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Undoubtedly the most cataclysmic military struggle of the late nineteenth century the American Civil War spanned four bloody years of fighting in which over 620000 American soldiers and sailors lost their lives From its outbreak at Fort Sumter South Carolina in April 1861 until its conclusion at the Appotomax Court House than 10000 battles engagements and skirmishes were recorded across the length and breadth of America This book explores the political historical and cultural significance of the American Civil War examining its impact on the civilians and military personnel caught up in it

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    A nice 101 on the american war Good for beginnersThe book is divided in 4 chapters the original books from Osprey's Essential Histories collection by theater of operations EastWest and period 1861 631863 65It contains the usual features portrait of a solder of a civilian the world around the war illustrations and of course maps I've read dozen of Essential Histories and I have yet to be disappointed But as said above it gives an overview that'll need further reading if one's interested in the topic either on the political or military aspects of the conflictFor a comprehensive analysis I can't recommend enough James McPherson's Battle cry of freedom Osprey's Campaign series offers excellent books on the various battles fought on all theaters

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    This is a collection of the 4 American Civil War books in Osrey's 'Essential Histories' series detailing the wars and battles of the American Civil War a large conflict and one which has glimmers of the difficulty which would be encountered in World War IWhilst it would be impossible to cover all the battles and impact of the American Civil War in 350 pages this book does make a great attempt to achieve this aim I knew little about this conflict but having visited Fort Sumter a few years ago I wanted to find out and turned the Essential Histories series A clear concise and necessarily brief account of many of the battles and the movements of armies the book also includes information on Civilians and the impact around war but this is definitely an Osprey book so don't expect too much beyond the fightingAnother superb addition to the series and a lot of new details and history learned Recommended

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    Another winner from The Great Courses This is a broad overview of the Civil War that includes so much than just the battles eg politics key figures emancipation economy life on the home front reconstruction It was fascinating Although it doesn't go into the details of even the major wars when the battle of Gettysburg itself the actual details of the fighting gets only about half of one lecture you know breadth is given favor over depth it provides the best overview of all aspects of the Civil War that I've ever experienced Exceptional

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    This book is a collection of four separate volumes in Osprey's Essential Histories series; The War in the East 1861 – 1863 The War in the West 1861 – 1863 The War in the East 1863 – 1865 and The Warin the West 1863 – 1865Presented in the usual Osprey style it's an easy read and illustrated with period photographs pictures contemporary artwork mostly by DonTroiani and a sheaf of maps Given that I judge military history books on their maps mainly as I can rarely make sense of a written account of a battle without one I'd rate the book fairly highly on that basis aloneThe book covers the whole war with varying degrees of detail with the emphasis most definitely on the operational side of things There areseveral sections on the home front both in the North and the South the political situation and the experiences of slaves and non combatants but for the most part the big battalions battles andgenerals are the stars of the showThat said the book covers that aspect of the war very well and manages to tell a complex multi layered story with clarity which isno mean feat I find the separation of the war into two distinct theatres artificial from the point of view of the narrative as eachtheatre influenced the other greatly but the authors do a workmanlike job of relating the two to each other and keeping the whole narrativeflowing in the minds eye within the limitations of that structureRounded off with a comprehensive index and a relatively short bibliography with a few surprising absences This Mighty Scourge ofWar is a fine introduction to the American Civil War But it is exactly that an introduction a careful searcher could probably findmost of this information on the internet and a genuine Civil War buff is not going to find anything new hereOn the other hand the newcomer is not going to find a visually appealing or friendly introduction to the periodAnd one who can stand reading their history from a computer screen which I'm less and less willing to do as I grow older

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    I enjoyed this book He was very interesting to listen to He covered a lot of the background of the people during the war He covered a lot of battles that I have not heard aboutThe biggest thing that I learned from this book was to be like General Grant and Sherman who set goals and got to where they needed to be and were not afraid of doing their job which was fighting the enemyGeneral George B McClellan started out as the General of all the Armies of the United States but had to be fired by President Lincoln because he refused to do any thing except prepare and train and slowly move

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    A good introductory history with lots of good maps Really four books bundled as one but it is a strong overall approach Biggest single missing item does not really address any portion of the war west of the Mississippi

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    Excellent one volume treatment of the Civil War