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The tights run wild and free in this hilarious new novel from the ueen of ComedyTallulah Casey is putting all thoughts of wild boy Cain behind her He is literally an animal in trousers oo er Not like nice boy Charlie who she's totally not thinking about eitherThe Tree Sisters are chasing those golden slippers of applause at performing arts college but Dr Lightowler seems hell bent on spoiling everything for Tallulah And with all her mates loved up can Tallulah resist the call of her wild boy?

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    I've been thinking about how to review this book adeuately and I'm really struggling I rarely review Rennison's novels because it's hard to explain what I mean beyond throwing inane phrases like really funny and laugh out loud hilarious around But I did receive an ARC for this so I'm going to write something here And who knows maybe I will be able to convince new readers to try out the ridiculous wonderful and yes utterly hilarious would of Louise Rennison It's delicious well written silliness that will immediately be pigeonholed by many as something to be looked down upon But it takes extreme skill as a writer to create something this funny to create something that delivers laughs every time you turn the pageBut in the end it's humour And you'll only know if Rennison is for you by sampling said humour So I shall post a few uotes I enjoyed Please note that these are not taken from the final print edition On the bus a boy undid my corker holder And I had to sit there jiggling about as the tissues that I'd put in it for extra corker ness worked their way into my armpitsJo said What's happened about the Cain thing is he still on the run Lullah?I went a bit red and uickly said I've no idea With a bit of luck Mrs Bottomley will shoot himFlossie said Oh you are sooooo unreasonable Miss Lullah Yes those boys are BAAADDD but they are so goddamn handsomeI said huffily Yeah if you like Dark Black animals in trousersFlossie said I do as it happensI want to hit somethingI'm going to hit something I'm banging a suirrel slipper on the dressing table Yeah It feels goodRight I'm pacing pacing and banging the slipper on the bed end Now on the wardrobe door Yeah yeah I'm stepping up the rhythm now pacing and banging anything I pass Pace pace bang bangBang the window sillBang the doorBang the bedheadBang the lamp oh damn pick up the lampI looked down to think of something to say and noticed that the front of my coat is sticking out In the corker areaOh no I wonder if he's noticed that my corkers have grown It's the kind of thing that Cain would noticeBut I don't want Charlie to think I am deliberately thrusting my corkers at himYou know in a girl way In a 'ooooh look at my corkers' wayI'll hunch my shoulders a bit so that the sticking out is counterbalanced by my hunching Not too much though I don't want him to think I've become a hunchback over the holidaysCharlie was looking at me What should I say to make the situation normal and matey?What do boys say to each other?You know to their mates ermI said Everything all right at home?Charlie grinned even Yes thanks All well at your end?I nodded Yes erm tickety boo thank youTickety boo?Charlie turned to go It's lovely to see you again Lullah and well I hope I'll see you a lot Bye And he gave me a hugI flapped my arms against his back And then I gave him a thumbs upI don't know whyMaybe I am a manAnd then there's Cain Lurking about being absentIt's very tense making waiting for him to pop up And he's always popping up when you least want a person to pop up Like when you're adjusting your corker holder Or doing a bit of corker measuring Or rubbing your corkers with hiking socks to make them grow

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    YOU ARE TOPS WOMANCAN YOU BE MY MOTHER NOW?AND RAISE BABY OWLETS INTO WILD AND FREE ANIMALS TOGETHER?WELL LET ME BE HONEST WITH YOUCAINISMYMANyes sure Charlie's sweet and oh my makes me melt with Tallulah all the waybut Cainthere's something about himbut knowing you and your perfect writing and plottingi think charlie won't be the onebecause in georgia's series dave was our manhmm Alex hello how are you mate?or maybe the dark twisted animal in pants will be the male version of kate?hmm?hmm?hmm?yes yesI'm uite madlike lullahbut i think that's okayyou are the ueen of comedy and always will bethank you for reminding me that i should fill up my tights and not give a twitting damn about those who call it dither hallthank youfor brining comedy and laughsinto this worldof wellyou knowthings that aren't funny anyi lurrrvvveeee you xx

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    I can never get enough of Louise Rennison and when I heard that there was a new Tallulah Casey book I ordered it immediately then started reading when it arrived in the post the next day And then finished it that nightAnd I was right to; I grew up with the Georgia Nicholson books reading them time and time again so much so that the spines on many of them aren't really spines any And at 18 eight years after discovering them I still read them and they never fail to make me laugh The Taming of the Tights follows the same wonderful pattern and I can tell I will be reading this for years to come and still laughing and the fantastic silliness and going all gooey over the sentimental parts It's just I can't describe how brilliantly written these books are and I can't really do anything but recommend them wholeheartedly and then shuffle off to re read them all Withering TightsA Midsummer Tights DreamLouise Rennison

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    Such a fun end to the Talluah series It is very light hearted and silly but just enjoyable to read

