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Even at the tender age of ten Lady Jocelyn knew what she wanted to be a princess And since she wasn't born one she knew she'd have to marry a prince to become one Unfortunately while there are plenty of princes in England early in the 19th century George III had a large family none of them seem interested in marrying her But Jocelyn thinks that is just as well since she doesn't just want a king's son; she wants a young handsome prince with his own country and a nice castle Eight years later it seems her dream might actually come true Prince Alexei Frederick Berthold Ruprecht Pruzinsky of the Kingdom of Greater Avalonia a handsome charming wealthy prince with a small but adeuate principality by this point Jocelyn is willing to take on a castle in less than perfect condition is in London for the Season and he's clearly interested in Jocelyn But Jocelyn soon finds her path to the throne has many obstacles including intrigue abduction and the infuriating Viscount Beaumont who has his own secret agenda and seems determined to keep Jocelyn from fulfilling her royal dreamseven if it means marrying her himself

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    Reviewed for THC Reviews45 stars Many a little girl dreams of growing up to marry a handsome prince As a lover of fairy tales in my childhood I know I did And that’s part of the premise around which The Prince’s Bride is based Our heroine Jocelyn believed from the time she was ten years old that she was going to marry a handsome prince She’s been having a successful season in London and has even caught the attention of a visiting foreign prince but when he entices her into a private meeting at a ball she ends up the target of assassins when she witnesses another private meeting she shouldn’t have Enter our hero Rand a Viscount who works for the English government and who has been investigating the threat to the prince Knowing that the assassins will probably go after Jocelyn again he secretly uses her as bait which nearly gets her killed Feeling badly that he placed Jocelyn and her family in danger he vows to protect her by any means necessary even entering into a marriage of convenience so that he can whisk her away to his uncle’s rural castle for safe keeping where they fall madly in love It was all a romantic fairy tale scenario that I very much enjoyed readingWhile reading the last couple of books in the series where we first meet Jocelyn I had some reservations about her character I could relate to her dreams of marrying a prince and sometimes she seemed very sweet Other times however she seemed a little shallow and mercenary something that Rand believes of her as well in the beginning Admittedly Jocelyn is none too happy about marrying a mere viscount at first but it’s not just that his title isn’t what she’d hoped for It’s also because she was being forced to marry a man out of convenience rather than choice which was understandable From there Jocelyn only grew and I have to say that I also grew to like her uite well She’s instantly charmed by Rand’s uncle and his castle even if it is in disrepair and she begins to look at the bright side of her marriage At least her husband is attractive to the point that she’s almost constantly hot and bothered when he’s around She figures if she’s going to be married she might as well take advantage of the perks of matrimony It was really funny how Rand was trying to woo her into wanting to make love with him but she was already there and couldn’t wait Jocelyn also continues to prove herself as she falls for Rand She uickly comes to terms with the idea that being married to him could be great even though she initially believes he doesn’t have much to offer in the way of title or money Love soon trumps the material things for her so that when the full truth comes out the reader knows that Jocelyn is being sincere I also like that she wasn’t the featherbrained beauty she previously seemed to be but actually showed intelligence in thinking several things through I was also glad to see that she finally gave up her vanity in favor of having better eyesight by wearing her glassesOut of Thomas’s three friends who were introduced in the previous book Rand was my favorite He turned out to be a dashing hero here I loved his protectiveness toward Jocelyn and that even though she wasn’t the wife of his choosing he was willing to marry her out of a sense of honor and duty Since he was expecting her to be shallow he’s very surprised to find depth and intelligence underneath her beautiful exterior I like that he was interested in marrying someone with intelligence rather than beauty because that’s how I am And of course he got both I also like that in spite of being wildly attracted to her he didn’t just demand his husbandly rights or fall right into bed with her He actually wanted to romance her a little and get her to want him which wasn’t too difficult; Rand didn’t plan on falling in love but he found that Jocelyn was an easy woman to love I also adored him for trusting her When Alexei basically kidnapped her to gain Rand’s cooperation he appropriately read into the clues she left behind for him and instinctively knew that she hadn’t left him for another man even though that was nearly everyone else’s initial thoughtSince the bulk of the story takes place at a rural castle there aren’t as many supporting characters on the canvas as there were with some of the previous books Jocelyn's two sisters Marianne and Becky are seen a few times and her brother Richard The Husband List finally returns from his lengthy trip to America Marianne and Thomas The Marriage Lesson marry but it’s little than a mention in the background Richard and Thomas also accompany Rand on his long journey to Avalonia when he goes after Jocelyn Rand’s uncle was a hoot Other than him I’d say that Prince Alexei is the primary supporting character in this book I was never uite sure what to make of him because he has his moments of decency but he’s also a manipulator I guess in the end he was OK because he didn’t make good on any of this threats and at his heart was only looking out for the well being of his country While none of the unattached characters seem to carry on and get their own books it does look like Alexei’s sister who wasn’t seen in this story will become the heroine of the next book of the series Her Highness My WifeOverall The Prince’s Bride was a very enjoyable read for me Like its predecessors in the Effington Family Friends series it had its light hearted moments but it also had some serious ones as well primarily in the form of a little political intrigue I think this gave it some substance and kept it from being overly breezy which was my main issue with a couple of the other books in the series While the reasons for Rand and Jocelyn needing to marry so uickly could have been a little stronger they didn’t really try very hard to come up with other potential ways to protect her as could a few other plot points such as Rand capitulating to Alexei’s reasons for luring him to Avalonia it was still a good read Also Rand and Jocelyn do fall in love rather uickly but for some reason to me it didn’t seem like it Maybe I was simply enad of the fairy tale uality of the story or the marriage of convenience regardless of the strength of the reasons it’s still a favorite trope of mine Or maybe it’s because I felt a strong emotional connection between Rand and Jocelyn Whatever it was I did have fun reading this book Up until now I’ve found enjoyment in Victoria Alexander's stories but I hadn’t yet found one that I could call a real keeper With The Prince’s Bride now I have and I’m looking forward to reading of the series

