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One of the most impressive debut novels centered around relationship driven fiction catalyzed by horrific events mostly realistic sometimes supernatural Indeed it's sexual it's graphically written but it's also an affecting and powerful novel about heartbreak and the untimely destruction of childhood Edward Bryant Locus

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    Reminiscent of the early works of Clive Barker Taylor weaves a stunningly graphic horror tale about a sex addicted young woman Val who travels the world sampling the cuisine of the flesh but never truly finding what she's searching for Then she hears of a mythical City where every desire and perversion of the flesh is welcomed and becomes obsessed with finding itPursued by a psychotic and spurned lover Breen Val finds the City but the pleasures and horrors of the flesh may be too much for her mind and body and soul to takeUnsurprisingly Taylor's debut novel won the Bram Stoker for Best First Novel Highly recommended

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    This is a crazy ass book but I think I read it in one sitting I was completely enthralled by Val's journey into strange lands which were expertly detailed by Lucy Taylor A rich blend of horror erotica and a bizarre journey this is the one that pegged Taylor as one of the true masters of the genre

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    My god I really wish I hadn't read this bookI knew before I started on this one that it wasn't going to be a light read but even knowing that I certainly didn't expect it to be uite so intense It starts out with our protagonist Val travelling around from country to country and city to city as she always does Being wealthy she can do as she pleases and so seems to have dedicated her life to the pursuit of pleasure but even pleasure gets a little tedious after a while and she begins to think about a place known only as 'The City' a place her mother spoke of when she was little By all accounts it's a place of such great pleasures and perversions that you'll never experience anything like it ever no matter whatSo off she goes in search of a man she knows who she thinks may be able to direct her to this wonderous place She finds him of course and here it begins to get a little stranger with a fantastical feel to the story Surfice to say there's an incense burner and a lot of green flame and hey presto you're in another place yep you're in 'The City'Up until now the story is much as I'd been led to believe a bit of sex here and there and perversions noticed in passing and taken part in too but once our now two protagonists enter 'The City' everything really turns perverted in the most extreme fashion you can imagine The next god knows how many pages take you on a ride through just about every torturous perverted sick and depraved sexual activity that you'll ever have the displeasure to endure I use the word endure because that's what it was for me It truly was a test of endurance I passed the test by reaching the end of this awful ride when Val manages to escape the sick perversions of 'The City' along with a young girl she brings with her back to the mundane worldwho's mother incidently turns out to be her friend Majeed who she initially thought was a man only to find out uite early on is actually a hermaphradite Majeed decides to stay on in 'The City' for reasons of his own which I found to be a little odd but then after forcing myself on through this sick fest of a story nothing really surprises me for long anyAnyway what can I say about a book like this?Well I can say in all honesty that I hope I never meet the author I'm sure she's a very pleasant well adjusted young lady but am I willing to take the chance that she may be otherwise? No No I'm really seriously not You could say that everything I've said here could be taken as a huge compliment and you'd be right It could Or you could say that this story lingers on the sick and perverted acts with just that little bit too much gusto and zeal and you'd be right there too You could also say that the characters are well written as is the story as a whole and you'd also be right there too But when all's said and done I'm looking for books to take me out of a world I find to be uite dull and a little lacking at the best of times a book whose story and characters I care about and want to either get behind or rail against or at least feel some sort of affinity with Unfortunately where this book fails for me is in the fact that I not only can't relate at all to any of the very unlikable characters but the story itself goes where only a very sick mind would want to follow This is a strange thing to say considering I love a good horror story and can usually take pretty much anything a novel or in fact a movie can throw at me I think what makes the difference here is the very fact that there really isn't any redeeming factor at all It's characters are depressingly self centred and intensly unlikable while their goals in life amount to nothing than the persuit of greater and greater perversions and and invented tortures The sole thing of note that this novel left me with was a very deep and very unwelcome feeling of depression And I mean that in a very real sense I felt depressed For hours and hours afterwardsI'm entirely at a loss to find one single thing to recommend about this book to anyone So why am I giving it 4 stars then? That doesn't make sense right? Well as much as this book left me with a lot of feelings I'd rather have not had it is well writteneven given the unlikable characters and there is a story of sortsif you're an unashamed sado masochist at the most severe torture porn end of the scaleSo Not my cup of tea at all I couldn't wait to finish it I'm so glad I am finished itand yet I still feel it deserves 4 starsGod I'm soo depressed

