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Since her twin brother Eddie drowned five years ago sixteen year old Elsie Main has tried to remember what really happened that fateful day on the beach One minute Eddie was there and the next he was gone Seventeen year old Tay McKenzie is a cute and mysterious boy that Elsie meets in her favorite boathouse hangout When Tay introduces Elsie to the world of freediving she vows to find the answers she seeks at the bottom of the sea

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    MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading ListEdward Main11 April 2000 11 April 2011Today we are sixteen Happy birthday EdwardElsie's twin drowned when they were eleven years old Elsie can't remember what all happened that day but she feels like it's her fault THINGS I KNOW ABOUT THAT DAY1 Mum was at home making our chocolate birthday cake 2 Dillon was swimming with the dolphins 3 Eddie and I were wading close to shore 4 One minute Eddie was there and then he was gone 5 Dad was supposed to be on the beach but I couldn't see him 6 Mum arrived later after the police called her 7 I collapsed and Dad came to get me 8 All my memories are tinged with a blue hazeThere are a lot of things going on in this book It's a big mystery what actually happened to Eddie until the end of course Elsie spends a lot of time a lone in a boat house where she ends up meeting a buy named Tay and then the whole crew Danny and a few other boys They do free diving as a hobby and Elsie decides she wants to learn so Tay starts to teach her Elsie has an older brother named Dillon and something bad is starting to happen to him This THING eventually ends him up in the hospital The whole family is disfunctional a lot of things have went wrong along the way Elsie gets picked on at school by bullies it makes me sick and I wish someone would beat them down Alisa slams into me nearly knocking me into the road Ergh you're still alive We all hoped you'd died over the holidays she says I walk on Sometimes I do wish I were dead but then who would look after Eddie?I mean someone needs to take all of these bullies and put them somewhere Period Done Elsie feels like she's not even important at home After a little while I wonder if anyone at home has noticed that I'm not there Sometimes I feel invisible like a wisp of air that tickles the back of someone's neck before they close the window to block the draftBut in the water she feels something memoriesElsie slowly starts to remember things that happened that day She starts to figure out why her brother Dillon has issues with Tay and why does Danny seem angry all of the time All of the answers come out in the water all she needs is enough time to figure it out There are a lot of secrets in this book I found it all to be very sad but some things turned out for the better when all of the secrets come out in the open I would like to thank Netgalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    DNF page 140This is literally the most boring thing I've read and while it is somewhat interesting my fuck flew out the window so I couldn't give one sadly The mc is blander than fuckign salt and even paper had personality than her I'm fucking deceased She meets the guy for a second time the first time for only five seconds literally AND SHE ALMOST SAID HER FIRST NAME AND THEN HIS LAST NAME TOGETHER I'm fuckign pissing let me die Insta love at its finest y'allTHIS IS JUST SAD AND I'M NOT UP FOR IT SADLYThe characters are so uninteresting and there's literally nothing happening in this book I'm aware this is a mystery Mystery of what??? If the mc and her boy end up together?? Bye I don't need that The mc is kind of stupid tooThis is just so bad imo and I can't read

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    355 stars 5 years ago Eddie drowned 5 years ago Elsie's life turned upside downShe cannot remember the details of that fateful day and it haunts herShe still talks to her deceased twin brother to her he's always with her There are so many secrets and mysteries about that day that Elsie simply does not understandHer mom and dad fight all the time Her brother Dillon has seemingly distanced himself from Elsie and Elsie feels as though no one would notice if she was goneThings change when Elsie meets Tay Tay is older and takes an interest in ElsieIt is then that Elsie begins her journey with free diving She has not been in the ocean since Eddie drowned but now she is defying her parents for the urge to go deeperMysteries begin to unravel secrets come out and Elsie is still trying to understand it all This book pulled at my heartstrings It is a complicated contemporary that moves through deep topics and feelings It can be a little slow but you become invested in the story I didn't like some of the ways certain things were approached in the book or how they were written I did almost give this book 4 stars but couldn't deny that it took be a very long time to read this book because I was never as into it as the other book I was reading Some uotes from this book which I will insert into this review later really grasp certain concepts displayed in the book They hit you in the feels This book kind of reminds me of We Were Liars because of the mystery and secrets It also reminded me of All the Bright Places although they aren't really similar in plot it gave me similar feelingsWhat did you guys think of this book? Or know any books like it?

