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From Publishers WeeklyIt's an old adage that clothes make the man and it would seem to be a stale premise for a story but first time novelist Wilde handles the idea with wit and energy Inhibited office worker Victor Frankl comes into possession of a beautiful suit Used but in perfect condition the expensive outfit had belonged to a now dead gangster named Bouchette Although too wide in the shoulders and too tight in the waist the suit makes Frankl feel attractive and powerful and he begins to work out in a gym to mold his body to the garment's dimensions As his body fills the suit Frankl becomes and like the brutal Bouchette And like Bouchette Frankl is going down a slippery slope to self destruction Though his prose style becomes increasinglysometimes confusinglyelliptical Wilde is a skilled writer who has produced an engaging novelCopyright 1988 Reed Business Information Inc This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this titleFrom Library JournalA horror first novel with both laughs and chills this highly readable tale stars Victor Frankl timid clerk turned body builder womanizer and ultimately murderer Possessed by the ghost of muscle bound mobster Jean Paul Bouchette peacock like Victor clad in Jean Paul's custom made suit haunts the streets and singles' bars of Montreal and Toronto A strong sense of urban geography plus a spattering of uebec style French add authenticity and exotic flavor Other dark pluses for this macabre novel include above average characterization and the author's uirky sense of humor An excellent choice for collections of popular fiction James B Hemesath Adams State Coll Lib Alamosa ColCopyright 1988 Reed Business Information Inc This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title

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    I read this is I needed a book set in Toronto for a challenge If I didn't need one I would have chucked this It was difficult to follow and annoying to look up the French phrases in the back Guess my French was a tad rusty A good idea but delivered horribly

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    A confused mess of a story

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    Started off a bit confusing got interesting around halfway through and then fell to pieces by the end A real piece of crap

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    I have mixed feelings about this novel It's an interesting story and reads like a film noir at times but it isn't for everyone For starters it's very Canadian and has a lot of French in it There's even an Appendix in the back for translations but who wants to keep turning to the back every time a French phrase is spoken?To sum up the main character is Victor and he happens upon a cursed suit that was worn previous by a gangster named Bouchette Now this name has a long Canadian history of murderers and rapists going back to 1680 Once Victor puts on the suit it begins to change him from a weak shy man to a muscular French speaking asshole that eventually turns killerStory goes on with Victor changing until he meets up a few times with the previous mentioned gangsters rival Cole Cole thought he had killed Bouchette because when he happens to see Victor they now almost look the same In the end Cole tries to kill Victor Won't spoil the ending but it wasn't too surprisingSome odd moments in this story including the suggested killing and rape of an 8 year old girl but it was written very well and was fast paced Just wasn't 100% my style of story telling The book I own has a sticker that states Horror in Toronto It's a bit misleading because some of it takes place in Montreal too and I'd call it a Body Horror novel than just straight horror

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    The book starts off as oddball uirky Outre Entertaining But later it becomes darker then ends with view spoilerdepravity and murder hide spoiler

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    Jean Paul Bouchette is on the run from a loan shark He leaves his custom suit in a subway locker shortly after he is killed Victor Frankl finds the suit and takes it At first it doesn't fit him but he becomes obsessed with making himself fit into the suit He soon finds the suit has a sinister curse on it and it won't let him go A truly gripping horror story I love books like this This is the first book i have read by Reb MacRath i look forward to reading of his books

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    A wonderfully horrific book I am now terrified of watermelon knives Go read it