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If I never see Kristoff Wellesley alive again it will be too soon He insinuated himself into our family before anyone noticed He aided my brother Whitcomb to enter the British Navy Then he charmed my mama and my sisters with his noble manners and dubious aplomb But I know the truth He is charlatan and a lying scheming rake He thinks he has pulled the wool over my eyes Yet I am the sheep bearing a gift Now that is a Duke he believes he is untouchable But I have discovered he used my family to gain title and advantage destroying my mother’s happiness and preventing my brother from returning home I won’t let him get away with it I will repay him the pain and suffering he caused me and my family But not before I grant him the greatest pleasure he has ever known We are married and I have waited an eternity for tonight I have heard revenge is a dish best served cold And I plan to give the Duke his recompense that will chill even the darkest corners of Newgate I will not rest until I destroy the Duke and I have saved his best surprise for last—

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    Cute When Amber believes her husband Kristoff has done wrong by her family she sets out to kill him using poison as her weapon As he chokes out the real truth and is struggling to breathe she realizes she is wrong But it's too late isn't it?