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Like any classic the Torah appears in different guises with each rereading Its infinite layers of meaning and depth offer the opportunity to harvest anew without any fear of exhausting its supply of wisdom counsel and kedushah holiness To encounter Torah is to encounter God from the IntroductionIn this inspiring collection Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson illuminates the sacred text at the heart of Jewish spirituality Enlightening and original The Everyday Torah brings the ancient text to life with poignant reflections that will guide to you to a deeper understanding of the Torah of Judaism of yourselfTorah goes its weekly way and we go ours and do the two paths ever cross? They cross often in many minds and hearts but when it is Bradley Shavit Artson who provides their point of intersection the crossroads widens into a town suare Jack Miles author of God A BiographyEvery page is a joy to read Many many readers will treasure this book Richard Elliott Friedman author of Commentary on the Torah and Who Wrote the Bible?Rabbi Bradley Artson remains one of the most inviting of modern day teachers of Torah This book will offer needed guidance and inspiration to all who turn its pages Rabbi David Ellenson PhD president of the Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion

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    I enjoyed reading this as part of my shabbat readings It's basically a brief little essay on each parashah It is a little fluffy at times no really heady stuff here But still a lovely compliment to Torah study

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    I liked this one better than the author's similar work 'The Bedside Torah' there's a bit of overlap but the two are different enough that you should read both which I ready just about a year ago exactly I think in part it may be because I've spent time with him and am able to hear bits of his voice through the writing This one is good for beginners and holds a number of levels of reflection It's worth revisiting as well for those who have been studying Torah for years Recommended

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    From time to time my husband and I re read this as it gets you thinking outside the box about the various Torah portions It is an evocative thought provoking and uickly understood read I highly recommend to anyone that is beginning their Torah study However I would use this text in conjunction with regular study rather than instead of

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    A thought provoking reflection on each of the Torah portions It is an uneven collection and I think I will like it better with rereading It's not a book that gives up all its secrets on one reading