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London 1890 Captain John Hardwick an embittered army veteran and opium addict is released from captivity in Burma and returns home only to be recruited by a mysterious gentlemen’s club to combat a supernatural threat to the British EmpireThis is the tale of a secret war between parallel universes between reality and the supernatural; a war waged relentlessly by an elite group of agents; unsung heroes whose efforts can never be acknowledged but by whose sacrifice we are all kept safe

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    A science fiction tale about an opium addicted former soldier and a mystery that could doom the whole world I have learned this past year what fear truly is and I doubt if I shall ever sleep well again knowing it This then is my story; the true and honest testimony of John Hardwick pg 14 ebookJohn Hardwick suffered in Burma for ueen and country When he returns to London there's a series of mysterious bombings He is recruited for a secret society of gentlemen spies because of his fortitude If you can do those things thing you can help fight a different sort of war One fought in secret and one that we must win if the stability of Great Britain and the Empire is to endure pg 34 ebook The Lazarus Gate is a fun story full of unexpected twists and turnsI felt it dragged in the middle and was confusing at times but overall it is a different spin on the steampunk genreBecause of my job I got a laugh at this description of reporters I speak madam of the gutter press the penny a liners looking for some sensationalist expose for their illustrated rags They do not seek to portray your profession in an honest light; merely to misrepresent you in order to print some scandalous claptrap in the Sunday papers pg 71 ebookScandalous claptrap Heaven forbidI liked the character of John Hardwick until the end of the book when he took a course of action that I felt didn't fit with his overall character If he was a charlatan he was deeply entrenched in his own delusion; for my part I believed that whatever pain he himself was feeling it was genuine pg 125 ebookHardwick was flawed but had a true moral compassIf you chance to pick this one up let me know what you thinkRecommended for fans of sci fi and Victorian era mysteries

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    Rating 220I really wanted to love this book Partly because the beginning was very well done and also because I bought this book with no idea what it would be like spending money for it nonetheless But after page 150ish my interest in the story and characters deteriorated slowlyAfter the main character almost died the first 3 times it was believable and intense But after him almost dying another 6 or so times I just got bored and knew that he will end up being ok and in reality there is no threat to him None of the moments in this bok necessarily caught me off guard because it was such a carefully formulaic novel Danger freedom danger freedom danger freedom for 400 pages It got boringThe writing was good at first I liked the descriptions and the dialogue used but then at around page 150 everything got topsy turvy Dialogue was used as a crutch to tell us what was happening and the descriptions were repeated constantly Not to mention uotes that were used waaay too ofter We are one being the most annoyingAaand the ending Fuck me sideways that pissed me offHe has some good ideas but seemed to have lost interest in making the later half of the book as interesting as the first half Overall I don't think I will pick up any books that will soon be in this series

