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Happy HalloweenEach Halloween the Manse becomes a House of Horrors Vampires werewolves ghouls and ghosts not to mention Frankenstein's monster stalk the premises Bats and spiders drop upon the unwary At every turn a new fright awaits all in fun of courseHappy HalloweenBut the Manse's history of horror is ancient and terrible awful than the innocent Trick or Treaters can imagine For twelve years it has been biding its time feeding on the fear its unsuspecting visitors so willingly offeredHappy HalloweenUntil tonight Tomight is the Thirteenth Annual House of HorrorsIt will be the lastTonight at the Witching Hour all Hell will break looseHappy Halloween

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    Meh the book had great cover art but I'm not sure why it was chosen as an award winner It's a typical haunted house story but without much backstory explained little plausibility on how the house itself comes alive when it does It's an 80's horror fun romp but I had little fun in it for some reason could it be because I'm too jaded by now? Characterization is lackluster There's some trademark characters like Pearl who is the ominious housekeeper who warns about the house and then there's the toss away people who run the house for the halloween event A random love story is involved although it'd be as good without There's a twist for the homeowner that I did like but other than that little stood outMy main gripe was this book was dull it didn't flow together well enough and with enough ooomph purpose to keep me enthralled I didn't care much about characters some of the cheesy scenes didn't work and I found myself confused rather than glued to a lot of the action scenes There's little else to say about this one it has a cool cover that Halloween vibe but it doesn't make the cut as a horror novel that stands above the others

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    It is with great sorrow that I must admit to finding no pumpkins devouring newel posts present in this novel In fact the book had absolutely nothing to do with pumpkins with teeth or disembodied skeletal arms stroking bannisters Sad pandaDude and dudettes I'm burned out on 80s horror I might have liked this had it actually had a stronger Halloween vibe which is what I was looking for but it didn't In fact I'm interested in who the author was and what happened to her than I am in reading the second book Torments As far as I can tell Lisa W Cantrell fell off the map around 1990 and hasn't landed anywhere yet She published four novels and vanished Wicked pissah of a myst'ry ehI liked three things about this book Davy the scene in the mirror maze and the fact that it ended In summation A serious lack of Halloweeniness killed this read for me I wanted pumpkins and shit man Can't a Dood get a fucking pumpkin? Only people who have read this will get that referenceFinal Judgment The literary euivalent of candy corn Thanks to Evans Light for scaring this one up for me If nothing else it looks good on my shelf

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    I was tricked by the cover art

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    While it drug on a little in the middle a uality tale of a haunted house from the 80s The ending was well done and satisfying

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    15th book read in 2013 Number 147 out of 306 on my all time book listFollow the link below to see my video review

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    25 starsWinner of the 1st Annual Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel1987A group of Jaycees put on on haunted house every Halloween season at a spooky old house known as The Manse Over time members of the group notice odd things happeningMeandering That's the word that comes to mind when I'm trying to formulate thoughts on this book I never did get handle on what it was going for It felt like it needed a clear protagonist but it jumped between characters too much to figure out who that was And the ensemble cast members weren't fleshed out enough to warrant all the perspective jumpsOnce people started believing that the odd things going on were of a supernatural nature things moved pretty uickly and there were a few good haunt scenes But it took forever to get to that point Seriously like two thirds of the bookNothing terrible but if I hadn't unofficially challenged myself to read all the Stoker winnerssomeday I may not have finished itchokengtitiktitikchokengs Love the cover

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    Is there a category for got the book plan to read before Halloween? No just Read Currently Reading Want to Read

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    Did not finish I just couldn't get into this one Nearly 70 pages in and still no concept of a plot Giving it up for now

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    Classic style haunted house novel This one is very uiet and brooding In terms of comparisons I’d euate this one with the movie The Inkeepers but with a premise similar to Hell House LLC

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    A classic 80s style horror book The writing and premise are solid the characters are fleshed out fairly well When the horror hits it's no holds barred My only real issues with the book are 1 While it's not that long a book there was a bit too much explanation of what was going on in various characters' lives filling up pages that ultimately had no bearing on the story Fleshing out characters is fine giving me unnecessary backstory just for word count is not 2 As horrific as things got in and around The Manse there never seemed to be an explanation why at one point an arc seemed like it was going to explain the evil but that arc was about something else Overall it was a nice nostalgic book 355