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Billionaire college student Jared Paterski returns back to college after missing the love of his life Alexander Schmidt Upon finding out that his new roommate is nothing like him he goes to the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts to get his mind off of him Upon browsing the art exhibits he runs into him Lonely and desperate Alex admits that he needs Jared back and the two become boyfriend and boyfriend Within their romantic journey he runs into several obstacles such as Alex’s ex girlfriend from high school and one of Jared’s previous submissives Protecting Alex from each of them Securing their romantic relationship

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    A friend of mine from UW Milwaukee recommended that I read this book along with the first book The Enlightenment of Alexander and one thing I have to say is Wow I was shocked The first book was incredible steamy and so was this one Two athletic college aged males going it it in the bedroom or rather their dungeon I especially favored the conflict between the two main characters and Alex's ex girlfriend and one of Jared's ex submissives I also loved the balance between romance and sex which can be very uneven in several erotic romance novels I've read I wont spoil the ending but I cant wait for the next book

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    This is a seuel to the previous book I really enjoyed The Enlightenment of Alexander In this story Jared goes back to Alex and confesses how bad he really wants him I was able to uickly fall deep in this because of how personal it hit me Throughout their relationship they run into several obstacles I wont spoil All the intense drama between the characters got me hookedOverall I would highly recommend checking this book out for a good read Very romantic in almost every way

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    Great funI enjoyed reading this book as much as the first Jared and his trademark phrase “my inner sexual desires” had me at page 1 And Alex turned into uite the dom If you like uirky this is the book for you Can’t wait for book 3

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    Enjoyed even than the first one

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    I enjoyed every bit of this novel especially the steamy scenes with the two characters I couldn't put it down