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This book details the communication and conflict resolution skills that happy couples use to deal with differences Psychologist Susan Heitler clarifies the basics of collaborative dialogue and shows how these techniues can be applied to even the most sensitive issues in ways that respond to both partners' needs and help to strengthen their relationship Use this book to learn strategies for making decisions together resolving conflicts recovering after upsets and converting difficulties into opportunities for growth

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    This is a book so full of good advice for relationships that some people may find it overwhelming The author understands this and in her introduction recommends to choose what is most pressingThe first section is on how to speak with each other – how to talk how to listen and how to have a dialogue The second and third sections use these skills as a basis for handling disagreements and improving your relationshipThe author uses conversational examples throughout the book to illustrate both poor and good ways of dealing with many different situations These practical cameos show how her advice applies in the real world She also uses many metaphors to bring the interactions between partners alive anger needing climate controls two footballers passing a ball marriage as like a sports game with no refereeThe author has a keen analytical eye for the interactions between people and gives detailed recommendations There is no fluff in this book I recommend reading it over a period of time and using its insights for self reflection I will close with a couple of uotations“When your mate is angry at you remember that you are listening to learn about his or her distress not for what you did wrong”“Most marriage fights do not result from incompatible differences of opinion Rather they arise out of insufficient dialogue skills hot tempers hot topics or frozen thinking”

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    معجزه گفتگو مجموعه‌ای از شیوه‌های مذاکره در یک زندگی مشترک است که کمک می‌کنند مسائل کوچک و بزرگ را بصورتی سازنده بین خودتان حل کنید کتاب شامل نمونه گفتگوهای زیادی است و لیکن با عنایت به الگوی غربی، جای زیادی در فرهنگ قدیمی و پوسیده ایرانی ندارند من به نوبه خود مطالعه کتاب را طی یک مدت طولانی انجام دادم که به من کمک نمود آموزه‌های مفید آن را در زندگی مشترکم نهادینه سازم

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    This book and its companion workbook are powerful tools for working out how to have a peaceful relationship Dr Heitler outlines practical and easy to implement activities and offers excellent examples all through the text This book is really a treasure for all those who would dare to believe they can have a conflict free relationship

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    This book had some great pointers especially in dealing with conflict I do think couples should read it specifically if they’re struggling with continuous conflict It was just a pretty boring to read

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    A nice book on improving communication in marriage written in an accessible style Susan Heitler takes a lot of the concepts from From Conflict to Resolution Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment of Distressed Individuals Couples and Families her book written for therapists and breaks them down in a layperson friendly way This book is a useful resource for therapists and clients alike

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    When a couple chooses to get married they need to become a team of two as they deal with the excitement and challenges of life together A team of two has a changed mindset from what is best for me to what is best for everyone affected by our decisions and actions A team of two becomes even important if the couple decides to have childrenThe overall concept of the book is excellent I rated the book a three because I felt that the book contained so many details that it could be difficult to see the forest for the trees