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THE CLIMACTIC BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL The final book of the Bible has challenged inspired and astonished readers for nearly 2000 years The book of Revelation may be the most analyzed text in all of Scripture And yet it remains the most mysterious Now comes an illustrated graphic novel version of this amazing book including all 404 verses of this scriptural masterpiece Stand in the Apostle John's sandals and watch the New Testament's climactic war between good and evil unfold in dramatic and dazzling imagery See the Lamb the Seven Headed Dragon and the Beast as never before Take a thrilling ride through ancient prophecy Discover anew the story of the ultimate fulfillment of John's faith as the final battle is fought between God and Satan Including a translation by Fr Mark Arey and Fr Philemon Sevastiades an adaptation by Matt Dorff and illustrations by renowned artist Chris Koelle The Book of Revelation is an emotionally stirring and thought provoking way to experience this timeless narrative

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    This graphic novel helped me to understand Revelations much betterI loved the beautiful illustrations Lots of talent went into this translation of the book of Revelation

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    Stumbled upon this in a search for an interesting book of Revelation rendition This is a gem The are is fast paced and corresponds to to book The pictures were wild and unsettling I liked the imagery interpretation It put some concepts in a different and new light for me to stew on Not for younger children though probably 13 and up but depends on your taste

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    Review PENDINGAfter just spending time with reading and reviewing The Action Bible New Testament God's Redemptive Story and The Action Bible Devotional 52 Weeks of God Inspired Adventure I thought this would be a great time to pick up The Book of Revelation While these are both graphic novels The Action Bible and it's derivatives are along the lines of a comic book but The Book of Revelation is not a comic book This book is a graphic novel with emphasis on the idea of graphic and is not meant for a young audience I had my Enginerd read through this one and he was fascinated and speechless about many of the pages and said the images could be nightmare inspiring As it rightly says at the beginning of the book in reference to the book of Revelation in scripture the text is vibrant pulsing word image streaked often with violent colorations bathed t other times in deeply peaceful hues Here we truly have text as image and that is so true The pages are a base backing of black and the images come to life with light off the pages The text is white and the illustrations range from white yellow orange and red with sepia hues for the main part and though there is a section here and there full of the range of colors with vivid and gorgeous blues purples and greens as well While I am not normally found within the pages of a graphic novel I am intrigued and want to spread the word when there is something like this that would be a fabulous tool to dive into scripture for just the right person Much as to when I was reading Love's Sacred Song and found myself mesmerized and wondered if the scripture really said that and I was left with a thirst to go and read on my own again that same feeling fills me as I turn the pages and read the text and see the images as the words take to light and life with the story It's graphic it's horrid and it's beautiful and redemptive While one could read through this all in one sitting I would recommend breaking it up to really enjoy it and experience it Yet I reiterate again this is not for a young audience but for a mature one

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    This graphic novel adaptation of The Book of Revelation is terrifying beautiful provoking and poignant Due to the ambiguity of The Book of Revelation many have tried to interpret it over the centuries Though I am far from an expert I find this graphic novel an insightful take on the world renowned work So much of this book from the Bible is based on imagery that when read alone most of us fail to truly envision its descriptions Thanks to artist Chris Koelle those words have been chillingly rendered upon the pageThe Book of Revelation is a scary read and Koelle has intricately delivered those frightening aspects When I received the book from Vine it at first unsettled me But this is not the stuff of gratuitous violence or repulsion This is a realistic approach to a story that many believe will come to pass The monsters are disturbing the angels are intimidating and the end of the world is ghastly Interestingly enough the art reflects the customs and attire of when The Book of Revelation was first written – it looks as the world did thousands of years ago We often think of the end of the world as being our 2012 future but I suppose upon reflection after it was initially written the future was very much our long ago pastThis work is a translation by Fr Mark Arey and Fr Philemon Sevastiades and it was adapted by Matt Dorff But the art is what truly makes this a uniue version It is sensible yet fantastical gruesome yet gorgeous If you are interested in a distinctive interpretation of The Book of Revelation I highly recommend this exceptional work

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    I wasn't too sure if I liked this graphic novel It was interesting though seeing someone's rendition of the book of Revelation from the Bible I had some disagreements about certain things depicted When the book of Revelation talks about the Lamb in chapter five the artist Chris Koelle actually depicted the Lamb as an actual lambman I have to admit it was a little scary looking That was probably my biggest problem with the entire graphic novel The other things are minor I had a hard time with how dark the book was I know it's going to be a dark time in history but Heaven doesn't need to be dark Where God is seated on the throne it was dark around him I just can't imagine that God would illuminate everything The angels were cool though And the graphic novel was probably the best illustration I've seen of the book of Revelation I don't even think that the Left Behind series got the depth and darkness that will be in this time period to come And The Action Bible by Sergio Cariello didn't grasp Revelation either I'm just actually wondering if it'll happen during my lifetime

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    A lot of people are scared of the book of Revelation or at least hesitant to read it Ironically it is the only book of the bible that says you are blessed for reading it Revelation 13 The team that put this together did an amazing job Absolutely stunning visuals with breathtaking colors is what this book is all about Along with captions of select verses it takes you through each chapter of Revelation not Revelations and further brings to life what John did so wonderfully already I can't stress how beautiful this art is

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    There are multiple reasons why the book of Revelation is challenging For one—and perhaps this is the most common struggle—it’s meaning seems ambiguous without serious study and even the scholars can’t seem to agree An additional problem I’ve faced though is simply keeping track of the characters and plot Symbols events and characters seem to get jumbled from chapter to chapter “Wait is the dragon the same thing as the beast it is this a different creature entirely? And which characters are Jesus?”This graphic adaptation doesn’t help much with interpreting John’s cryptic vision but it is extremely helpful for visualizing and tracking the narrative itself While I normally spend most of my time reading Revelation frantically tracking all the “moving pieces” and simply trying to comprehend the thing the cinematic graphic novel approach really allows for an engrossing experience

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    This is a lavishly illustrated new translation of the Book of Revelation which covers every verse Many of Koelle's illustrations are breath taking I have borrowed imagery for several of my sermons from this book as excerpts find their way online The moments of joy wonder and despair are captured extremely well The take on chapter 10 is worth the price of the book I especially liked his images of angels The translation is easy to follow except when using phrases like Pantokrator

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    This translation and adaptation is essential for anybody interested in Apocalyptic literature

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    Awesome Great work The best part of the Bible to recreate in graphic form for sure I enjoyed it a lot