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    You remember or probably familiar with that book with the lovely stepback? The one that everyone was raving about how lovely the heroine's gown looked like? Well let me tell you a short story Once upon a time I went to this humungous book sale in a mall digging my way through books historicals and YA's Out of curiosity and interest at the title I checked out this book and HELLO THEREWow what can I say? Doesn't this step back make you already fall in love with the book and give it 3 stars? Sadly the loveliness ends there As much as I love the theme and all the story and plot was really anti climactic or that may just be me but in all fairness this is the first book I have read from the author and found her writing style really at par with the classic HR romance writers her writing is flawless she does the right mix of romance seduction and humour perfectly and I commend her for thatThis could have been 5 stars if the intensity and angst was sustained that pretty much built up during the first 20% of the book Oh well this won't stop me from reading another one of her books soon

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    Jocelyn has dreamed of marrying a Prince since she was a little girl What little girl hasn't? The difference is her dream may come true She is the center of Prince Alexi's attention Unfortunately while waiting to talk to him in private she believes to propose to her she over hears a conversation of conspiracy that proves to ruin her plans In order to be protected from those who think she can identify them she must run away with the mysterious and handsome man who has saved her from their first attempt at killing her To protect her reputation however she must wed this unknown man Sometime you just can't win or can you???????? A very fun read I am now a definite Victoria Alexander fan and am working my way through her books

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    Spent the summer trying to find and read all of Alexander's books This is my favorite so far Loved Rand in the last book and was waiting for Jocelyn's story Rand is almost as clueless as Thomas was in saying the right thing and I love that Fortunately Jocelyn seems to know what he really means This book has excitement love secrets castles Prince's and much A really fun read

