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Theatre director Beth Ortiz is the newest resident of The Castle an exclusive Los Angeles artists’ community Anxious actors aren’t all Beth has to worry about in her new space however for The Castle has a secret history of madness and murder and a celebrity artist who develops a strange fixation on BethAnd The Castle also happens to be hauntedBy some particularly uneasy spirits

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    We have had before in the likes of the story The Shining things going wrong evil forces at play in the Hotel in this story you have terror and hauntings of a similar kind that occur in a Castle This castle has a history dark and bleak it was once a place for the insane and also a temporary mortuary and has been used over time for various purposes there have been deaths due to than the natural causes since the land existed Beth the main protagonist a theater director does the unhealthy action of moving into the Castle that comprises of Artists lofts and the theater She wants to put on a new play she writes and directs it and as the show hits it's premiere things go wrong gradually From the offset of her moving in there is a sense of dread and dark force at work the situation worsens to point of people dying There is an artist who takes an interest in Beth for peculiar reasons to name a few she is trying to teach her about the Kabbalah but Beth has not time and is too busy getting the play ready This was an enjoyable read and really keeps you in the expectation of an answer to what the hell is going on? There is no gore this story returns to the traditional sense of an atmosphere of terror One that won her a Bram Stoker awardhttp2readcom?reviewthe castle of los angeles by lisa morton

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    I loved the LA history and all the details of small stage productions The story built slowly with moments that were really scary Unfortunately some of the most interesting things in the book happen off stage but that's a problem when the point of view stays so close to the main character The book was hard to track down but it left me wanting to read of Lisa's work I'm looking forward to Monsters of LA

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    Beth Ortiz has been directing plays at a Los Angeles artist loft called The Castle for several years When a chance to move in arises she realizes she can’t pass up the opportunity It is not until after moving in that Beth begins to learn about the history of The Castle which dates back to the 19th century and includes a period in which it functioned as an asylum She stumbles upon an old scrapbook labeled “Sweet Death” which catalogues a series of grisly serial killings of prostitutes in the early 20th century As disturbed as she is by this find it it also gives her the idea for a play; she uses it as the basis for her new original stage production Strange and spooky things start happening around The Castle which don’t seem to make any sense and for which she can’t account As rehearsals for the play continue the mysteries and the sense of menace only intensify What exactly is going on and will Beth live to see opening night?This is a slim novel just shy of 200 pages The pacing starts off slow as it sets the scene but builds up speed and momentum as the story unfolds The writing style is fairly unpretentious and direct and it is primarily action orientedplot centered It doesn’t rely on too much blood and gore; the violence that it does contain occurs largely off stage Rather the author seeks to set up a tone of suspense and foreboding Creepy and unexplained things are happening and the reader remains just as in the dark as the protagonist In selecting a horror novel to read I was looking to explore beyond the big names with which I am already familiar King Simmons Barker etc and additionally was interested in reading a piece of horror fiction by a woman Having recently moved to Los Angeles I was also intrigued by the local setting I will say that I was almost scared off by the cover art and design which I think is pretty terrible I thought the novel did an excellent job of setting up an atmosphere of suspense and dread; it keeps you guessing about where it is leading It introduced some interesting elements like abalah although in the end I was a little disappointed that having introduced these intriguing elements they weren’t fully explored In some ways this story would seem to fall within a tradition of the classic haunted houseghost story I won’t give anything away but it does provide an interesting and unexpected twist on this model I really liked the setup the mood and the story; I will say that I had mixed feelings about the twist and the ending kind of like most things by Stephen King or indeed most horror fiction in general Overall though I found it to be a good read indeed

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    Having a real hard time slogging through this because of needless wordiness and improper formatting all over the place

