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DIVINE PROPHECY HOLY TERROR Strange things are happening in the small town of Randall Arizona The local minister vanishes his church defiled by blasphemous obscenities scrawled in bloodA crazed old woman in her eighties becomes pregnantHerds of animals are discovered butchered in a fieldAnd one by one the good folks in town are falling victim to the same unspeakable fateNow an itinerant preacher has arrived spreading a gospel of cataclysmic fury Darkness is falling on Randall Arizona The smell of fear lingers in the air And stranger things are yet to come

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    I think this is the scariest Bentley Little novel I’ve read The Mailman was scary too though; it is a hard call Regardless Little’s debut novel is a shocker almost sure to rattle the nerves of even the most jaded horror readerA wave of crime is hitting the small town of Randall Arizona Churches are desecrated A local minister and his family have gone missing Fires are set Over the course of only a few days this town goes straight to Hell and it’s up to a handful of people to save it Perhaps this is not the most original plot but it is fun — and herein can be found a few excellent twists I could not put this one down and I defy anyone to do so once this book is begun One of the finest horror debuts I’ve had the pleasure of reading Bentley Little’s tale of a small town’s destruction is a corker

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    A first novel through and through Little's The Revelation visits a small mill town in Arizona where the locals are besieged suddenly by diminutive cackling fiends that want to paint all the churches with goat's blood before burning them down gnaw on entire families and turn household pets into confetti Our protagonists an overwhelmed sheriff a blue collar laborer with a baby on the way an Episcopal priest with light ESP though lacking much personality are at least stalwart about performing their civic duty to sniff out and then snuff out the source of all this devilry Secondary characters abound as locals are mangled and their stillborns shanghaied but otherwise these natives add little to the narrative other than incident and a body count It's obvious that Little's ambition is to write a sprawling story that encompasses the many lives of the place it is set in but awkward chronology awkward marital flirting some cartoonish violence and a slow first half show that some growth as an author is still needed What The Revelation does have going for it? An apocalyptic street preacher an inspired but morbid conceit for an infernal threat and an extended exorcism for a creative finale I miss the days when people were still scared of Satanism

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    Creeps it gave me creeps

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    Stephen King recommended author He says BEST OUTRIGHT HORROR NOVELIST Bentley Little in a walk Don't know Bentley Little? You're not alone He's probably the genre's best kept secret but at least 10 of his novels are available in paperback; you can pick up three for the price of that flashy new hardcover you've got your eye on The best thing about Little is that he can go from zero to surreal in 60 seconds My favorites are The Store think Wal Mart run by SAYYY tan and Dispatch in which a young fellow discovers that his letters to the editor actually get things done Bad things

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    Story 46Narration 42What a frightmare

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    I read Little's The Walking years ago and really didn't like it I decided to give this his first novel a try and I'm glad I did This book is not for everyone but if you are a fan of pulpy horror novels by writers with names like Laymon Garton Lee Keene etc you most likely will really enjoy it Its way way over the top in the gore and mayhem departments so if that's not your thing I don't recommend it Horror fans will get a good kick out of it

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    Some choice moments from this novelTwo main male characters bond over their refusal to share the same donut chuckling I don't want your AIDS germs man CharmingMy favorite scene is toward the end set in a Western bar with country music on the jukebox in which suddenly evil vampiric babies fall from the ceiling fans onto the cowboy hats of the bar's denizens and chomp right into their heads All this has something to do with the Rapture but that's never properly explained RidiculousI can't stop myself from reading this man's terrible books They are so bad they're funny He abuses every bad horror cliche possible has inconsistent and dreadful characterization and takes three pages to say what any other writer could say in three sentences It fascinates me that he is published

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    This book reads like a horror B movie Thin plot cardboard characterisation stupid heroine nightmare scenes you often wake up from these posessed monsters mass slaughter pints and pints of bloodthere are even pitchforks Everything for the B movie lover but not really for me

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    This book was my 2nd read from the author the I read from him the I like him This book had a uniue story the characters were very likable like always with this author the suspense is sooo intense He builds it up throughout the book sooo much you will definitely just keep wanting to read The ending was a good ending I just wish there was just a tab bit of action but still really good overall For his first book not a bad one at all He is definitely a new favorites in the genre

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    Well here we go with another from the bag of books given to me while I was healing up from surgery This one was worse than The Burning by far This takes place in Randall Arizona and pretty much sums up the end times or if you are a Ghostbusters fan dogs and cats living together yeah you get the reference Bad things happen God and Good versus Satan and his lively road show Don't even try to read this one It's barely entertaining and this writer won the Bram Stoker Award? I want to read the book that awarded him that coughDanny