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The Sketchnote Workbook the follow up to Mike Rohde's popular The Sketchnote Handbook shows you how to take the basic sketchnoting skills you learned in the Handbook and use them in new and fun ways You think you have fun taking sketchnotes in meetings? Try using them to record your travels Or start a food journal Or break out those visual notetaking skills in your next brainstorming session whether you're at work or school or just trying to figure out how to organize the paper that's due next weekThe Sketchnote Workbook comes with a 2 hour companion video that brings the ideas you read about in the book to life Mike takes you on the road with him to various locations to show you first hand how to use sketchnotes to generate ideas document processes map out projects learn new languages create visual to do lists and capture the everyday experiences that mean the most to you whether it's a trip a meal or an episode of your favorite TV showDon't worry You don't need to know how to draw to use the book or the video Mike gives you a uick recap of how to use five simple shapes and basic lettering techniues to create visual notes that you'll want to share with your friends For those of you who have already mastered the basics in The Sketchnote Handbook Mike includes advanced drawing and lettering techniues and offers pages within the book and downloadable worksheets that you can use to practice your new skillsThis video is 2 hours and 41 minutes long

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    Like the main book not a lot of book for a lot of money but still excellentYOU can just doodle You CAN What you draw is individual and uniue to you In a world drowning in words a little doodling and sketching is what we needThe idea of this workbook is that you think you can't but with just very little practice you will find that you CAN I've used the idea from the previous book of leaving blanks that you can come back to combined with the idea from this book that just drawing something a few times can help you get something not terrible to leave spaces in my work for drawing and then practice them a couple of times in a little side book before drawing them in my real bookTIP To see of what people are doing looking up the following hashtags on Instragram #Sketchnotes #visualjournal #visualdiary

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    This one has some advanced techniues on creating sketchnotesBut still feel mindmaps are far better than sketchnotes

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    A very worthwhile successor to Sketchnote Handbook This one recaps Handbook and then works through a broad variety of applications for sketchnoting I appreciate the author's willingness to showcase so many other artists' work which opens the doors of imagination broadly for us who are finding our own way to Sketchnote in particular but be creative in general

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    A whole new sketch world

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    I felt I wasted my time reading this book I expected practical advice how to do better sketchnotes There is very few of such material Mostly author advertises applying sketchnoting approach to many different situations I don't like books that are mostly about motivating readers to do something and I think the content here is not worth putting on paper Even the title is misleading there is very little of advanced techniues rather a lot of use anywhere Also in my opinion the author contradicts his statement about ideas not art This books is for people crazy about drawing and typography as you train drawing people moustaches and slab serifs or taking photos of food and buildings so that you later draw those on final version of your notes This has nothing to do with live sketchnoting it's for people who already can draw really well and spend time carefully creating something visually stunning I feel I improved my skills by watching a free 1h video on YouTube than using this book

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    I really love the output of sketch notes I think it captures than words can and makes information and ideas way easier to digest I find it a challenge to break out of just taking written notes to sketching but the workbook has helped me get on with it Writing sacrifices completeness for coherence while sketching sacrifices coherence for completeness Sketchnotes have the capacity to bridge the divide creating a complete and coherent representation of ideas than anything This series by Mike Rohde is simple enough to follow and is a stepping stone to better sketchnoting which can only be attained through practice and repetition

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    Good Overview and great examplesAs a follow up and a workbook to the original book it offers a uick overview of techniues followed by great examples and different applications of sketch noting

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    A great follow up after the theoretical one Just in a case you don't have your motivation events or ideas of from where to start sketchnoting you need this book

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    After reading the book you understand that really every body can do that

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    Good ideas