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group and NetGalley “New things I remember about that day1 Dillion wasn’t swimming back to look for Eddie He was looking for someone else” This was a YA contemporary story about a girl whose twin brother had drownedElsie came across as a bit depressed she seemed to have no drive a reluctance to do anything other than wonder what had happened to her brother and she seemed generally a bit lostThe storyline in this was about Elsie trying to find out what had happened to her twin brother and why he drowned We also got a bit of a romance storyline and the story touched on Elsie’s other brother’s eating disorderThe ending to this had a couple of twists and I didn’t guess what had really happened to Elsie’s twin625 out of 10

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    Actual Rating 05 The Art of Not Breathing takes place five years after the death of Eddie Main who drowned in the ocean His twin sister Elsie Main is haunted by flashbacks of him as her family struggles to not fall apartElsie doesn't remember what happened that night on the beach But when she meets Tay McKenzie she is introduced to the world of freediving and she becomes determined to find answers to her lingering uestions even if it means travelling to the bottom of the seaOne thing I liked about this was how the flashbacks were written It's true that it's kind of hard to realize when they were happening because they were incorporated directly into the current timeline but in the long run I actually liked that type of writing style because it felt like it illuminated the impact of Eddie's death and how the memory of his presence seemed to follow Elsie aroundBut I'm afraid I disliked the main character too much to really enjoy the storyFor exampleIf you come with me I'll get naked for youDon't use your body as a bribing device I wish Elsie understood that people were worth than that One important aspect of this book is how Dillon Elsie's older brother falls to an eating disorder I cannot stress out serious anorexia is And yet Elsie brushes it aside like it's nothing like it's something not important enough to deal with nowHe nods but I know he thinks I'm deserting him Just hang on a few days Dilbil I think to myself as I leave him I'm sure that getting to the bottom of the drop off is going to give me all the answers to remember what happened to get closure It just has to And then I'll be able to focus on DillonSo she has a lack of the sense of urgency but in addition to that her attitude towards her brother is unforgivableOkay calm down I won't tell I says moving my head away from his mouth Why don't you get in the shower You smell really badOh yes Elsie Poor you for having to smell Dillon's vomitNever mind the fact that your brother needs your helpIt continues when Dillon is hospitalizedI'm suddenly fed up with his disgusting smell his arrogance and the fact that he keeps saying weird things and then denying them I'm totally fed up with himAt this point Elsie's selfishness is extremely annoying She continues to just focus on what her own goal is completely ignoring the struggles that other people are going through and she is not even slightly understanding about what he is going throughElsie's hatred of various smells continuesWhen the door is shut Dillon pulls my head toward his I try to keep my nose away from his mouth which smells of vile vanilla meal replacementI'm just really really tired of hearing about how everything smelled bad as if that was the worst thing that was going onAnd there was that moment where Elsie seemed to stand up to her bullies when she was really being selfish AgainHmm Not uite skinny enough yet Still got flabby thighs It's a shame about your brother though He used to be uite fit I saw for myself you know And now he's an ugly mess of skin and boneI pretend I'm not hurt by her comments and hold my head high That's odd I say I wonder why you still follow him aroundWow Elsie I'm so proud of you for standing up for yourself even as you completely disregard the help that your brother needs and focus just on how great you are for not showing weakness at her snubThat's not even the worst of it Elsie may be desperate to find out what happened to her dead brother but no matter what you never ever ever treat it like a dirty secret and use it as blackmail materialYou tell Dad anything and I will tell him all about you starving yourself to death about the laxatives He'll drive you to the nearest hospital and they will lock you up and force feed youBeing unsupportive is one thing Using someone's weakness against them is anotherAnd keep in mind that this is Elsie talking to her brother the only sibling she has leftThere also seems to be a diminishing of the importance of other serious issues Elsie nearly drowns when she goes diving and she stops trying and has to be rescuedI didn't want to be saved I say uietlyBut later she says thisIt wasn't a suicide attempt I say It was just a stupid thing to doWhat she said previously applies to so many people in the world So many people in the world are tired of living and don't want to be saved and I will not stand by and let her diminish that kind of mindset as something stupidThat's why I have to give this story one star because looking at the main character she seemed selfish not determined And there just didn't seem like there was development whether it was in terms of the individual characters or in terms of the relationships between them especially between Tay and ElsieBut most of all I have to rate this one star just because of the main character's views towards the issues in society that are already not treated as seriously as they should be

