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Tom Renfield janitor cum taxi driver has always had some weird abilities seeing ghosts perceiving other 'currents' of energy but he's always tried to ignore them Running from himself seems to be a large part of how he ended up in the tiny town of Arcadia However when he picks up a beautiful model from the big city in his taxi and sets off to take her to her brother's wedding at an obscure house in the woods little does he know what he's in for Laura's extended family are an ancient clan of witches? who make a habit of terrorizing and enslaving the townspeople However that doesn't stop Tom from instantly falling in love with her With the help of a ghost things are about to get shaken up in the town of Arcadia

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    Tom Renfield janitor cum taxi driver has always had some weird abilities seeing ghosts perceiving other 'currents' of energy but he's always tried to ignore them Running from himself seems to be a large part of how he ended up in the tiny town of Arcadia However when he picks up a beautiful model from the big city in his taxi and sets off to take her to her brother's wedding at an obscure house in the woods little does he know what he's in for Laura's extended family are an ancient clan of witches? who make a habit of terrorizing and enslaving the townspeople However that doesn't stop Tom from instantly falling in love with her With the help of a ghost things are about to get shaken up in the town of Arcadia I read this novel in 2008 but recently picked up the Open Road Media eBook for the two bonus stories The stories are both good but aimed toward a younger readership than the novel They share the theme of young people standing up for themselves and dealing with people who may hurt them Both also have a skein of magic running through them as both young people encounter a ghostly presence“Lost Lives” A young boy has been bounced from relative to relative He just wants to get along and be left alone but his latest 'home' is with a bullying and resentful cousin If he opens up to his aunt about the problem he's sure she'd just side with her own son But a change may come after he finds a strange item by the side of the road and a girl's voice seems to speak to him through it This seems very much like either the beginning of a novel or an incident in the lives of characters who have been explored deeply elsewhere Not sure if it is I liked it though“Caretaking”A girl from a family of magical talents is irresistibly drawn to leap into a mall fountain repository of thrown coins that hold wishes Willy nilly she becomes the vehicle of one wish a mother's desperate desire to see her murdered daughter one time Sometimes we cannot protect those close to us even though we wish to and this is something that must be accepted even though difficult The message gets slightly heavy handed but I still enjoyed the story Again I'd love to find out about the characters

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    After an incident where Tom Renfield had to reveal his abilities he finds himself moving to a new town to hide away who he is and his powers Taking a job as a cab driver Tom finds himself picking up Laura Bolte and finding himself heading straight into the midst of a powerful magical ancient family in Chapel Hollow Laura and Tom finds themselves drawn together by supernatural forces that the pair doesn't understand so now Tom finds himself a part of the Bolte clan that has been terrorizing the small Oregon town of Arcadia Laura and Tom find themselves trying to find a way to protect the innocent citizens Going into The Thread That Binds the Bones I had thought that this one was a young adult read but uickly found that I was mistaken on that The main characters immediately are showering together and married and consummating the relationship within hours of meeting so I got off to a bit of a rocky start wondering what I'd gotten into with this one Once the magic starts being given depth in the story it did grab my interest piecing together how things worked since it did seem a bit uniue But unfortunately as much as I liked the magic in the story then other events happen that I didn't uite care for which then brought my opinion back down again In the end I wasn't a huge fan of this one some good things but than I wasn't enjoying so I decided on 25 stars I would warn of a lot of things to anyone interested in reading this story There's the instant connection involved straight away but for most the problem would lie in the terrible acts committed such as rape in the story I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley For reviews please visit

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    I first came across this book just browsing in a book superstore I was feeling a little depressed at the time and this book seemed to strike a nerve for me I bought it and did not want to put it down as I read it It is now a comfort read for me It encourages you to think about your personal ethics and to improve them It makes you want to be a better person and as part of that to treat others better I like the connection between Tom and Laura They are in love but they have no illusions that either of them is perfect They learn each other's flaws but look past those imperfections to see the best in each other I also like Tom's determination to helpprotect those who need it Not perfect but well written overall I have lost count of the number of times that I have re read this one

