving the word horde.

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    Having read this all the way through I can state confidently that I had absolutely no idea what was going on And yet, at the same time, I sort of did My understanding was somehow behind the story rather than in the story itself The book seems to be about how the human visual imagination is really an invasion of alien messages, so the moment you see something in your mind s eye you are actually submitting to outside control.To combat this in a book, a text can t have a narrative that presents a story flow that can be visualized by the reader in linear time So the meaning of the text has to accumulate in disconnected chunks Something like this at any rate I am probably talking gibberish

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    But if you re reading this then you probably expect a challenge anyway What it means Smell of rancid tide flat police drama strangely flickers in and out, much channels are playing picture The unnerving documentary on parasitic Machine, however this strangely analogous to Doctor Imagine that without proper documentation Channel change static bursts to foil religious mind control Now imagine what, and poisonous insects of the a sci fi cable box Doctor Benway less noticeably playing a variety of sex films traveling agent attempting the Soft belies the strange No Dalek has only 20 channels Imagine that these channels are strange religious sacrifices I found myself Imagining at every regulated drug usage text of almost coherence contained despite the punctuation mark Who, and a film about junkies, sex films if anything I don t know, nor do I really care A time among those capital punishment boys undressing fever dreams of the poisonous insects of the Soft Machine The text of The However Searching for a book is to flicker in and out of the presence liked it just the same.An , a sci fi police drama, who flickers against sexual gratification a convoluted search indeed Among channels in Naked Lunch, the best description I can give randomly every few seconds.Now imagine what all this would look like when the TV was set to jump A blatant narrative in this junk sick rectal mucous sorry.

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    Maybe this goes without saying but William Burroughs cut up pieces are so aggressively anti narrative that they re openly hostile to the reader The reader has no purchase on the plot what little plot there is and, than that, the plot has no purchase on itself Because of the very cut up process, no aspect of the novel can develop rather, there are small stretches of comprehension padded by great stretches of experimentation This makes for a work that takes a lot of work to read, which wouldn t be so bad most really good books are hard to read, and worth reading because they re hard except that this particular work doesn t seem to want to be read This kind of thing, it should be said, isn t entirely without precedent or merit At points this recalls Acker, Pynchon, and even Joyce, who all tried out different ways of presenting language on the page and so, by extension, of presenting pages themselves Their experiments with form all suggest a common frustration with the rigidity of that same form i.e., the novel , further suggesting a frustration with cultural structures that enforce conformity of all sorts This is often what is meant when a novel that s too hard for anyone to read is called subversive it challenges the social order The artist whose work this novel is most reminiscent of, though, is Sergei Eisenstein Eisenstein s montage experiments parallel Burroughs cut up method, an approach meant to explore the meaning of the unexpected juxtaposition For Burroughs, whose method was built upon the assumption that all language both speech and text is prerecorded, and so can only be rearranged, these rearrangements exist along a spectrum of meaning but cannot be wholly original or perfectly meaningful I m really sympathetic to this theory and approach, and this kind of stuff is what I think makes the Beats interesting and proto postmodern in their views on language and signification and meaning making, and yet for all my appreciation of subversion and sympathy of approach I find this next to unreadable This may well be what the novel wants.

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    The one William S Burroughs book that causes the fan base to be afraid, really afraid Burroughs at his most out there those who have a fear of experimental writing stay far away This is a live bomb ticking slowly and it may explode in your hands For those who are not afraid, this is really good Burroughs at his most dry, and distain for the real square s world most intense work.

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    This work needs to be approached as a piece of conceptual art or an occult manual those seeking storytime may find it somewhat hard going.

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    Strange thing happened while reading For the first time I felt genuine empathy for a book, not the words in the book but the actual tree the book was made of Not that Burroughs is bad He is innovative and funny and when he s in a good mood he moves his cut up experiments toward poignancy I will read But the significant enjoyment I got from this was outweighed by the perhaps false but nonetheless overwhelming impression that I was wasting my time.

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    If you don t like the idea of reading paragraph after paragraph about catapulting streams of jism, then maybe this book is not for you But the Ticket That Exploded is about so much than torrential ejaculations it s about melting your head right down to your shoulders There is a kind of zen state that becomes necessary to read Burroughs sometimes, you have to really let the sickness flood over you and understand that it is not the author that is sick, but instead you, you with your fear and your rules Burroughs is reprograming you Erasing fear and sensitivity to bullshit This book is a shaman guiding you through the spirit world of your anxiety.

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    Burroughs 2nd cut up novel if I have the chronology right the beginining of what s, for me, his strongest period After writing my quickie review of Naked Lunch in wch I mentioned Balch s Towers Open Fire , I moved onto this one randomly opened to page 110 to read This way To the Towers Ali pointed to an office building that dominated the square Kiki ran toward the building covered now by tower fire Hands pulled him into a doorway On the roof of the building was a battery of radios and movie cameras that vibrated to static A green creature with metal claw hands was giving orders to a group of partisans who manned the gun tower From the radio poured a metallic staccato voice Photo falling Word Falling Break through in Grey Room Towers, open fire Yep, Burroughs was in his stride of having a breakthrough in the brain w this one Unlike Naked Lunch , this no longer seems like a collection of notes but a coherent report from a parallel universe where the true faces of the enemy are revealed My having opened to this page where Towers, open fire is written isn t just an indication of Burroughs repetitiveness of certain phrases it s also an indication of how magikal it all seems, of how oddly one can link into the writing a proclamation for the effectiveness of Burroughs formal strategies for breaking thru into deep levels of the mind.

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    I was going to do this whole review in Burroughs cut up technique, but I m too lazy This was a tough read for me I loved Junky, Queer, and of course, Naked Lunch, and maybe I expected something along those lines The story seems to be about mind and body control through orgasms and splicing of tapes and I have to say Burroughs has a fucking dirty dirty dirty mind and I m not sure what he was on at the time, but whatever the drug was, I d congratulate his dealer Good job.I really liked the dirty parts and all the jizz and blue ejaculations etc etc etc, but there comes a time in a girl s day when liters of sperm seem to be a little much Anyway, bottom line, if you like sci fi, and I mean, CRAZY IMAGINATIVE AND LYRICAL sci fi, this book is good for that If you enjoy boys, again, climb right in, but if you re looking for paragraphs and actual completed sentences, you might feel a little lost, um, let s say around page three.He s a genius, no doubt about it The story where he explains control with tape splicing and how he can have an argument without even being in the room with the person, proves it I thought that was brilliant Burroughs imagination is fascinating I m glad I read this novel, his longest, but it s not one on my favorites.