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It's the summer before senior year and Marcus should be hanging out filling his sketchbook maybe asking a girl out for once So why is he in a car with his brother his brother's girl and the pistol headed straight toward his dad?David Hernandez writes with striking lyricism and unfaltering poise Suckerpunch marks the debut of a superb and important new literary talent

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    Numerous reasons exist to prompt a reader into picking up this book for National Hispanic Heritage Month The reader should pay attention to the development of masculinity Hernandez cleverly unravels the danger of macho bullshit Enriue the character who is most abused embraces a tough guy pose He becomes the mirror image of his abuser picking fights being violent speaking harshly in situations that don't reuire anger or rage He adopts homophobia He embraces the role of the lothario And yet all the while suffers from the pain of trauma coupled with mental illness Enriue while the only one physically assaulted is not the only one to suffer abuse The mother and brother silent and frozen witnesses to the abuse have to unravel their guilt at never having defended Enriue They watch frozen in their fear The mother attempts to talk the father out of his abusiveness And Marcus retreats further into his shy guilt taking refuge in getting high Marcus although the most demeaned because he doesn't offer that macho posturing that his community of male friends display is the strongest male of all After all the abuse he witnesses Marcus can still offer love to his brother to his mother and even in some measure to a father who is struggling and failing? with transformation self healing and attempting to make amends I love that Hernandez made the pussy and the virgin our hero The ability to come out of abuse and still be capable of loving forgiving and moving forward is the image of masculine strength that is so very needed in our Terminator Ironman Hulk worshipping world Marcus is a character to be explored between teachers and students I would recommend this text for any 12th grade studies in Literature or writing courses

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    Hernandez forges the powerful voice of a somewhat angsty teenager in this gripping yet easy to follow novel I regard this as a coming of age story of sorts because of the way the characters are developed namely Enriue The writer plays with the reader's perception and opinion of characters masterfully namely in the revealing of Enriue as a less than desirable character AFTER revealing the path of his painfully blazed trail from childhood to early teenhood The idea that people can change unexpectedly is a big deal for the plot of this book the brothers assume that their father is the same as he has always been despite the signs that seem to suggest otherwise When the group of kids goes on their journey to avenge Enriue's broken childhood they run into a lot of unexpected obstacles along the way as suggested by the title and see others who have fallen victim to the reckless wiles of life as well which really enriches the scope of that theme I do agree with other readers who say that the graphic sexual content may have been unnecessary however; I also believe that it was instrumental in establishing Marcus as a hearty and determined young adult and in turn showing just how much his brother's torment affected him and why it affected him in the ways that it did I'm giving this book four stars and not five because uite simply there were no uotation marks

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    First the good stuff David Hernandez packs a lot of powerful emotion per page in this novel and his main character Marcus is a wonderful mix of reliable enough for me to trust him as a narrator but imperfect enough to relate to Also this is one of those rare YA novels that I think would resonate with teenage boys especially if they're Hispanic Hernandez manages to honor the traits of a Hispanic family in the US without digressing into the preachy ness that is so typical of multicultural children's booksSecond the not so good stuff some of the plot felt kind of tacked on for the sake of moving things forward instead of growing out of the story The worst part of the book no uotation marks Trying to read a dialogue heavy book without uotation markspain in the butt

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    David Hernandez is one of my favorite poets and he brings his acute observational skills to this story of a teenage boy dealing with his father's inexplicable violence toward his younger brother The novel meanders the way that teenage life does floating from one scene to the next with emphasis on sensation than causality Maybe it's a poet thing too But what the book lacks in page turner ness it makes up in realism and uiet moments of odd beauty

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    This was a good book It had good characters and a good plot The theme of domestic violence and depression was uite sad and dark but once you get around that it's great

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    I liked the book it was a good blend of friendship family and hard times The story is about two brothers and their father Marcus the older brother watches and cries as his dad beats on Enriue the younger brother This happens all the time for many years until one day Marcus jumps on top of his dad to stop him from beating up Enriue They all go to there rooms but when Marcus and Enriue wake up all they have is a note from there dad saying im leaving don't come after me Everything was fine for a while until his mom tells him that shes been talking with his dad and he wants to come back home Marcus and Enriue didn't like this so they figure out where their dad is living and try to scare him from coming home by using a gun They drive for a few days and arrive at there dads house in CA there they confront him but he is being nice he tells them that he doesn't have anger any and that hes sorry but Enriue pulls the gun anyway to try to scare him but it only works for a little bit Enriue and Marcus decide to leave at that and return home

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    Sucker Punch it was written by David Hernandez and is about a kid named Marcus his dad died at the beginning they didn’t say how and they were at a funeral for himMarcus’s friend was there and he was thinking about what to do to his dad and picturing it in his head they also like to get into trouble during the storySucker punch is a book you should read it is very funny and a sad story too the story has a lot of action like Marcus and his friends get in some trouble and do some stuff without their mom knowing like fighting people and stuff The book is told in 3rd person Marcus doesn’t really care about other people that much and is kind of a tough guy

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    uick simple read Captivating story character dynamics

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    good writinganticlimactic plot

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    Two brothers travel to seek out their father to make him pay for the mess and pain he left behind