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A deliciously steamy novel from one of the hottest stars in historical erotica Leda Swann’s Temptation continues the sensuous saga of the Clemens family whose boudoir exploits were previously recounted in Mistress Captive and The Price of Desire An author who continues to enjoy serious buzz on the popular Ellora’s Cave Swann once again takes romance to blistering new heights in this titillating tale of a proper miss whose “pen pal” correspondences with a sexy soldier get progressively explicit leading them both into shocking and scandalous Temptation

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    Beatrice Clemens loves working as a nurse in London England where she is respected and loved by her patients She considers herself to be a pragmatist a woman who doesn’t have her head up in the clouds and believes a marriage of convenience will be the best thing The man she sets her sights on is Dr Hyde the recent addition to the hospital Beatrice works at She doesn’t have any tender feelings for the doctor even though her best friend Lenora seems to care for the doctor than Beatrice does But if Dr Hyde does ask her for her hand she will accept his proposalWhile Beatrice has little free time she makes sure to write letters to her younger brother Teddy who is a solider in South Africa on the Boer War front Teddy is friends with another lonely solider a Captain Percival Carterton who also longs for letters from a pretty girl Beatrice and Percival begin a correspondence and after months both have become than pen pals Percival has fallen in love with Beatrice through her letters and when he returns to England he will ask Beatrice to marry himWhen Percival is hurt during a battle and loses contact with Beatrice she begins to second guess her feelings for this man who writes such passionate yet naughty letters She will no longer write to him especially after Dr Hyde proposes marriage to her Now Beatrice is so confused because Percival has awakened deep desires with in her And when Percival shows up on her front steps and wants to also marry her she must make a hard decision that will affect her future Percival won’t let Beatrice go without a fight and will use everything in his power to make her see that she belongs to him and no other manLeda Swann is known for writing very erotic and passionate tales and with Temptation she builds upon these lusty feelings Beatrice and Percival have for one another through the written word Some readers may find it a bit unbelievable that two people can come to care and long for one another without ever meeting but this is a fantasy after all and you do root for Percival to win Beatrice because these two are very endearing and overall wonderful peopleThere is really no reason for Beatrice to reject Percival even though she does every chance she can get Percival is very skilled at showing Beatrice that his passion for her is very real and those scenes excite and are everything you would expect in an erotic romance such as this Beatrice may act prim and proper but the moment she is in Percival’s arms she becomes very wanton and exactly what Percival wants Watching Beatrice succumb to Percival is the reason to read TemptationTemptation is a short and fast read where a man and woman’s passions for one another brings to light that love and desire are just as important as having a stable future in the arms of the one you can find true happiness with

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    Eh whatever The plot was silly much of the dialogue bordered on awful But for all the doofy convos clunky cheesy sex that voyeuristic carriage driver was especially ridiculous Temptation is by far the best of the three Swann novels I've tried This one at least had a trio of couples that were slightly interesting though predictable a developmental arc that wasn't repeatedly bludgeoned with the stupid stick Compared to the nonsensical rubbish of Captive the repetitive hyper horndog buffoonery of Mistress Temptation is positively DickensianI don't recommend it but I've read worseso I'll round up to a 3 Hey at least it made me laugh Surely that's worth the extra star? P

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    The first half was fun and threw me right into the fantasy The sex scenes were hot but the second half got a bit ridiculous I kept reading and enjoyed the ride but the fact that realism was thrown to the wind kind of knocked it down a star The other two pointless B plots also kicked it down a star BUT it's a uick read and has enough hotness to redeem it

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    I really enjoyed the dialogue and male character in this novel However like the preious book in this series I found the female lead to be a bit bipolar very fractured and peevish 95% of the time and wholly unbelievable as she was offered everything she could want on a platter only to play the DO I or DONT I GameI wanted to smack her several times Disappointing because the book had much promise As I said I enjoyed the dialogue and the interesting premise However I like stronger female leads; truly strong from their core not silly ninnies

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    I'm giving this four stars because the characters and plot were very well done A young nurse in Regency England writes to a soldier stationed in South Africa during the Boer War At first very innocent and then the letters get really steamy; the man falls in love and seeks her out in London when he returns from the war Reading the letters was fun other nursesfriends also get into it by writing to other soldiers as well There's a lot of sex but something was lacking on that front foreplay to be honest I guess the letters were the foreplay

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    Beatrice Caroline's sister from the Price of Desire intends to wed a stodgy doctor then begins writing baudy letters to her brother Teddy's soldier friend Percy never expecting him to actually show up She isn't as full a character as CAroline was nor is Percy as convincing as Caroline's Dominic The resloution wasn't convincing to me

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    Worst book ever I can't even believe I thought it sounded good it seemed slapped together Ill plotted and crude I threw the book away couldn't get it gone fast enough thank god it was only a dollar

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    I love epistolary books but this one left me disinterested Though it was well written I felt that the characters lacked tension between each other

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    This book was boring and very drawn out Like reading a soap opera You know could miss a week and still know what was going on Well you could skip pages in this not miss anything

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    what was this i don't even know