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In Hiding Who He Was, Payton Found Himselfand The Man He Would Grow To LoveAfter His Brother Is Kidnapped, Prince Payton Townsend Masquerades As An Admiral S Assistant In Order To Track The Culprits Through The Tangled Mysteries Of The Planet Englor He Finds Way Than He Bargained For In The Form Of Marine Colonel Simon Hollister Simon Is No Ordinary Soldier He S Heir To Englor And His Life Is Mapped Out For Him Throne, Bride, And Eventually An Heir He Never Expected A Dalliance With Payton To Blossom Into Love, Or That The Organization That Taught Him To Lead Would Threaten That Love And Their Lives Danger And Intrigue Abound As They Learn About Their Shared Enemy, And About Each Other What They Learn Could Help Them Rise Above To An Enduring Love Or Pull Them Apart

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    2018 UPDATE Dreamspinner now publishes this series This book is here.This is a sci Regency That means a Regency romance set in outer space, don t bother asking how it works or this whole review will be wasted on you It s also a smutty gay sex romp written by a very nice straight lady.If you re still here, we ll get to the plot The Queen of Englor, an Earth colony that s chosen Regency England as its societal model, is a nasty, homophobic gambling addict whose son and heir happens to be a big ol mo with a taste for chicken men younger than the subject He s also a Marine Colonel, a gym rat, and as heir to the throne, PRIME marriage material He s been dodging scheming mamas and aunties at the Englorian revival of Almack s for most of his life Colonel Hollister, Our Lantern Jawed and big eared Hero, discovers that his revolting Mama is up to her hiney in badnessshe s being blackmailed to deliver to Persons Unknown some schematics for something the Englor Marines have designed that s so secret that even the heir to the throne Colonel Hollister doesn t even know what it is.So, it s a romance, and that means a counterparty Prince Payton Townsend of Regelence, another Regency based society, is a nineteen year old computer genius and son of the King of Regelence and his Consort No, not Queen, Consort A Manand a very studly one Payton s younger brother has just married a Captain in the Interplanetary Navy subject of a previous book, My Fair Captain , who also happens to be the heir to an Englorian Dukedom Englorian spying on Regelence has been discovered, an investigation takes place, Payton meets Colonel Hollister the heir to the homophobic Queen, sparks fly, virginities are lost, tops bottom, and all sorts of runnin from pillar to post takes place There is an agreeable amount of very, very dirty sex The expected miscommunications and misunderstandings and emotional angst takes place, and in the end pun optional , Our Hero and his little bit of stuff are married and parents and just gooily happy.Well, it ain t for everybody, but I really, really, really liked it Is it a perfect novel Oh heavens no Someone needed to guide Ms Langley to a few of the obvious embellishments that a spy thriller really needs, and the world building that a sci fi novel needs is woefully absent.But the love story is charming The sex is waaay smutty, exactly as sex should be My father said it best, during his first teenaged indiscretion talk with me If you can do it in front of me, you re doing it wrong So don t do it until you need to close the door If you need to lock the door, you re doing good So why do I like the book so much, given its flaws Because these characters are not in any way conflicted about themselves True, the Englorian heir is closeted, but he never feels he s bad or wrong, he feels he s put upon and wastes little time in angsting over what he wants, just over not being able to see how he can have it That s an adult dilemma, not a boring coming out story suitable for kids I am so weary of coming out stories I could urp I was never in, really, so coming out didn t make a big impression on me Yes, yes, married two women, had two children, but never ever hid my true nature from anyone Chacun a son gout, of course, but I for one am not buyin any gay fiction with the words teen or awaken or life changing decision in the sales copy.So should y all read it Maybe Sex is rampant in these pages Don t pick it upheck, don t even look at the cover , if you re not into big, hairy chested semi nude studmuffins drifts off to Bermuda for a moment sorry, where was I, oh yeah so if anything here makes you gag, leave it If you re squirming a little, try it The rest of us are waaay ahead of you.

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    4 StarsI m totally digging this sci fi setup with Regency undertones as it appealed to the hidden geek in me, all the while being nicely nostalgic for those MF historicals I used to read way back when What is it about the stuffiness and propriety that s just begging to be ripped away in a storm of lust and hormones, this time though, with heaving dicks instead of bosoms Oh yeah you know what I mean This pretty much starts a few weeks after My Fair Captain, continuing with the mystery of missing stolen weapons and whether or not all this is originating on fellow Regency planet, Englor I won t bore you with the details as this is NOT a standalone Just know that this is about two princes trying to be proper and then not succeeding, as desire gets the best of both Payton and Simon.Again, for those who need to know, the main mystery isn t completely solved at the end of the story but questions are answered Also, know that this still contained some really really good UST, ripening for delicious picking, leading to some impressively hot smexy This also had some fun and funny just like its predecessor, all tied up in some military espionage and twisty political conspiracies, while maintaining Regency culture but in space That entire concept just puts a smile on my mug high five

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    This book was mega tons better than book 1 for me I liked My Fair Captain but I wanted a little something I couldn t name it but, I found it Ding, ding, ding Man I zipped through this Oh how I ve missed blasting through a novel late into the night, it s been awhile I was hooked from the first page especially once I knew a ginger alpha MC was involved I can help but picture Seth Fornea as Simon view spoiler hide spoiler

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    This book was amazing I won t even attempt to blurb the plot I loved My Fair Captain and was so looking forward to today when this book came out Needless to say, the book totally delivered The sparks just flew off Simon and Payton from the moment they laid eyes on each other Great characters, great sex, great emotion and a great plot This book is an absolute must read for anyone who likes a m m romance.

