The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made kindle pdf –

In , An Independent Film Called The Room Starring And Written, Produced, And Directed By A Mysteriously Wealthy Social Misfit Named Tommy Wiseau Made Its Disastrous Debut In Los Angeles Described By One Reviewer As Like Getting Stabbed In The Head , The Million Film Earned A Grand Total Of , At The Box Office And Closed After Two Weeks Over A Decade Later, The Room Is An International Cult Phenomenon, Whose Legions Of Fans Attend Screenings Featuring Costumes, Audience Rituals, Merchandising And Thousands Of Plastic Spoons In The Disaster Artist, Greg Sestero, Tommy S Costar, Recounts The Film S Bizarre Journey To Infamy, Explaining How The Movie S Many Nonsensical Scenes And Bits Of Dialogue Came To Be And Unraveling The Mystery Of Tommy Wiseau Himself Butthan Just A Riotously Funny Story About Cinematic Hubris, The Disaster Artist Is An Honest And Warm Testament To Friendship