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    Tallulah Casey despite any sign of talent or acting ability is back at Dother Hall in Yorkshire learning to be dramatic in a school with barmy teachers whose credentials are dubious But school doesn't matter only boys do Tallulah is denying that she had a moment with the Dark Black Crow of Heckmondwhite Cain and instead thinking about the unattainable Alex and the taken Charlie Sadly her moment with Cain has led to the Bottomly sisters threatening her but what can they do really? I mean their mother has been trying to shoot Cain for months and has only succeeded in killing a goat At the school they are trying to find ways to raise money to get a roof again and running water The local reform academy for boys might just have some monetary interest but what is the future of the Hall when Charlie has dumped his girlfriend and agreed to go out with Tallulah Cain and everyone else be damned especially Lulah's uncontrollable knees She has a chance with CharlieSomebody stop me from reading these books I mean it seriously I need an intervention What was once fun and uniue is now a chore Rennison just keeps writing the same book over and over again and never having any plot or any anything And people are seriously giving this book five stars? Is it just nostalgia for your childhood? Because bizarre rap battles and owlets do not make a book And how is Honey a star in Hollywood? She has a severe lisp I seriously can almost not be bothered to write this review because Louise was obviously not bothered to write a half way decent book Therefore in the tradition of Georgie Nicholson and Tallulah Casey here is a list like you'd see in the appendix of these books it's all I can be bothered to doWhat Louise Rennison can do Funny dialogue Create awkward situations that are humorous Skewer classic plays Barmy characters Insane pets Broody Bronte Boys What Louise Rennison can't do  Write a book with a plot Evolve beyond the love triangle uadrangle? premise Give us any reason to understand why Tallulah is talented or liked Have the time frame of a book be longer then a few weeks Write this series any What Louise Rennison must stop relying on  Viking Helmets Concertsplays being the moment the book builds to Creepy guy moments Charlie likes her because she is vulnerable? What? Snog lists Named groups of friends ie Ace Gang Tree Sisters Repetitive inner dialogue Insane pets she's used it once too often move on Boycrazy girls Weird lesbian jokes Rastafari out yo

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    I love this series I really do It’s pretty much become my go to for when I need something that will make me laugh without reuiring any brain power Tallulah’s just so great I love how un angsty she is—she’s genuine and innocent and fairly naïve and while those things don’t always work for me they work for me here because Tallulah is straight up hilarious and I adore her optimism and how she’s not the moody annoying type of teenager I cannot stop smiling when I read these books Especially any scene that involves her knees I know that sounds weird but trust me Tallulah’s knees are the best This third book is about the same uality as the second which is to say not as good as the first book but still pretty great In this book Tallulah is sorting out her feelings about Charlie and Cain while trying to figure out why Dr Lightowler hates her Not to mention she’s also still trying to redeem herself after the Sugar Plum Bikey fiasco For the whole Charlie vs Cain thing I know I’m probably supposed to like Charlie the best but really I’m all for Cain I mean come on—Tallulah calls him the “Dark Black Crow of Heckmondwhite” How am I supposed to resist that? Especially considering the fact that he opens up for a brief moment in this book and we get to see a little bit of who he is behind that cocky bad boy exterior Tallulah’s group of friends remains as awesome as ever with Ruby as usual being my favorite of the bunch How a 11 year old can be so cool I don’t know But when I grow up I want to have as much spunk and “Northern Grit” as Ruby Overall a lot of fun A good way to amuse yourself for a couple of hours when you’ve got nothing else going onRating 4 5Originally posted at Book Light Graveyard

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    This is the third book in the series about the hilariously funny and bonkers Tallulah Casey by Louise renninson the ueen of teen comedy I had read the two previous books in the series and thought how could this get any better? This book has certainly proven that it can with Tallulah's embarrassing tendency to blurt out randow things and irish dance to hiddly diddly which I find laugh out loud funny On top of it all she has to prove herself to miss frosty knickers aka Dr Lightowler and receive the golden slippers of applause Unfortunately her new found rapping skills don't seem to be appreciated and surprisingly frosty pants doesn't seem to like the owl related jokes You just can't seem to please some people unbelievable As well as having the hard task of choosing between now available Charlie and the rusty black crow of heckmondwhite Cain The pressure is on for Tallulah in this third instalment but will she make the right decisions? It's time for you to find out Thankfully although she is not an idiot child any as Tallulah would say though i'm not entirely convinced horse rap gate and is growing up it seems she still doesn't take life too seriously Also who could forget the tree sisters who's friendship is still going strong despite gloweeious honey being in Hollywood lucky thing Read the book u know u want to and let ur inner glowee out

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    I must admit the withering tights series is my guilty pleasure book the one I go to when I really just need to laugh I had been waiting for this book to come out since I finished the last one and was not disappointed I hope this is not the last in the series mostly because I really wanted her to end up with Cain he sounds hot mysterious and you can tell Lullah is drawn to him just as much as we are The writing is basic the language a little silly at times but its perfect because though it can be cringey its innocent and an easy laugh

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    Tallulah Casey is just like with a bit knee actionTallulah reminds me so much of the confusing things that come with being young and being around cute boys Acting silly is something that happens often then not I am so happy with this ending Thank you Louise Rennison's for making the final Tallulah Casey installment to give me the ending I wanted it Love love love