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Now A Major Film Starring Yara Shahidi And Charles Melton The New York Times Bestselling Love Story From Nicola Yoon, Author Of Everything, EverythingNatasha I M A Girl Who Believes In Science And Facts Not Fate Not Destiny Or Dreams That Will Never Come True I M Definitely Not The Kind Of Girl Who Meets A Cute Boy On A Crowded New York City Street And Falls In Love With Him Not When My Family Is Twelve Hours Away From Being Deported To Jamaica Falling In Love With Him Won T Be My StoryDaniel I Ve Always Been The Good Son, The Good Student, Living Up To My Parents High Expectations Never The Poet Or The Dreamer But When I See Her, I Forget About All That Something About Natasha Makes Me Think That Fate Has Something Much Extraordinary In Store For Both Of UsThe Universe Every Moment In Our Lives Has Brought Us To This Single Moment A Million Futures Lie Before Us Which One Will Come True

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    Al centro di questo libro vi il tema delle coincidenze e del destino Vuole dimostrare come noi tutti siamo connessi e come una piccola azione possa cambiare il corso delle nostre vite Ci sono anche dei brevissimi capitoli dal punto di vista dell universo che rendono queste coincidenze e legami ancora pi evidenti Per il complesso il libro alterna i punti di vista dei due personaggi principali, con brevissimi capitoli e non molto frequenti dal punto di vista di alcuni personaggi secondari.Io ho adorato questo libro in particolar modo per la diversit il protagonista Daniel ha origini coreane, mentre Natasha nata in Giamaica e si in seguito trasferita negli Stati Uniti assieme alla sua famiglia Raramente si trovano negli young adults dei protagonisti di etnie differenti, ed per questo molto originale, sopratutto perch tramite questo libro possibile imparare molto di culture completamente diverse dalle nostre.Il libro velocissimo da leggere Io lo lessi lo scorso anno in una sola giornata, inoltre molto divertente, ed una storia che ti rimane impressa nel cuore.Ho letto anche il precedente libro della Yoon, che ho trovato molto carino e lo lessi tutto d un fiato, ma devo dire che questo notevolmente superiore al suo romanzo d esordio, sia in quanto a storia che come stile di scrittura.Non voglio entrare molto nel dettaglio perch personalmente a me piace iniziare un libro sapendo poco di cosa succeder e della trama, ma vi assicuro che non vi deluder.Sar disponibile nelle librerie italiane dal 16 Gennaio 2018

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    Il libro arrivato qualche giorno dopo l ordine e da quanto ho letto fino a ora molto facile da tradurre ed soprattutto scorrevole Nicola Yoon davvero fantastica

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    Regalo per mia nipote, mi dice scorrevole e utile per la pratica

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    I loved this book SO much but I find it hard to write a long review for books that I love for some reason so I m simply going to share my feels through lists.What I liked The Characters Yoon really has a talent of making her characters so vibrant and fleshed out that they practically jump off the pages It s such a diverse cast of characters that it just wasn t your plain Jane cyst gendered white individuals.The writing To my surprise I really enjoyed Nicola s writing style It flowed so well and even if it technically a slow part of the story, I still had to force myself to stop reading because I didn t want the experience to stop.The format This novel was told in alternating pov s between Daniel and Natasha which switched every other chapter Occasionally, there was a extra little chapter written in a pov from someone that you wouldn t even expect to be important to the story.For example, one of the chapters was in the point of view of a security guard that Natasha comes in contact with for just a mere two pages You wouldn t think that the stranger s point of view had any way of propelling the story forward, but chapters like those were probably my favorite of the book and it just made it so much unique than it already was before this format was introduced.The story A huge theme of this book is Immigration Natasha was born in Jamaica but is at risk, along with her family of getting deported back after her father s DUI Yoon does an amazing job at really humanizing immigration so you can actually understand what they are going through, which I think is really important.The romance Daniel and Natasha fall in love in under 24 hours While this is technically insta love, it doesn t exactly feel like it They get so much accomplished in terms of getting to know each other in that short of a time that it feels like they have known each other for a span of years.Nicola has also made the characters so opposite from each other but so much alike at the same time so that they fit together like pieces of a puzzle.This was such an incredible story that I won t be forgetting for a very long time.

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    4 Stars I recommend if you enjoy YA and are looking for diverse representation in your reading.Natasha is being deported today She s being deported because her father made a mistake Because of his mistake, her future is ruined Daniel is on the path that his parents want Go to Yale, become a doctor, marry a nice Korean girl Daniel would rather be a poet He lets the wind blow him where it will before his interview for Yale The wind blows him toward Natasha.Nicola Yoon Gets me every time Her books are light and fluffy, but they also carry deeper things beneath the surface This book is emotional and complex than Everything, Everything The depiction of two children of immigrant parents is absolutely vivid and intricate I love that this book is written from multiple perspectives, and as always with Nicola Yoon, the chapters are short and you just fly through it I enjoyed reading from both Natasha and Daniel s perspectives, but I will say that I REALLY love teenage male protagonists So much sarcasm P I also liked how this book contains segments about their parent s history, perspectives of people they interact with, etc The way it s all woven together is really lovely I cried a bit, and I felt happy and sad for all of the characters It s just a really thoughtful portrayal of growing up, families, immigration, etc etc With the way it ends, I would love to read a follow up I hope that she writes books soon

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    Nicola Yoon weaves a charming story about two young lovers.Natasha Kingsley is running out of time She is an undocumented Jamaican immigrant facing deportation to a country that no longer feels like home Daniel Bae, a first a generation Korean American, is torn between pursuing his passion and living his parents version of the American dream.By random chance, Natasha and Daniel meet on her final day in the U.S And what follows is a sweet love story that will help readers believe that love is than a hormonal reaction.Once I started reading this story, I could not put it down Daniel is a hopeless romantic, while Natasha is a pragmatic scientist Their banter left me laughing and crying I haven t read such a delightful love story in a long time.Nicola Yoon s refreshing writing style will enchant readers And kudos to Yoon for opening her novel with a Carl Sagan quote After posting this review, I will definitely re listen to Big Blue Dot.5 5 stars

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    It was between this book and BadMan ha and I m glad I chose something a little lighter Bright, breezy story about two high school students a Jamaican girl on her last day in NYC before she and her immigrant family are deported and a Korean boy on his way to an interview for the college of his parents dreamsthe two spend the day together, she a realist, he a dreamer, and together teach each other a different way of looking at life I thought the teenage characters were believable and interesting and I loved the narrative structure told through different POVs and informative interstitials It s YA, but I think it s a good recommendation for all audiences