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    I loved the first half of this book The fairy tale fantasies of a 9 year old girl is something I can easily relate to Marrying a Prince indeed And a few years down the road we find Jocelyn dancing with a Prince What's he is about to propose marriage or so Jocelyn thinks They agree to meet in a secluded music room I have to admit the music room scene was a nice twist It surprised me and increased my interest ten fold You see like Jocelyn's Aunt I very much like irony So imagine my delight upon finding a very unprincely infuriating Viscount entering Jocelyn's life His introduction in the book was pretty intriguing and I decided on the spot that this Viscount was wonderful The only uestion was how long will it take Jocelyn to realize that? Specially when she's feeling anything but loathing for him at the moment and being forced to marry the blasted man as well? She's not ready to give up her dreams of marrying a Prince There were some witty scenes in the book flirtatious banter that had me smiling I loved Rand but I think he was made too perfect and fantasy like Jocelyn was an interesting character she was shallow and mercenary inuisitive too but likable still probably because her attitude had to do with her naivete than these unappealing ualities Lord Nigel was a wonderful character And I enjoyed reading him view spoiler About Rand I'm sure we all loved him the way he was but the Princely blue blood and all wasn't so interesting Reading the first half of the book I thought the story would be far interesting and unpredictable I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it I truly did but it had so much potential He could've been a bit of a rake or just not so perfect hide spoiler

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    It's the first historical romance I have ever read and I blame the addiction to this book It was an easy read yet there are some parts especially at the ending where it became somewhat dragging or maybe because I wasn't really interested in the other story the adventure other than the romance itself I suggest people reading it because it's fast paced light and relaxing And the heroine and the hero in the picture are gorgeous The lovemaking was hot though I thought it would be better if it had been romantic like in bed or something soft surface The heroine by the way in this book is somewhat annoying whiny and such a spoiled one and some would be irked by it but I love heroines like it because I am most likely a bratty one too and I enjoyed how Rand is so considerate at his young wife and looked to be the mature one in the story

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    The 4th book in the Effington SeriesJocelyn the 3rd sister in the Shelton family was always known as the pretty one She just wanted a rich husband so they would never be poor again Her two older sisters had found love Emma was married and living in Paris where she could paint and Marianne was about to marry Thomas Effington the following week The long season was almost over and here Jocelyn was with a real prince Her dreams were about to come true She would marry Alexei and be a real princess and have a castle and riches and ladies in waiting Only everything went wrong and she ended up with Viscount Beaumont protecting her from being murdered and had to marry him to keep her reputation safe as they fled LondonFull of humor and fun She has a uniue writing style that make her characters personalities jump from the pagessexual situatons

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    Poor but proud growing up Lady Jocelyn Shelton vowed that she would marry a prince and live in a castle When circumstances forced her to forgo her chance at that dream and uickly marry Rand Viscount Beaumont and flee on horseback to his uncle's estate for her safety Jocelyn was sure all was lost But Uncle Nigel lived in a real castle which was crumbling to the ground and things were not as they seemed when Prince Alexi the very same prince she was chasing showed up uninvited By this time Jocelyn had decided that Rand was her prince in fact and Rand had fallen for Jocelyn What was Prince Alexi up to?A charming story for anyone who ever dreamed of a happy ever after even if it meant that it wasn't an easy road

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    The Effington series continues with Jocelyn Shelton Marianne's younger sister and Thomas Effington's best friend Viscount Beaumont; Randall Caught in the middle of a trouble Jocelyn's life is in danger and she has to marry Randall in order to protect her family and herself Jocelyn is a very smart lady and a mercenary as well Both Rand and Jocelyn are determined to make their marriage work Jocelyn has always wanted to marry a prince but instead she got a viscount The story is really interesting and also introduces Prince Alexei Pruzinsky of Avalonia At some point the story seemed a bit dragging inspite of that the book was enjoyable 355

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    Another great story by Victoria Alexander To save her life Rand Viscount Beaumont is forced to marry Lady Jocelyn who has to settle for a mere viscount when she has always dreamed of marrying a prince It may appear as if she is shallow and mercenary because of the tantrum she throws when she realizes she has to marry Rand but she redeems herself as the story progresses and you learn why she had always wanted to marry a prince Reading the love develop between the two was very nice and there's a little intrigue and conspiracy thrown in as well as a wonderful surprise for Jocelyn Overall a very satisfying read