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    One of the greatest books I know I have owned this book twice and would get it again if there were any copies to be had But no one who has this book and 'gets' this book will ever let it go If there is a unifying theme to the stories I especially love it is that of Power claiming it using it and using it well Almost every character in this book has issues with their power or the lack of it Even interesting than the portrayal of Tom coming into his strength is the development of Carroll who needs to learn the ethics of power

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    While this book starts well enough and has a strong first 50 pages or so the remainder of the book is so horribly flawed that no other rating will do Perhaps if I was just rating it on entertainment value it might have made two stars but considering in addition to its incredibly repetitive story line the disturbing treatment it makes of its material this has to go on my worst ever listThe basic plot is this There is a young man from a very troubled background who has a magical gift He has been repressing this gift and lives a life of lonely isolation as a high school janitor After a heroic act threatens to expose him he flees to a uiet rural town with a dangerous secret where he works as a taxi driver This is the good part of the story And then it all falls apart turning into something that seems like the plot of a Josei Manga with some particularly uncomfortable topics Our young man will end up meeting a gorgeous fashion model From this point on the protagonist turns into the single biggest Gary Stu I've ever encountered in fiction He's literally the best at everything immediately and with basically no effort He makes author insertion Gary Stu's like Harry Dresden seem nuanced by comparison His magical abilities are literally called out in the text as limitless Any problem usually a magical problem has a magical solution There is no plot thread that magic can't both create and resolve usually in a couple of pages It's dull by about the third time it's presented and turns the majority of the book into a pointless exercise in world building with no payoffs It turns out that our young gorgeous fashion model is from a coven of witches and warlocks that have been secretly tormenting the small town Within about two hours of meeting the fashion model the two are smitten with each other married and minutes later are in bed having a passionate honeymoonEven the instant honeymoon wasn't enough to weird me out too much OK they are perfect for each other Happens in stories all the time however dumb love at first sight might be as a guide to real life Surely an instant honeymoon isn't weirder than instant casual sex right and how many stories do we have where they meet each other and are in bed a few pages later? And it's not like things really went beyond the borders of taste right? Well no but this need to evaluate whether we're still in good taste becomes a repeated problem in this story as we're soon embarked on a story of spirit possession child kidnapping violent pedophiles and violent mental and physical rape And then things got really weird and at some point I just found I couldn't keep rationalizing the text and apologizing for itI'm a dungeon master with about 35 years of experience I try to run a somewhat serious game with an internally coherent setting and it's forced me to spend some time contemplating what a society with the possibility of magic like that presented in 'The Thread That Binds the Bones' might be like And one thing that was immediately clear is that magic is serious stuff and when it is misused it's not a joking matter or something to be taken lightly The author of this story seems to realize that but then sort of handwaves away the seriousness of the crimes involved or the mentality of the people that would do things like that to other people In my own homebrew world forcing someone to do something against their will with magic is taken every bit as seriously as a violent rape and the punishment is eually serious Eh I'm sorry I won't do it again does not cut it and the happily ever after ending of this story that wipes all slates clean just feels creepy and the weird affection the heroine develops for her beyond dysfunctional family goes beyond forgiveness into just weirdAfter reading this book I felt than a little bit slimy like I need to get some pumice and scrub

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    I enjoyed this book uite a bit because of the uniue magic and some very lovable characters But I was greatly troubled by some aspects of this story Which is why I can't give it than two stars Don't read on if you haven't read the book as the rest of this contains spoilers view spoiler The loathsome character of Carroll and the fact that he seems to have escaped punishment for some horrendous crimes which include the kidnapping and rape of young girls disgusts me Yes I see that he wants to change but to just let him off because he's promised to try and be good makes me feel sick to my stomach To lay the blame for his behavior at the feet of someone else just doesn't ring true I thought Maggie's healing process was rushed and I can't imagine any fifteen year old girl wanting to have contact with a man who raped her and kept her as a slaveThe fate of the other people who had been forced into slavery and weren't freed is troublesome as well I wish I could change the ending and have a house drop down on Carroll and a couple of the other morally bankrupt jerks That would be justice hide spoiler