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    Originally published at RisingshadowMark A Latham's exciting and richly told novel The Lazarus Gate was a most pleasant surprise for me It's an exceptionally entertaining novel that combines many different elements in an amazing way It's a veritable page turner that may cause temporary literary addiction because it hooks the reader from the start and almost forces the reader to stay up until morning trying to finish it as fast as possible to find out how the story endsWhen I began to read this novel I didn't know what to expect from it because I'd only heard a few things about it and was mostly unaware of its contents I found myself enjoying the story very much because it was a gripping and genuinely intriguing story with many twistsTo be honest entertainment wise this novel is one of the best and most compelling novels I've read this year because it's first rate entertainment with plenty of style It's also one of the best Victorian speculative fiction novels I've ever read due to the fact that the characterisation is good and the author knows how to create an excellent atmosphere Many Victorian speculative fiction novels have been written during the recent years but this kind of well researched fluently written and entertaining novels are unfortunately rare This novel is a bit akin to James P Blaylock's Langdon St Ives novels in terms of prose uality and storytelling It's also slightly reminiscent of the novels written by George MannThe Lazarus Gate can be categorised as a fantasy novel that combines fantasy science fiction weird science horror and gothic elements with a dash of Sherlock Holmes It reads like a fantastical blend of Charles Dickens and Sherlock HolmesMark A Latham blends different elements in a superb way and creates an incredibly fresh story that's full of surprises and twists When you begin to read this novel you'll notice that it has clearly been written out of love for storytelling because it feels exciting and freshHere's information about the story The prologue Sergeant Clegg is pursuing anarchists who are responsible for an explosion When the policemen are about to arrest the anarchists they disappear and only a body of a man with a mutilated hand is found Captain John Hardwick is being held captive by Burmese rebels He is released from the Burmese prison The Artist has finished painting his latest works and sends his servant on an errand He also feeds his pets John Hardwick returns home escorted by Captain James Denny He doesn't know where to live or what to do because he hasn't had a chance to think about financial matters He organises his life and gets a message from Sir Toby Fitzwilliam to meet him at the Apollonian Club He meets Sir Toby who asks him to join a group of investigators to fight a secret war the group represents various government agencies He accepts the proposition and joins the group John Hardwick begins to investigate the dynamite incidents The mysterious people in black seem to plague the city and nobody knows anything about them except that they are always near the explosions Soon Hardwick finds out that the mysterious happenings may be connected to parallel universes and the dynamiters may not be from our worldThis the beginning of a wonderfully written story that's full of entertainment adventure and surprisesThe story flows fluently and effortlessly from start to the amazing finish without any kind of problems I appreciate it that the author takes his time to introduce the protagonist and the happenings to readers It's great that he doesn't rush things but lets the story unfold in a natural and compelling wayThe Lazarus Gate is Captain John Hardwick's story and it is told by him His personal and distinct voice makes the story interesting because he has his own views about many things He also makes his own conclusions about certain thingsJohn Hardwick is a fascinating and well created protagonist because he's a retired army captain who has an opium addiction Duty honour and loyalty mean a lot him because has served in the army He's a resourceful man who doesn't give up easily when he's interested in something He has to think about where his loyalties lie because he has to be loyal to the army and also to the group of men he's working for His courage and loyalty are tested when he begins to investigate the explosionsHardwick's opium addiction is handled well He was given opium in the Burmese prison and has ever since been addicted to it He has been cured from his addiction but he still craves opium The author writes well about the protagonist's feelings about his addiction and how disgusted he is by his weaknessHardwick's brutal experiences at the Burmese prison camp have had uite an impact on his life He is still haunted by what happened there because he was tortured and treated in a brutal and inhuman manner Although he was kept alive he was treated horribly and suffered a lotI enjoyed reading about John Hardwick's personal life and his family relations It was especially enjoyable to read about his father and what kind of secrets were revealed about him It was also interesting to read about his sister and her fateI also enjoyed reading about Hardwick's detective work and adventures because his work took him to the streets of London and to such notorious and sinister places as opium dens He was like a fish out of water in London because he hadn't been there for a long time He found himself a bit lost in the middle of dynamiters gangsters gentlemen officers psychics thieves murderers and gypsies It was enjoyable to read about his investigations because he met different kinds of people and visited many placesThe author writes vividly about the secondary characters For example Ambrose Hanlocke a member of Sir Toby's group is described as a likeable rogue in a splendid way The author writes charmingly about him and his traits and shows how boldly he uses the club and its services Rosanna is also a well created character because she's an approriately mysterious gypsy woman who has the gift of Sight She helps Hardwick in her own uniue wayWhat happened between Hardwick and Rosanna was handled exceptionally well The author wrote realistically about Hardwick's feelings and his difficult situation Hardwick had to think about many things when he met Rosanna and found her attractive because his life had changed but he still had duties that needed to be taken care of His feelings were explored in a convincing wayThere are many surprises and scenes in this novel that will delight readers I won't go into details about them in order to avoid writing spoilers but I'll mention that John Hardwick has uite an adventure ahead of him when he begins to investigate things and meets the Artist His life changes in many ways during the investigationsMark A Latham writes fascinatingly about the war between parallel universes It was interesting to read about the Othersiders and their society because their world was similar yet different from our world Their world was led by an enigmatic dictator called Lazarus who was sworn to lead his people to salvation from the growing esoteric threat that was about to destroy everything The Othersiders were afraid of the demons that lurked behind the veil because they were breaking through and the scientists were having problems with ghostly manifestations and violent explosions of pure chaos the spiritualists paved the way for these incidents by contacting the deadThe Apollonian Club plays an important part in the story because John Hardwick is invited there to join a secret group of agents The author's descriptions of the club and its members are delightfully vivid Reading about what happened at the club and how the agents worked together was interesting because the author seemed to have thought of all the necessary details Everything felt genuine and believableThe meeting between John Hardwick and the Artist is an excellent scene What happens between these two characters is fascinating and brutal It was interesting to read about the Artist's talents and his pets because he was an extraordinary man with a talent for painting the future on canvas He had terrifyingly deformed pets which he kept alive by feeding meat to themThere's an authentic and realistic atmosphere in this novel because the author has a fantastic sense of time and style He writes beautifully about the places and different people He pays a lot of attention to minor details and also to certain historical details but manages to keep the story light and entertaining His descriptions of the different places are so vivid and vibrant that when you read about them you can almost feel like you're in Victorian LondonThere's also an intriguing sense of impending doom in this novel The author writes surprisingly well about what the agents do to prevent the threat of the Othersiders and in what kind of trouble they find themselves when they try to do their work The threat of the Othersiders is real and the agents have to do their best to save the world The ending of this novel reveals how great the threat is and offers readers an astonishingly macabre sight with weirdness that has a Lovecraftian feel to itOne of the best thing about this novel is that Mark A Latham writes fluently about what kind of dangers and risks are involved in travelling between parallel universes He writes realistically about what can happen to people when something goes wrong because the conseuences can be terrifying and unexpectedI also want to mention that it's good that the protagonist isn't invincible but just as vulnerable as any other man He bleeds and suffers like other men and he has his own problems and hardships He also faces treacheries during his workIf you're fascinated by British English and Victorian way of life you're in for a treat when you begin to read this novel You most likely won't be able to resist the lure of this novel but will be totally hooked by it because Mark A Latham uses old sayings experssions and words to emphasise the Victorian atmosphere and way of life This is great because it adds a touch of realism to the story that is lacking from several similar kind of novels I think that readers will be delighted to read about such words as hansom penny dreadful Black Maria etc because they're seldom found in speculative fiction novelsThere's wonderfully dry and witty British humour in this novel that I found charming It's nice that the author has managed to add a bit of humour to his story because it lightens the story in a fantastic way and makes it even entertainingI look forward to reading stories and novels by Mark A Latham because he's a talented wordsmith who writes entertaining speculative fiction He's a good and passionate storyteller who has plenty of imagination By the way if you enjoy this novel and find it interesting you'll be pleased to know that the second novel will be published during autumn 2016Mark A Latham's The Lazarus Gate is an excellent historical speculative fiction novel to readers who love good mystery adventure and fantasy stories If you enjoy reading Victorian speculative fiction this novel will impress you I was personally very impressed by this novel and the author's storytelling skills so all I can say is More pleaseExcellent entertainment

