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A full cast audio dramatization written and directed by Barnaby EdwardsStarring Anna Massey James D'Arcy Alexander Siddig and Peter GuinnessIn the cosmopolitan Paris of the 1880s the new proprietors of the Opera House are amused to discover that their costly acuisition is said to be haunted But their smiles uickly vanish as tragedy follows misfortune a murdered stagehand a fatal accident a missing girl Fearful tales of the Opera Ghost race through the corridors and dressing rooms of the theatre And with good reason for deep in the catacombs beneath the Opera House something is stirring

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    One of the best adaptations of Gaston Lerouxs gothic novel With many elements omitted from other adaptations and superb music throughout including some beautiful pieces of opera Top performances throughout make thus atmospheric and engaging

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    An excellent and very faithful full cast audio adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera Tense dramatic and occasionally funny with a great cast Of particular note is that this is the first adaptation of the book that actually uses performances of the music that Leroux described as being performed in various scenes I imagine that this would be a real treat for opera buffs I'm not at all an opera buff but I enjoyed this anyway

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    Well that was delightful Big Finish produced an auditory treasure with this release The music is splendid the performances are precision perfect the soundscape has depth texture and resonance of authenticity It’s like the performers are right there with you whispering in your ear I’m glad I took a chance on this release it’s simply magnificent

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    This gets a lower rating only because although it is well written well produced and well acted it strayed somewhat from the original story in ways I found irritating I the whole though this is an excellent version and I would still recommend it