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When a boy named Will meets Alice he can't believe his luck She's smart sexy and much to Will's surprise in love with him But the course of modern love never did run smooth and soon devotion leads Will to something darker Elsewhere in the city Helen is an aspiring actress and soon Will and Helen's lives collide

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    Most of the marketing uips for this book praise its dark comic aspect It's dark comedy as Brett Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero was comic; vacuous emotionally crippled twenty somethings finding a place in a world where sex is devalued and true intimacy appears painfully out of reach Imagine the angst ridden teens of any Green Day song coming of ageTo be sure Killen is a skilled writer His characters are well defined even those representing grist for the protagonist's delusional mill He's provided Will with profound insecurities paralyzing him from taking any action in his cloistered existence It's not so much 'love' he has for Alice but the need for someone with whom he can indulge in his deepest paranoia The Bird Room is indeed dark in it's merest glimpses of hope it's soul less porn sex and the empty lives of it's characters

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    You ever get those nasty porn pictures or videos on your cell phone of men or women doing disgusting things for all the world to pass phone to phone or video to video? Maybe someone sends them to you as a joke for the shock value most likely a co worker watching you from across the room eagerly awaiting to see the look on your face when you open you phone? If you have received those kind of picturesvideos you have probably at some time wondered who are these people? why do they do this? You want answers read this book Tho the main character in the story is about and narrated by Will some of the spotlight is taken by Helen a porn actress She comes into Will's life thru his friend another Will an artist who gets this twisted idea to combine his art with porn to turn a sexual relationship into art and shock people at his next art show Thru all this artporn stuff Will the narrator talks about his relationship with the mysterious Alice who also dabbles in porn production By the end of the book all these characters are linked in some way I will not reveal Does this link have anything to do with Helen's imaginary sister? Hmm When I entered the contest for this goodreads win the summary promised me a love story with a twist It is certainly twisted However had I realized the aspiring actress was in the porn industry I most likely would not have signed up The content was not for me but I do think people with an interest in this particular field will like if not love it Also of note Abundant use of the F word for those that do not care for cursing This was a very uick one afternoon read

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    Clive James once said that to be a lousy writer takes energy average novelists remain unread not for being bad but for being flat Although written with Judith Krantz in mind the same easily applies to Chris KillenThe tale's too similar to the teller It's like those ghosts in folk tales caught between worlds adrift affectless It's no accident that words like 'ghost' 'insubstantial' and 'absent' dominate Will the main character attracts these terms the way a magnet attracts iron filings Even Will's love interest HelenClair ostensible actress and actual prostitute in denial gets a hint of this at times 'There's this blankness to him as if he's a an idea than an actual person'So with the novel With the interior monologue turned to full volume all externals are drowned out Oddly it's the everyday things that pierce Will's solipsism shopping at Tesco Express chipped Ghostbusters II mugs notes to record trashy films on Channel 5 Little happens and little is felt by Will or usThe Bird Room is scrappy unsatisfying and of an outsized short story than a novel There had to be easier ways for Canongate to suander its Life of Pi money than this

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    I read the bird room in two hours and thirty two minutes on a national express coach on my way to a holiday The book is better than the entire holiday so far even though I have three days left The book is a slim but thorough examination of helplessness anxiety and self destruction It is beautiful in its clarity and humour The Bird Room is written in a style that is understated which gives it a poetic uality that can't be brought about with elaborate prose It is a love storyThat's my review This box says I should right something that I learned from this book as wellI didn't learn anything from the book It made me want to not crumple up into a pile It made me want to be a success but a nice uiet polite successI loved it

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    one of my favorite novels

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    Discosure I received this book for free through the Goodreads First Reads ProgramWhat started out as a really good dark humor story devolved into a much less complex although definetly darker observational narrative Killen has written some deeply flawed characters and as much as I love flawed characters that's not enough to make up for a plot that ends about 23 of the way through the book for one of the main characters and goes absolutely nowhere for the rest of the characters This might have made a great short story but stretching it out to novella length brings on a lot of repetition of the character's actions and inner dialogs Perhaps that was the point that these people have no depth beyond what we're given but then I have to wonder why in the beginning of the story there's so much originality in how they perceived themselves and each other That was before the story turned into a there's no 'there' thereWhat we're given as a setting London or some other very large British city shows that Killen can be economical and descriptive at the same time My favorite line from the whole book in fact is about where the story takes place rather than who it's about A character is lamenting that she has to go to a certain store because at the other preferable ones she might run into people she doesn't want to see Despite the fact that she lives in one of the most populous conjested cities of the world she wishes she could live somewhere anonymouslike the rainforest or the sky Killen's characters are people who couldn't lose themselves anywhere

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    When describing this book I would have to say 'intriguingly bizarre' It's a uirky plot and the characters are interesting enough It takes a strange look at relationships and the behaviour of the characters is sometimes surprising Overall I don't think I completely got it However I couldn't stop reading There was something about it that made me want to read until the end; even though I found the ending slightly confusing An interesting read If you like off the wall plots then you'll like this book

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    NOTE I actually gave this 3 12 starsI thought that maybe putting a little time between the end of this book and my review would give me clarification on how I felt but nope I still think that it was just weird Did I enjoy reading it? Yes Did I LIKE it? Maybe yes maybe no Because really it was just plain weirdMy favorite thing about this book was that I absolutely adored the writing style It was one of those books where you sort of feel like the main character is talking to you while at the same time feeling as if he doesn't care about you at all It just sort of plods along if that makes sense and yet the story itself is completely non linear It goes back and forth and back and forth while at the same time slowly and succinctly moving forwards In a way this caught me off guard and yet it was also a pleasant surprise I love books that are written like thisThis book is also extremely interesting in that you never actually get to know any of the characters which could come from the fact that they never really get to know each other and yet it is very much character driven Who is Will who is the other Will who is Alice? None of this is really important as they are only important characters inasmuch as they are important to the first Will They are all so flawed and confusedWhile the style of this book makes it easy to read the content does it It's an intriguing look at the sex lives of adults at our perception of love and sex It's an intimate look at relationships and it's so real While I didn't relate at all to the relationships in the Bird Room as I didn't relate at all to the characters the ideas presented through their relationships did make me think a little bit about the relationships in my life And how real they may or may not beWill the first disgusts me and he absolutely deserves everything he gets I would NOT deal well with having a person like him in my life And yet the book is narrated from his point of view and I absolutely ate it up He made me laugh he made me think and he almost made me sad while at the same time shunning himSo it's a good well written book but it will not make you feel good It might even depress you And you may like it without actually liking it's content It's GOOD while at the same timeleaving you unsure as to what exactly there was about it that you liked

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    How happy I was to read this and it didn't disappoint which makes me happy I wonder if it's possible for a character to some how drown from his own neurosis? I imagine it'd be a slow and painful demise as Will's suffering from a terminal case of self annihilation the method of death is the steady drip of anxiety Despite Will's case of the Unbearable UnLikeness of Will I found myself strangely content when following his strange plight What does that say about me? Actually when reading this I simultaneously wanted to hug and shake Will What does that say about Will?

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    If you loved the film Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind then I highly recommend this book Lovingly dark and hilarious it puts you behind the eyes and hearts of Helen Will two separate people being pulled through their own flaws finding comfort in others The scenery the language the style I loved it all It IS graphic and frankly believable that way These people are not sheltered they are real And they are fully aware accept total responsibility for getting themselves there It was like watching a really good friend go through heartache you are excited for them to learn about themselves and want to console them so badly I loved every bit of it