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From Coheed Cambria's Claudio Sanchez comes a deeper look into the saga behind their best selling debut album The Second Stage Turbine Blade Coheed and Cambria lead a seemingly normal uiet life with their four children Yet when villainous forces behind the mysterious keywork reveal hard hitting truth's behind the couple's real nature a battle begins that crosses all worlds

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    First and foremost I read all of the books in this series so I will be posting a full series review if that’s possible thanks The Amory Wars The Second Stage Turbine Blade starts off running you are thrown into the dream of one Coheed Killgannon who you later learn is part of an anti terrorist group called the KBI He dreams about killing a space crew and escaping a space station He later learns that the dream he has is part of a disease called Monstar which he passed on through heredity to his children His wife Cambria also has this disease and is also part of the KBI About halfway through the first volume you meet Deftinwolf who tells Coheed that he has to kill his children because it is the only way for the universe to survive The children of the couple have the Sinstar Virus is an evolution of the Monstar Sinstar is able to shut down stars by cooling them down So it could potentially destroy the universe It becomes increasingly difficult for the two because Coheed poisons his first two children and can’t make the decision on how to kill the other two The book however primarily focuses on Claudio the only surviving child and his experience through heavens fence The Universe My opinion about this book is really positive I loved this series it was absolutely perfect Every word fit the situation and it was really exciting While also showing how much it would suck to be chased 3 superpowers It shows love really well too this is one of the books you can’t really explain accurately because too much happens to really explain in under an hour Or in this case in under 10 pages The entire story seems unbelievable but borderline realistic If I was able to rate this book I would rate it considerably higher than the rubric allows At least 205 but for purposes of this review I will keep it to 55 As I said in my opinion the words fit seemingly perfect together It also gives you the option to listen to music by the band Coheed and Cambria to further understand the story

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    Two and a half stars Unimpressive art and somewhat boring plot characters but something is drawing me in so I'll probably read Stupid Coheed and Cambria being so awesome I can't help but read their crappy comics

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    I'm not sure exactly how disappointed I am I like Coheed Cambria and I love the idea of a prog rock band that makes all their albums about an epic scifi story What could be even awesomely geeky? Comic books to go along with the albumsNow I never really paid much attention to the lyrics so the graphic novel is my first real exposure to the storyThe concept is fine Even interestingBut my god the writing is terribleAnd the art seems a little too Disney for the story The worst part what made it impossible for me to enjoy this is the narrative bubbles They read like the on screen text on a Korean variety show either speaking the obvious or telling what the artist and writer didn't feel like showing The dialogue was bad but not horribly so but the narrative ughAlso and maybe this is petty the prise annoyed meThey were female and naked but they are Barbie dolls So either the artist was going for excessive nudity without passing a PG 13 point but has never heard of using angles and shadows to hide naughty bits or these creatures have no nipples or genitalia and there is no reason for them to be shaped like Playboy models I can't decide which is worse and the story was progressing in a dull enough way that I was distracted by this enigma

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    This was not as bad as I feared it would be but not as good as I hoped it could be too Being a comic based on concept albums of a prog rock band really a lot could have gone wrong with this The reality is it's a decent enough sci fi comic but it's also not really like exceptional? It was coherent than I was fearing it would be but also it takes itself super seriously and it is like a little ridiculous at times? I mean one guys name is Mayo Deftinwolf A plot point involves weaponized dragon flies I wonder how this comic would come across to someone unfamiliar with Coheed and Cambria as a band I do think the Coheed superfan would probably really appreciate this I do appreciate that they also included the 2 first comics from when this whole concept was known as Bag Online Adventures instead of Amory Wars The redone comics are a big leap forward from these but it's interesting to see the humble beginnings Ultimately decent enough but room for it to be better

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    I’m a gigantic Coheed and Cambria’s fan but this book is justalright I think the biggest problem is that it throws so much info at you but you have no time to really process what any of it means Characters appear to behave irrationally though you feel like you could maybe understand what they’re doing if you knew their perspective It feels like I’m eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation and have no context to what they’re talking about—which considering I’ve been listening to Coheed and Cambria for about 15 years now should not be the case I know I’m technically picking up a book or two in the series but no book should be this baffling Also it’s got that dumb stuff of showing women nakedalmost naked all the time and also a ton of totally unnecessary violence against them with men left to feel sad about them as fuel for their own adventure It’s dumb Why was Claudio the one to survive and not Josephine? That would be compelling—someone who has gone through hell and now is fighting to survive Give me that story

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    I loved these albums when they were coming out in the early 00s and was desperate to have the actual story in front of me as I was listening as the songs don't really do a good job providing context for what is happening Well here's the context The world Claudio Sanchez has built is a fascinating one but the storytelling writing and art are plainly amateurish It's a shame because Sanchez's songwriting is pretty dang good and this is an excellent example of how someone relatively astute in one medium can't uite hang in another

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    Weird than a little confusing and not really in the good wayI might've liked it if I was into Coheed Cambria but also I might not have because rape yikes

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    Sanchez's storytelling is way effective in music form but I still think I'll finish all the issues

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    A disjointed disappointment So much potential not enough pages I look forward to the remake of this and hopefully Claudio can tell the story better with a better artist and of a budget