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    25 starsStarts well with some convincing descriptions of late Victorian London but then it starts to suffer from some heavy handedness Plot lurches forward in fits and starts with characters providing huge chunks of exposition Some previously unmentioned magical or supernatural device appears to get things out of a corner a classic problem in certain fantasy fiction; even JK Rowling makes up new spells when things get stuck The main character suddenly exhibits abilities it's hard to believe they could have mustered or mastered And Latham can't help himself with repetitive use of some cliched turns of phraseAnd much of the action plays out in a cinematic not literary way I can relate to this one as I've been guilty of it in my own attempts at fiction Our generation is so informed by big screen SF and fantasy it's hard not to visualise things in those termsBut overall it's reasonably fun especially if you like Victoriana and multiversal fiction In those terms it fits in with a subgenre along things like elements of Michael Moorcock Bryan Talbot's Adventures of Luther Arkwright Warren Ellis's Sliding Albion in The Authority Vol 1 Relentless and it's even reminiscent of His Dark Materials sharing borrowing? elements such as dimensional doors beneath the aurora borealis heroic gypsies etc So yeah I'm happy with it subgenre wise and it romps along entertainingly but it probably needed another draft or two to hone out some of the laboured or cliched points

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    My biggest problem with this book is that John Hardwick is so not the right person to be a spy He's naive too trusting loyal to a fault an opium addict though he is trying to fight this and suffering from PTSD Heck he hasn't been back a week from 6 months of being tortured when he is recruited So I struggled to believe that this super secret spy agency picked him to fight the good fight Just seemed to me that a spy agency would have been better at choosing it's agentsI liked John in the beginning and then his character started doing things that went against the character created for him and I found this annoying I liked the premise but unfortunately the writing didn't match up to the ideal Definitely not a series I would continue

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    Really enjoyed this book until the ending Hated the ending plus if there is a 2nd book the villain is totally justified in all the bad she does and I will be hoping she defeats the protagonist

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    And I couldn't finish it sadly I got to the middle and it took such a radically different direction that I decided that life is too short to read rubbish

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    I liked this book We read it for our May book club book and we both enjoyed it Yeah it's a two man book club But we both liked it well enough that we're going to read the seuel The Iscariot Sanction Do I think it's the best book I have ever read? No The best book I have read this year? Nope I do love the Victorian London setting which is why I chose it to begin with The characters are decent That Ambrose fellow was obnoxious but there's one in every group I enjoyed the multi universe theme and the idea of everyone having a duplicate in the other universes Strange but interesting all the same I almost only gave it three stars but I was on the upper end of 35 so I went with four It could have used some stronger writing We'll see how the next book plays out as per the book cover it appears to be a preuel to the first

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    Alternate universe trying to take over our earth Set in Victorian England Very well done

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    1st in this great fantasy series Lots of plot twists