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Alistair Duckworth argues that the controversial Mansfield Park is fundamental to an appreciation of Jane Austen's fiction Viewing this novel as the basis for a thematic unity in her work a unity residing in her concept of the estate and of its proper improvement he provides a fresh and convincing account of the novelist's values and of her artistic response to the contemporary forces that threatened them

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    I greatly feared reading this book would like figuring out what he was talking about during his talk at JASNA MA several years ago Indeed I and many others felt like the Aflac duck in the commercial with Yogi Berra of the book was interesting and readable Only occasionally did the academic babble become too muchapologies to any academic who might read thislol The last chapter on Sanditonand a lesser extent The Watsons was certainly the easiest and maybe most enjoyable to read

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    Highly readable very erudite very intellectually consistent One of the only academic books I know that does not become painful in long stretches