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The Present Book Is An In Depth Critical Study Of The Modern American Classic, Ernest Hemingways The Old Man And The Sea, Which Won The Pulitzer Prize In And The Nobel Prize In This Study, While Keeping The Novel Under The Critical Lens, Examines It Against The Backdrop Of Hemingways Aesthetic Convictions And Overall Literary Achievement It Throws Light On The Various Dimensions Of Not Only The Novel But Hemingways Craftsmanship Like His Use Of Suggestion And Symbolism, His Inimitable Style, His Manipulation Of Narrative Perspective, And The Way He Projects His Philosophical Theme Of The Ephemeral Versus The Everlasting, Which Is Dramatized In The Old Man And The Sea The Present Book Will Definitely Prove Useful To Students, Researchers As Well As Teachers Of English Literature Interested In The Study Of Hemingway And His Works

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    The blurb on the back of this book states that it is a relentless and agonizing battle with a giant marlin far out in the gulf stream and when I found out this was a Man VS Fish story my thoughts immediately turned to Moby Dick, undoubtedly the most famous of all can anyone actually think of another one literary Man VS Fish encounters.And this, frankly, almost made me chuck the book out of the window and run for the hills I tried to read Moby Dick when I was about fifteen and can only describe my battle with the book as a relentless and agonizing battle with a dull piece of literature Ha ha See, I can laugh now but back then it was not funny I don t care if Melville supposedly penned, what is frequently eulogised as, A Great American Novel It is great, if great now means incredibly long and dull.So, back to Man VS Fish, the diet version, or as Hemingway called it, The Old Man and the Sea Poetic, poignant and strangely calming which is decidedly unlike much of Hemingway s other work This book is beautifully written and harks back to a time when people had the patience to connect with nature in a way which is much overlooked now Today we tend to expect everything to be instant the internet, TEVO, fast food, 24 hour shopping they ve all got us into the habit of expecting instant gratification We re not prepared to wait for our successes or measure our possessions and achievements by the amount of work which went into getting them Santiago on the other hand expresses zen like patience and in pursuance of his goal, actually lets a giant fish drag him round the gulf stream for three days before eventually harpooning the mighty beast that s how it s done Ahab and towing it back to shore while fighting off packs of hungry sharks Now that is a plate of fish and chips worth waiting for

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    Personal ResponseI like this book a lot I like that it is about fishing and being in the middle of the ocean in a life or death situation One thing I don t like is how people talk They talk in short, choppy sentences and it annoys me.Plot SummaryThe book starts out with an old man named Santiago and a boy talking about fishing The old man has not caught a fish for 84 days and is hoping to catch a big one the next day The young boy gets him some fresh baits and sardines to use so the old man has a better chance The old man then goes out into the middle of the ocean where he catches the fish of a lifetime The book then follows him through his fight against this giant fish He ends up catching the fish and on his way home a bunch of sharks attack it, and there is nothing left He then brings the fish back and the people at the docks are amazed by the fish Most of the people are saying that it s the biggest fish they ve ever seen.CharacterizationSantiago hasn t caught a fish in 84 days The book follows Santiago protagonist out to the sea where he fights this big fish antagonist The two fight for survival throughout the whole book, the old man even almost loses him but he fights through and keeps the fish on the line Eventually, the old man prevails and kills the fish, winning this epic battle.SettingThe majority of the book takes place far from land in a little skiff Santiago is out so far he can t even see land any This makes a person realize how far out he actually is Him being out so far makes the book have suspense If he gets the fish he will have to take it many miles back to shore with sharks and other predators trying to eat it He could also lose the fish and get hurt, and he might not make it to land in time to be saved He is out on the sea for two days, and I feel that this really adds to the life and death aspect of this book.RecommendationI would recommend this book to people around my age It is somewhat hard to read because they sometimes talk weird, but people around my age and skill level should do fine with this book I also think people who like the outdoors would like this book.

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    Ronald Southerland s reading is too relaxing.