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    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in BooksI liked this book I have had a review copy of this book for about a year and a half and put it off after I started seeing mixed reviews That was a mistake because this book worked really well for me It is a rather short book but I think it moved fast for me because of how the story flowed I just didn't want to uit turning pages once I reached a certain point in the story I was curious about the characters and their histories from the start of the book The that I read the that I hooked These characters have a lot of issues to deal with and I really wanted to see things work out for them I am kind of surprised by how many tough topics found their way into this story but it workedThis story follows Elsie Elsie's twin brother Eddie died in a drowning accident 5 years earlier Elsie and the rest of her family are just trying to keep moving forward but in many ways they are failing Elsie's dad leaves for long periods of time and nobody knows where he is Her mom drinks than she should Elsie isn't doing well in school and has no friends Dillon seems to doing the best in the group but that's not really the caseElsie doesn't remember exactly what happened the day that Eddie died but she wants to remember When she meets Tay and the other diving boys she ends up learning to dive and finds that she feels closer to her lost brother under the water She is remembering things and hopes to learn what happened just as her family is falling apartThere were a few times in the story that I wanted to shake the characters for some of their actions but I always felt that what they did felt authentic People don't always do what they should and as teenagers it can be even harder While I didn't always like what the characters were doing I understood why they made the choices that they did I would recommend this book to others It was a book that had a really strong finish that made me feel for the characters I am really a bit upset that I put this one off for as long as I did I would definitely read from Sarah Alexander in the future I received an advance reader copy of this book from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group HMH Books for Young Readers via NetGalleyInitial ThoughtsThis book had a really strong finish It was a uick read that really hit on a lot of difficult topics I was as desperate as Elsie to find out what happened to Eddie and it was really hard to see how much everyone was hurting

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    Woaw That's all I could say or even THINK upon reading the final page of this gritty gut tearing phenomenally messy in the best way debut From page one I was gripped by Elsie's story She's a shlob And she knows it And though she's not necessarily cool wit That doesn't mean she isn't cool as hellCause she is Cool Brave Loving in her own rough way And even though Elsie's family is one huge jacked up mess after her twin brother's accidental drowning she tries to keep her head above water PS this cliche will become substantial once you read And you SHOULD read As soon as you can Because Alexander's fascinating peek into a broken girl and her utterly broken life is one you will want to 'dive' into the second you get the chance

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    35 stars The Art of Not Breathing by Sarah Alexander is her YA debut novel I came upon this book casually without knowing anything neither of the author nor of the plot itself I had just finished a slow and action packed book so I hoped this one would be a uick and light readWell it turns out I read it in a few hours It wasn't light at all but it had something that made turn every page eager to know what would happen next The story Five years after the drowning of her twin brother Scottish teenager Elsie Main confronts the tempestuous sea and her family’s tragic pastSince her twin brother Eddie drowned five years ago sixteen year old Elsie Main has tried to remember what really happened that fateful day on the beach One minute Eddie was there and the next he was gone Seventeen year old Tay McKenzie is a cute and mysterious boy that Elsie meets in her favorite boathouse hangout When Tay introduces Elsie to the world of freediving she vows to find the answers she seeks at the bottom of the sea The characters Elsie is a 16 yo who is experiencing life as a normal 16 yo would The characterization was very well done and the development felt real and necessary She has a twin brother Eddie who died 5 years before but she has yet to discover what happened to him She then embarks in an physical and psychological adventure to find out Elsie uses freediving as a sort of therapy and her results without even taking serious classes were astounding Tavey is the cute and tormented boy she slowly becomes friend with But their friendship seems to hide some secretsDillon is Elsie's brother He suffers for everything that's happening to their family collecting the pains of the past and the present I had mixed feelings for him throughout the book because I wasn't able to understand his actions at allAilsa and her friend Dillon's girlfriend nonetheless are bullying Elsie and I have yet to understand the reason Elsie gives us one but I am not fully convinced by it It's pointless to say I deeply hated both of these girlsDillon and Elsie's parents are coping with past events and they have yet to learn how to help their children I wasn't rooting for them as individuals at all I was rooting for their familyDanny is a coward Enough saidAnd last but not least Eddie We learn a few chapters in that he suffered at birth He didn't breathe properly and there were conseuences when he grew up Throughout the book he didn't feel different at all he seemed like a normal child and despite everything people were saying he was in fact normal but in his own way The themes This book approaches a wide range of difficult themes death grief eating disorders bullying and parenting I don't want to say much because I think it is necessary to read this book to fully comprehend how the author creates the connections among these issuesI'll say though that I absolutely hated the gratuitous injustices and the violent bullying I wanted to step into the story myself and strangle everybody with my own hands including those who don't do anything in first person but they don't even stop their friends The bullying looked a bit exaggerated thoughI liked the fact the author presented Elsie who seem to suffer from an eating disorder herself one opposed to her brother without pitying her but creating a realistic image of the events Having a difficult interaction with the parents themselves it was a detailed portrait of the life they like many other people seem to haveSarah Alexander previously was a mental health support worker so we can see from where all of this comes It felt so real and ugly at times that I was both emotionally detached and moved at the same time The writing Sarah Alexander's writing was simple straight forward and addictive I couldn't stop reading and even if it was difficult to read about certain happenings the chapters went on smoothly The words pictured one of the most realistic stories I have ever read I didn't really understand the short phone messages that precede some of the chapters maybe they are another to show us Eddie? I am not sure but some of the jokes and interaction were cuteAlso I loved the flashbacks Elsie had in the water I don't know if I loved the idea or that I was waiting for them to happen and I wanted to know what happened so much A general evaluation I have probably used the word real too much in this review but this is exactly what this book was in my opinionI love the title and it perfectly links two of the main aspect of the story Eddie's non breathing when he was born and Elsie's love for freediving I thought about this and I came to the conclusion that this title feels like the connection the twins seem to have in the story it reflects their unionI also really enjoyed the fact it was set in Scotland which isn't like an ideal place for swimming or freediving I love the seaocean and I adore swimming so this element really struck a chord with me This book is permeated with sadness and pain though Sometimes it was hard to read but I sincerely couldn't stop The ghosts of the past seem to influence the present even that they should And secrets seemed to be the second nature of the family and friends At the end I thought I was going to get what it really happened but then it looked impossible and then it was a totally different thing and I almost got it The end in my opinion lacked a bit of closure though Anyway this book is really enjoyable and it was a nice change from my usual picks My favorite uotes That's the thing with art You always have to look at it from a different perspectiveMy advice to you Elsie is go with your heart not your head because your head doesn't know what it wants It only thinks about the moral high ground And if your heart isn't happy when you try to share it you'll make others unhappy tooI'll try And you promise me that you'll breathe

