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The Sighted Singer makes available a revised and significantlyexpanded version of Against Our Vanishing and includes Grossman's recent treatise Summa Lyrica A Primer of the Commonplaces in Speculative Poetry This combined edition provides a sophisticated yet accessible discussion—across generations—of the fundamental discourse of poetic structure

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    I'm kind of a poetry nerd You are not shocked Accordingly I love reading prose by poets on poetry interviews book reviews whatever It's something about the way a poet can use a sentence that always gets me and also of course something about the way a particularly insightful poet can illuminate all of the invisible but moving gears inside the poem machineThe Sighted Singer takes two approaches to the aforementioned the first half contains conversations between Grossman and Halliday while the second part encompasses Grossman's take on and I'm totally not kidding here every major techniue of lyrical poetry Hey he doesn't call it the Summa Lyrica for no damn reason Kind of like reading a Taoist Heidegger on the work of the line as it applies to eternity And the conversations of course read like really meaty interviews or interviews in which both participants are interviewing each other which it occurs to me is a kind of silly thing to say given that conversations are like that usually unless you're talking with an Interruptor and then it all goes to hell

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    This is a theoretical text so it's not really fun reading for the most part but it's brilliant and highly perceptive work from two men who have thought carefully and systematically about the art of poetry Grossman's Summa Lyrica is the second of the two works contained in the book and I consider it a really important text because it seeks to undertake an examination and justification for the project of lyric poetry with consideration of historical antecedent and contemporary concerns A really valuable and highly learned work if you are studying poetry or want to write lyric poetry

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    No book uite like it

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    I selected “The Poet of Poets” A Grossman as my poet for the semester in my Advanced Poetry Workshop class To say I learned about poetry poetics and my own voice is truly not enough A lot of what he did with his work is reflected in some of my own pieces Paying homage with some repetition muse and purpose driven poetry

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