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    Ernest Hemingways s The Old Man and the Sea is a fiction novel about an old man named Santonio Santonio is a fisherman who teaches a young boy named Manolin all he knows about fishing Santonio dreams about the days when he would fish off the coast of Africa and then wakes every morning to go fishing The old man as the book refers to Santonio as, has not caught a fish in 84 days One day as Santonio goes on another fishing expedition, he hooks an extremely large marlin An extremely exagerated three day fight against this huge marlin leads to Santonio catching the fish of a lifetime After the extravagant battle against what Santonio refers to as his brother he straps it to the side of his small boat and heads back home Half way back to the dock Santonio s prized marlin is attacked by a couple of hungry sharks Tired, exhausted, and having the worst luck, Santonio attempts to scare off the sharks with some of his fisherman gear Unsuccessful, Santonio returns home with nothing but a large skeleton of the marlin he took three days to catch Santonio s courage of fighting off the sharks with just a paddle and eventually just a small knife led me to be inspired by his brave actions If an old man can be brave enough to defend something he worked hard on, I think I should be able to complete some quadratic formulas for math Ernest Hemingway used Santonio and his failure of returning with a huge fish back home, produced a mood towards the reader that is sad but creates a sense of bravery that can t be found in many other places I enjoyed reading The Old Man and the Sea and definately look forward to reading some of Hemingway s books.

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    The auther of this book wonderfully depicts the scene of a courageous old fisherman who challenged all the difficulties he encountered.It s quite sufficient that it contains the most quoted sentence man can be defeated but not destroyed The story has some motives like courage, ambition,and persistence Alone in the sea without anything, but simple equipments and bad luck the old man struggles until he caught the Marlin.All in all this book taught me that life is a challenge, meet it.

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    One of my top favorite books ever.Read it in one night Its a short thing, only about 2 hours to read Brilliant.

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    1 The exposition is that people make fun of the old man santiago because he can t catch any fish Even the little boy family tells him to find another boat to fish with because the old man has no luck with fishing No matter what the little boy doesn t give up on the old man and he loves and care for him The old man finally gets a fish but the sharks attack 2 The setting in the book The Old man and the sea Majority of the book takes place in the old man s boat which is very obvious because of the title.The old man interacts with his environment, commenting frequently on the sun, moon, and stars The story mainly took place either in his boat in the sea or in his house 3 The protagonist in the story would be the old man because we spend a ton of time watching him, we feel sympathetic towards him, and his character development drives the story The readers can get into the old man s head which is why i feel as if he s the protagonist 4 In this book there could be two antagonist which would be the sharks and the Marlin The reason i say it could be the sharks is because they always eat the fish from the old man They Are greedy creatures and always takes what the old man worked for The fish seems so always disrespect the Merlin as well 5 The major conflict throughout the book was man vs nature Santiago, the old man is at odds with nature because he makes a living by it, as being a fishermen The see does not provide him with enough fish to catch to survive on But yet he catches a marlin but the sea does not allow him to keep the large marlin and he returns home with nothing in his hands.6 The rising action is when the old man is out in the sea and continue to build He doesn t give up just because he doesn t catch fish day, every week, every month And that he will finally go far out into the ocean The marlin takes the bait, but Santiago is unable to reel him in, which leads to a three day struggle between the fisherman and the fish.7 The climax is when the marlin circles the skiff while Santiago slowly reels him in Santiago nearly passes out from exhaustion but gathers enough strength to harpoon the marlin through the heart, causing him to lurch in an almost sexual climax of vitality before dying.8 Santiago sails back to shore with the marlin tied to his boat Sharks follow the marlin s trail of blood and destroy it Santiago arrives home toting only the fish s skeletal carcass The village fishermen respect their formerly ridiculed peer, and Manolin pledges to return to fishing with Santiago Santiago falls into a deep sleep and dreams of lions.9 The resolution was the old man returns with carcass of Marlin The old man is tired and the only person that really cares for him is Marlin, the little boy 10 The ending basically says you can only fight your own battle No one really understands what you have been through and will be blinded The ending the waiter and the tourist was blinder by the marlin tail not realizing what the old man been through 11 Manolin is Santiago s apprentice and devoted attendant The old man first took him out on a boat when he was merely five years old His love for Santiago is amazing, as the two discuss baseball and as the young boy recruits help from villagers to improve the old man s health conditions.12 a memorable quote would be He no longer dreamed of storms, nor of women, nor of great occurrences, nor of great fish, nor fights, nor contests of strength, nor of his wife He only dreamed of places now and of the lions on the beach They played like young cats in the dusk and he loved them as he loved the boy That was important to me, at first i didn t understand what exactly the author was talking about but as i read it i feel as if he was bring his life to an end As the old man sees lions on the beach could resemble of him seeing the light.

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    I think that the book The Old Man and the Sea was an interesting fun book, and adventure for me My favorite part was the ending when the old man dreamed about lions This part made me happy for the old man because he had been wanting to dream about them for a long time.

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    This book is strangely interesting It was recommended to me by family and I really enjoyed it The Old Man and the Sea is a great book for all ages.

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    Good read