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    The Thread That Binds the Bones is an unusual urban fantasy It weaves a sense of the Appalachian extended families with modern times and genealogical magic cursing It tells the stories of those who fight to get away from family traditions and how one person can twist an entire generationRead IT It is a hair slow in the first chapter but it is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped It pursues the path of ethical right wrong Addressing slavery power used for selfish purpose the moralethical correction that outside viewpoints can bring to any insular groupI cherish the memory of the scenes when the ghosts of family passed on come to call to explain exactly what THEY think of the modern generation's behaviors It is a compelling readNotice This is a hard book to find I cherish my copy it is one of the few that I will not lend out good huntingEnjoy

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    Tom runs from his job as a school janitor when he becomes a bit too famous for his own taste after saving some teens from their attempt to commit suicide Normally this might not be a bad thing but he saves them using magic and someone sees it and that’s too much notoriety Tom moves on to another town and gets a job driving a cab This town seems pretty nice but he finds its inhabitants to be somewhat distant He puts it down to a small town’s distaste for outsiders until Laura shows up and commandeers him and his cab Laura is a member of the infamous Bolte family – a magic wielding family that has protected and terrorized the townspeople for hundreds of years The most recent generation of Boltes has been worse than any prior – in addition to wreaking havoc in town they also steal people away to be their fetches or slaves As Tom drives Laura home to her family he becomes intrigued by her and realizes that somehow they are alike – they both have these powers He elects to accompany her and when they attend the wedding of her cousin Michael they are likewise selected to become a couple by the powers that be So even though they’ve only known one another for a day they marry One of the presences a ghost of an ancestor asks to root in Tom so that it may teach him how to use his powersSoon everything starts changing for the Bolte family beginning with Tom’s entrance into it There are other unions and dissolutions and at last they begin to discover what caused the souring within the family and what has so warped this current generation But when they find the cause it almost destroys themA LOT happens in this book in a short amount of time At the end you’re sort of left wondering wow ok what happens next? It doesn’t cover a lot of time but something new sort of attacks you on every single page Definitely intriguing and sadly short Interesting ideas of magic as being nets and people being bound together by invisible threads that develop as their relationships grow Maybe not the tightest story I’ve ever read but intriguing nonetheless

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    I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy this It's a light read and it's on the lighter end of the urban fantasy genre flying ghosts rituals and magical clothes but no pointy hats or cryptids and most magic language is translated in text It's relatively self containedThat being said this novel is very much a product of its time Clothing commerce and the fashion industry are extremely dated which isn't the end of the world historical fiction is a legitimate genre I don't know if this is typical of urban fantasy of the late '80s and early '90s but the characters don't seem particularly well fleshed out and the narrative was incredibly over simplified Strangers get married but manage to communicate pretty well despite enormous cultural differences mostly because one of them is a mind reader who can converse with convenient ghosts Most if not all major conflicts are resolved because the antagonists were misunderstood or because they were taught by someone worse than themselves I have a really hard time feeling sympathetic to people who use backstory as an excuse to torturekidnaprape innocent bystanders What might have been an intriguing story becomes surreal and horrific when a child rapist is forgiven He isn't forgiven because he displayed remorse or because he was redeemed in some way; he just doesn't like being punished and when all is said and done he would prefer to go on raping the child His forgiveness is directly tied to his magical skills being useful in the next chapter It is to me both appalling and ridiculous

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    One of the books that left me thinking a lot about the plot and all the subplots in this strange fantasy tale about an apparently ordinary man who stumbles into the magical family which rules the village Chapel Hollow There are still things not explained or fully described in this book but this is exaclty what I liked about it it leaves everybody space to invent your own explanations and theories about that happened and why A real treat get your copy