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    35 stars Spoiler free review below This book will be released April 26th 2015 Thank you to HMH kids for providing me an ARC of this book My thoughts and review are in no way influenced by this » SummarySynopsis The Art of Not Breathing is a YA contemporary that not only deals with romance but also with a very heavy topic death and getting over it The main character Elsie is a 16 year old girl who lives in Scotland Five years ago her twin brother Eddie disappeared while they were swimming However Elsie can not remember what exactly happened that day Her family broke apart and parts of her memory are hazy and unclear Ever since she has been trying to remember but still can't put together all of the piecesIn reality this book may be considered to have no plot But I personally think that this is what made the book special as the book progresses so does Elsie and slowly the mystery of what happened that day unravels and once you put all of the puzzle pieces together it really touches you One day Elsie leaves her house to go to her secret hideout an abandoned boathouse where she meets Tay Tay and three other boys his age are divers and as Elsie gets to know them she also wants to dive As Elsie dives she realizes that it really relaxes her mind and she begins to remember the tragic day that happened five years agoHonestly I believe that should be enough to captivate you If I give to much of a synopsis then I'm afraid I will spoil you because this is the type of book that you will enjoy much if you don't know anything about it Now onto my thoughts on the book» The WritingAs I mentioned in one of my status updates this book has a really addictive writing style Although at times Elsie's voice is really sad you want to keep reading and that is precisely what happened to me The narration and description of everyone is really beautiful and it keeps the story going and the characters stay with you even though the book is less than 300 pages longThe writing also really reminded me of a favorite of many people I'll Give You the Sun Just like I'll Give You The Sun something tore apart Elsie's family in the past but the author does not let you know what However as the book goes on Elsie has a lot of flashbacks of the past while she is under the water and she starts realizing what was actually going on »The CharactersAlthough flawed most of the characters in this book were also really lovable My favorite character is easily Elsie She's constantly blaming herself for the disappearance of Eddie but at the same time her character grows Her interaction with other characters may not be ideal but I think flawed characters are the best because they are the most relatable and although I hadn't gone through her situation I could feel for her Her actions were understandable because she was a relatable character Besides Elsie I thought all of the characters were really intriguing to read about I would love to learn about their backstories too » The uotes There were also uite a few uotes that were really deep and since they won't spoil the book I just wanted to share them one with you guys to give a glimpse of the bookMy advice to you Elsie is go with your heart not your head because your head doesn't know what it wants It only thinks about the moral high ground And if your heart isn't happy when you try to share it you'll make others unhappy too pg 150 ARC of The Art of Not BreathingI'd add but I think you guys should experience reading it for yourselves The only complaint I have for this book which is the reason I took down 12 a star is because sometimes I thought Elsie was too attached to Tay I wanted her to be independent and I guess by the end of the story that happened but I just wish it had happened sooner Anyways I didn't mind this all too much so it's totally fineMy favorite part of the book was definitely the ending because it was so cute and also because everything unraveled and I understood the reasoning for everything that happened before in the bookI really hope you guys decide to pick this book up when it comes out April 26th because it's really worth the read ^ ^ I especially think those who love Jandy Nelson's books will really love this oneRead it if you liked I'll Give You the Sun Every Last Word All the Bright Places

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    Umm nope this just wasn't for me