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One boy's journey to help his village becomes a uest to save the kingdom Features a fearsome new beast in every book A mysterious force has been creeping over the plains of Avantia The animals are stampeding and brush fires sweep the prairie The farmers are spooked whispers of a mysterious horseman are spreading as fast as the stampedes And now that someone has disappeared on a cattle drive suspicion runs high Tom and Elenna speed to the plains to stop Tagus the Night Mare before he can do any damage But Tom ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and is mistakenly thrown in jail Can he win the trust of the people and his own freedom before it's too late to stop Tagus?

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    I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Tom got the golden chain on Tagus' neck by getting on Tagus and using the key to unlock it

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    In Targus the Night Horse the fourth installment of the Beast uest series things remain strictly formula Citizens are attacked by Beast Tom and Elenna meethelp citizens miscellaneous hardships are overcome rather simple epic battle against the Beast Congratulations it's the endIn this particular installment Tom and Elenna spend seventy six pages finding and battling the fourth Beast under Malvel's spell a centuar named Tagus who is never once referred to as a centaur Only a night horseSeriously it's kind of weird I thought it was odd in the previous book that the Cyclops was referred to only as a Mountain Giant but now I'm starting to think it's a trend From what I can tell from the covers of the later installments the children are going to battle a yeti referred to as an ice beast a phoenix only referred to as a winged flame and a naga referred to as a snake manand I will admit I don't uite get it Why are dragon sea serpent minotaur and gorgon acceptable while Cyclops centaur yeti phoenix and naga given euphemisms? Color me confusedRegardless Targus the Night Horse is another mediocre to good installment in the Beast uest series I'm finding that the books are slightly improving as I delve further into the series though I believe that might simply be because Blade has gotten the exposition out of the way for the most part while I'm getting invested in the characters and their uest I hope to see the plots improve over the next few novels and I'm longing for the rigid formula of these first few books to be broken soonIn the meantime though Beast uest is proving itself to be a consistent fantasy series ideal for young readers of very short chapter books

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    Tagus the Night Horse by Adam Blade is a fantasy story about a beast who was in control by a wizard attacking corps out of controlTom his new friend Elenna Storm the Horse and Silver the Wolf on are on a journey to free this outraged beast from the horrible wizard Tom finds him self in jail wrongfully accused for something he never did Later sneaks out and later faces the uncontrolled beast Tagus on a fight and bring him down with the help of his fast horse Storm Adam Blade used 1st narrative point of view in this book It connects to imaginary things like a night horse that is half man and half horse The story takes it slow at the beginning then goes fast then goes slowly in another way to express it first it's silent then it is all distractive and scary then goes back to peaceful My recommendations for this book is high If you have a high taste in Fantasy books this book will take you straight into it Adventure is on it's way to show you what it feels like to fight a night horse So are you ready for a journey to the land of Avantia and take on this scary beast read Tagus the Night Horse by Adam Blade

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    If you read my previous review Cypher The Mountain Giant you can skip this review It's the same formula Someone gets in trouble our heroes appear they get into trouble and then help the villagers and in the end deal with the beast The characters don't evolve from one book to another And the little girl well this book she didn't get into trouble She was almost absent Enfin

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    For reviews check out my blog Craft CycleSame format as the first three books in the series The books follow a pretty consistent story arch which gets a little dull and predictable after a while Nice short chapter book that is good for reluctant readers uick pace and adventure make it interestingI found the first four books in the clearance section at a book store Now that I've read them I think it's the end of the series for me I was thinking I'd finish the last two monsters but I'm pretty sure I get the basic direction of the series by now so I'll probably just skip them Plus there are over 80 books in the total series Not really that into the series Good short books filled with adventure but not much creativity

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    Very formulaic but just about kept my son's interest This is the least entertaining of the first four books in the series although it hasn't put my son off reading the next one I do find the Level of language spot on though It is accessible for young children yet challenging too so just about perfect in that respect

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    Book four of team Blade's Beast uest series and another what you would expect story almost by the numbers but still with enough in it to be mildly diverting and engaging and helps you escape dreariness for little while

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    I had unusual fun while reading this book

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