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    Those in the horror field are familiar with Lisa Morton She has worked as a screenwriter for several B movies and has also written one act plays and chapbooks She has also written four nonfiction books including The Hallowe'en Anthology which won the 2008 Bram Stoker award for nonfiction She has also won the Bram Stoker award for short fiction for her short story Tested published in the horror magazine Cemetery Dance and has been a contributor to a variety of anthologies alongside the greatest names in the genre In 2009 her work was nominated in two different categories The Castle of Los Angeles is her first novel and I think Morton is due for another well deserved Stoker award nomination Don't let the low page count fool you Morton has packed in an unbelievable amount of story into a short space She doesn't waste words and she paces the story so well the pages fly by The story follows Beth the new owner and director of a black box theater on the bottom floor in one of Los Angeles' oldest buildings Known as the Castle its history is as ancient as LA gets Several people live in the building including a struggling filmmaker and a famous artist who owns the penthouse I could go into detail but sold by my history with Morton's shorter works I knew I would have better experience going in blind and other readers will as well Morton plays a series of traditional Gothic horror power chordsas science fiction author Rudy Rucker calls them within the haunted house sub genre Would you give ACDC a hard time for playing a power chord? Lisa Morton takes a familiar riff tuned slightly to her pitch and the result is a near perfect traditional horror novel It is the characters and their reasons for living at the Castle that make this novel uniue Bravo Lisa Morton I'd like to start the standing ovation right now The Castle of Los Angeles is a wonderful short horror novel It has very few weaknesses and packs its short pages with story telling strength Libraries intested in filling their collection with interesting well written fiction from the independent presses or horror fiction should not miss this oneContains Drugs sexuality and mild violenceReview by David AgranoffHere is a second take on on The Castle of Los Angeles by Rhonda Wilson Lisa Morton’s first novel The Castle of Los Angeles takes place in a castle with both numerous artists and a theater Beth Ortiz has just moved into the castle in order to take over the theater which takes up the lower portion of the castle Beth witnesses strange things happening in the castle and starts to wonder if it might be haunted After asking around she finds out that yes the castle has been said to be haunted for a number of years Soon even stranger things start occurring and Beth decides to figure out what exactly is going on At the same time she is trying to piece together a brand new play inspired by disappearances that have been taking place nearby Last year one of my favorite reads was Morton’s Stoker winning novella The Lucid Dreaming This year The Castle of Los Angeles may very well be one of my favorites This novel has a little bit of everything and is written beautifully Morton creates a cast of characters that typically wouldn’t mix For example the main character Beth befriends a prostitute early on which leads to the whole idea of the big production that her theater takes on Additionally the eccentric characters that inhabit the castle cover a wide range of talents and don’t always appreciate the talents of others One particular character I have in mind here is Jessamine an artist within the building who can be a bit unapproachable at times and whose artwork Beth finds intriguing The strong casting and realistically creepy haunting scenes sprinkled throughout make this a powerful novel Morton has a very strong future ahead of her in writing horror if she continues as she has thus far She’s definitely an author that belongs on everyone’s personal bookshelf Highly recommended Includes Adult Language Adult Situations Sex Mild ViolenceReview by Rhonda Wilson

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    I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa in the North Hollywood bookstore where she works Iliad Books amazing used bookstore and told her that I was working to be a horror writer We had a very nice discussion about writing and authors and it turns out that we both absolutely love Philip K Dick I asked her where I could find her novels and decided to buy The Castle Of Los Angeles I figure an author's first novel is the best place to start and I was rightThis story had a very original feel to me with some good scares and an ending that I did not see coming at all It well written with real feeling characters and situations and eventually boils down to a very original conceptMy only complaint here and I've read this in a couple other reviews is that it builds pretty slowly I've never been one to read 100 pages into a book and then walk away because not enough has happened yet but I can see someone who doesn't read as much expecting from the first half of this book and saying fuck it it's probably boring anywayBut the ending is worth it in my opinion Again it was an original idea and the end definitely caught me off guard making me go back and look for signs of the impending conclusion It's a short book too so even if you dont end up liking it you didn't waste much timeI would recommend this book to a friend

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    A haunted theater Jewish mysticism and a serial killer with a penchant for prostitutes are the unlikely ingredients in three time Bram Stoker Award winner Lisa Morton’s thoroughly satisfying debut novel With the precision of master dark scribes boasting far titles in their back catalogs Morton deftly crafts a genuinely spine tingling spooker an homage to the haunted house tale that shrewdly never falls prey to the clichéd trappings of this familiar sub genreRead the rest of the review here

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    Of all the reasons to not flee from a haunted house because the play opens in two days is one of the very best Art magic catharsis and blood I approve wholeheartedly Both beautifully and deftly written the characterisation of all the cast are superb and the atmosphere just perfect It made me miss the Theatre of Blood

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    Read my review at Feo Amante's Horror Thriller