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    I blundered across Lucy through a FacebookSmashwords 'free read' of her newest book Unspeakable and other Stories She's the kind of blistering overwhelming talent that makes you want to throw your word processor out the window listen to what your Momma told you and go flip burgersThis stuff is like moonshine unapologetically raw earthy and profane but with an intellectual wallop euivalent to the Borax 20 mule team or a brontosaurus or an mad elephant or something I dunno I'm still reeling She calls her work erotic horror although I for one don't find it arousing Perhaps I'm just intimidated by the intellectual firepower bulging beneath the surface like a Smith and Wesson under a tight sweater Ah man don't read ME Read HER Rush out and grab a copy of Unspeakable Every story is a gem Some are masterpieces raunchy not for the sueamish but masterpiecesSafety of Unknown Cities was her first novel and as a product of the '90s the influence of Clive Barker is unmistakably present but she doesn't imitate She takes Barker's theme of the unfettered sensualist reports it from the female perspective and forces you reexamine people and archetypes you may have dismissed too casually Oh yes Safety of Unknown Cities also contains the most mind bogglingly perverse twisted and just downright scary villain I have encountered Arthur Breen will give you nightmares for a monthGather ‘round students and we’re all still students right?This is how it’s done

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    Sin CityTaylor uickly provides the reader with a backroom of sex and mythical worlds Once she takes on this task she develops the characters in a way that who ever reads this book will walk away with a knowledge of underground no others will ever know Do you dare go to the forbidden city for simple pleasures? I say YES

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    This was my first book of this genre The story line was pretty decent The “erotica” seemed a bit lacking however There was tons of unnecessary vulgarity that really did nothing to support the plot Basically it seemed at times the author would throw in a dirty word simply to keep it X rated Yet when the scene called for adult descriptions the author blew through it pun intended rather than slowing down to give details

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    The Safety Of Unknown Cities by Lucy Taylor is a dark ride into a region where sexual desires have no limits A warped personal conuest uickly becomes a Clive Barker classification where violence and sexuality become a character in itself Lucy Taylor introduces the reader to a fictional location that may actually exist where distorted cravings cross the line from fantasy to reality The invitation to the city has been offeredwill you accept?

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    It’s just too gory It stops being fun very very fast This book takes too long to come to the point Hides too much crucial information And honestly made me physically sick at times For some it might be a preferred genre but I will not be returning

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    Recently I was read the Horror Writers Association's On Writing Horror One of the latter chapters dealt with writing erotic horror and therein Nancy Kilpatrick writes that the story needs to perform on both levels eually That is it must succeed as both erotica and horror The problem is that after finishing this I'm not sure it succeeds at either; the erotic parts cover every lurid deviation to the point of either indifference or repugnance and the horror is ground almost entirely in revulsionIgnoring that perhaps rather limiting definition for one moment the book is not without merit There's a certain haunting uality to the protagonist's nihilistic wanderlust it just never uite pays off

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    Reread it on a whim and I'm giving it one star Of course I disliked the ending but then again I'm an epilogue elitist so there you go The Safety of Unknown Cities is a story of fevered lust depravity and hopelessness one that's written to upset and possibly disgust you Is it horror? Is is erotica? It's a mix of many things and mostly this vagueness does not work in its favour Still the writing is good and won't disappoint you also evident Clive Barker influences which can only be a good thing in my book I'm not giving away anything related to the plot because I believe it's better to read it without knowing what you're up for