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    Imma gonna make this quick This was a bit of a roller coaster on many fronts Confusing beginning Great UST Stupid non communication Good plot Uneven writing Steamy sex And of course And I want the next one NOW

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    I really like Langley s style of writing It is so easy to picture the story in my mind as she is telling it I truly enjoyed every minute of this novel It had it all humor, suspense,and some very heated moments between the sheets I loved this book, and I am planning on reading books by this author ASAP Thanks for the recommendation ladies

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    I was anexious to grasp and read this book after I finished My Fair Captain from the same author Admiral Nathaniel Hawkins was in this book just supporting character and his role was from almost paternal supervision to scarring king of Englor to the core Hawkins went back to Englor to investigate the espionage affair and took with him prince Payton Townsend, who was the second oldest son of royal pair and skilled hacker Regelen with preference in males had obviously some gaydar and found the nearest gay man and promptly loosened his virginity with him Prince Payton was hardworking undercover lad as you see His partner turned to be prince Simon Hollister, who was by chance the main subject of investigation Payton and Simon went trough oh nice fuck in shower to hey you are prince to oh my you compromised me and my brother in law bumped on us so you will marry me at one phases Too much marriages, too much gay way is the best way and who is hetero is cause of all evil things in our planet However this book was pleasant to read and still it stays above average gay romance.

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    Audio Review 17Mar2019 No ChangeI was absolutely dying to listen to this series somehow I forgot to listen to the first one, first and now I m not so sure Joseph Morton just kindareads the story Which, I guess is a type of narration But I have been ridiculously spoiled with fabulous performances by other voice actors and expected No character differentiation, no vocal inflection Dramatic scenes were as rote as filler and the sex was so MEH I almost fast forwarded Good thing I got this one from the library rather than Audible Not so happy that I wasted my weekly request recommendation limit asking for this and book 1, though Honestly can t say I m going to listen to the first installment now Maybe for a challenge But again, I don t dock for re reads via audio so the rating stands If you re interested in listening to this series I SERIOUSLY recommend that you check out the sample before buying.Color me hella disappointed.Original Review 03Feb2017 4 StarsYep, like I said in the update I need to re read the first to figure out why I rated it so low I know I read it a long time ago despite the review date here and for the life of me I just can t remember what I didn t likeWell, unless it was because I wasn t partial to historicals at all until relatively recently and the Regency esque aspects all up in my SciFi wouldn t have endeared it to me back then.But I really did like this one, a lot, and the whole melding of the two seemingly opposite genres is fascinating So, definitely going to re read 1 and putting 3 on the TBR now.

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    If you are looking for a book with some sort of substance, then this is not it This is not better than any 4 romance book you fish out of a large bin at a grocery store It does not deserve the average four star rating it carries.1 The author had a good premise lined up The two male leads were raised in a similar fashion but have enough differences in their upbringing to make for some great forbidden love story To top it off there s a big government conspiracy that these two guys have to overcome Unfortunately the author mucks it all up and glosses over a lot of the issues she could have used.2a Payton might as well be a sack of potatoes For all of his upbringing, his stubbornness, his strong will and genius, he lets himself be constantly pushed around He s dumb, whiny, and too easily corralled view spoiler He states that he does not want to be a consort and loves the freedom he has on the planet Englor Except he puts up very little resistance when he s forced to marry Simon and essentially pressured into having a child hide spoiler

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    This second book from the Sci Regency Serie is amazing To be honest the first book was really good, but I lost a lot of my concentration trying to understand the characters Too many, and I was always preoccupied that a new one would appear from nowhereClick here for my review of My Fair CaptainI can understand that the first was the begin of a serie, so the writer put a bunch of possible main characters to next books, but I guarantee that was a little too many after pages of names, nicknames and surnames I get really annoyed and almost give up the serie I m glad I didn t This second book, thanks God, is simple to read, and I really enjoy it The story is still very interesting Now will be Prince Payton story the brother of Aiden, the main character of the first book He will help his brother in law Nate to investigate who kidnapped his son and consort it s something that happen on the first book So, they went to Englor, another regency type of planet, where Payton in disguise will try to hack Englor s computers Like Payton native planet, Regelence, also Englor follow strict society rules exactly like regency times on earth There Nate words Payton has the capacity of find the only gay man of the planet, Prince Simon, the first and only one in the succession to be king But Englor is full of homophobic, and Simon never came out of the closed His planet would never accept a gay men, so a gay possible king is out of question But, let s say that Payton will be a great temptation and I ll stop here, or will spoil the story.Simon is not an alpha male he is the super jumbo mega king of all the alpha men I m exaggerating Oh boy, no, I m not Read it and then tell me someone that HOT and with such dirt mouth is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge alpha men in my view He, regardless the fear of be discover as gay, is not a virgin and know very well what to do, so Payton, 10 years younger and innocent will have a lot to learn from master Simon So, get a reeeeeeeeally cold drink before start this book you will sweat Great serie I gave 5 star to both of them Obs I also loved the humor of this book All Payton first person narration was soooooooo funny