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As You Face New Academic And Social Pressures, You May Feel Stressed Out Than Ever Before You Want To Relate To Your Peers, But You May Not Have The Skills You Need To Successfully Navigate The Social World Grounded In Evidence Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT , This Book Will Help You Develop Simple And Effective Ways To Connect With Your Fellow Teens While Still Remaining Uniquely YouIn The Book, You Ll Discover Tips For Finding Your Strengths, Identifying Negative Self Talk, Understanding Social Situations, And Making New Friends Most Importantly, You Ll Discover Key Strategies For Creating A Strong Sense Of Self Knowledge And Self Appreciation Two Key Building Blocks For Succeeding In The Social World, And BeyondIf You Re Ready To Move Past All The BFF Drama And Clique Mentality, And Start Making Truly Positive Connections With Others, This Book Will Show You The Way

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    Ok but not applicable for girls outside of a normal socio economic status and caucasian ethnicity or culture.

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    Rather than attempting to be a comprehensive, overbearing, cover to cover fix for all teen problems, author Lucie Hemmen has chosen to focus in on 10 key problems teen girls face The use of young adults to recount the things that did and didn t work for them paired with exercises at the back work together to make a friendly tone that doesn t talk down to teens As a parent, I found the book to be quite good For my 12 year old, who is about transition into middle school from 6th grade, she found it useful to identify areas issues that could become very problematic in coming years The results of doing the CBT themed exercises were surprising.The book breaks down into 10 tips Know what you bring to the party, Leave your comfort zone, Increase contact, Nurture connections, Weed out negative social habits, Communicate through conflict, Communicate for closeness, Be your best self in social media and texting, Be and think less, Practice balance.All topics are rooted in CBT cognitive behavior therapy being mindful rather than instinctual as well as writing down thoughts ideas As such, there is a lot of extra work in each chapter of actually writing things such as positive thoughts today or qualities my friends like in me Fortunately, they aren t daunting and written well to be interesting.Overall, the focus is on being confident and true to oneself as well as developing positive interpersonal skills e.g., being involved and having great friends This is for your average teen girl rather than a very troubled one having issues with sex and drugs at a young age It s about building than fixing, in that respect.My daughter and I have read other CBT type books but I feel this one has a great balance of applicability to brevity It doesn t try to cover too much and isn t so wordy that it talks down to teens The author cleverly uses examples from older girls to make a lot of the points and then summarizes them to drive the points home The exercises turn that information into direct applicability to each teen so the concepts are no longer general or nebulous.In all, both my daughter and I found the book to be very helpful and useful Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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    I got this for my niece before she enters her freshmen year of high school She s had some issues with two faced friends and really enjoyed the book and it s perspective.

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    Ugh..trying to make sure my 14 yr old has all the help she can get for high school There s a reason for the mean girl stereotype.She enjoys this book and we discuss it as she reads.

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    Would recommend for pre teen girls