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Six Months After Nearly Losing Their Lives To A Serial Killer In New York City, FBI Special Agents Ty Grady And Zane Garrett Are Suffering Through Something Almost As Frightening The Monotony Of Desk Duty When They Re Ordered To Take A Vacation For The Good Of Everyone S Sanity, Ty Bites The Bullet And Takes Zane Home With Him To West Virginia, Hoping The Peace And Quiet Of The Mountains Will Give Them The Chance To Explore The Explosive Attraction They Ve So Far Been Unable To Reconcile With Their Professional Partnership Ty And Zane, Along With Ty S Father And Brother, Head Up Into The Appalachian Mountains For A Nice, Relaxing Hike Deep Into The Woods Where No One Will Hear Them Scream They Find Themselves Facing Danger From All Directions Unpredictable Weather, The Unrelenting Mountains, Wild Animals, Fellow Hikers With Nothing To Lose, And The Most Terrifying Challenge Of All Each Other

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    Ladies and gentlemen,may I have your attention please Thank you And the award for the BEST COUPLE goes to..TY AND ZANE Please let us all give this DYSFUNCTIONAL and CRAZY,SWEET and AMAZING,ANTAGONIZING and ANNOYING,and MAD FOR EACH OTHER couple a big hand.Okay,now moving on.The Plot The story starts with Ty and Zane of course trying to cope with their brutal and garish encounter with the Tri State serial killer a few months back.Both ,deeply scarred and unable to deal ,are slowly growing apart Sensing their mental instability,they are told to go on a vacation actually ordered Ty asks Zane to come with him to his family home in West Virginia.Zane accepts.It s supposed to be a relaxing time when they can actually enjoy some peace But for Ty and Zane is it possible to stay away from trouble and danger The Vacation It starts out pretty good.Ty s happy to be back home.Zane likes watching Ty happy and also likes his family,never mind they are crazy tooTy s brother Deuce,who s a shrink by the way.His father Earl,very strict and expects a lot from his sons.His grandfather who never goes anywhere without his shovel and also sleeps with it and his mother Mara,who keeps them all in line.They decide to go on a hiking through the mountains view spoiler Of course they were supposed to find STICKS AND STONES But..They also find treasure hunters Not ordinary bookish ones,but bad,cruel ones with grenades,guns,mini bombs And also they find snakes And a mountain cougar trying to eat them And many other such dangerous situations hide spoiler

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    I enjoyed this one but I think I enjoyed the first book I have already started book 3 and I have already had some real LOL moments so, for the moment I am going to rate this 4 stars.Loved meeting Ty s family Liked Deacon Deuce a lot Once you admit to yourself that you are or aren t something, then you can begin searching for the reason why, Deuce went on And once you ve found that, you can begin to take steps toward making it better So, tell yourself you re an asshole, stop being an asshole, your problem s solved, Deuce said in a pleased voice Hell would be relaxing than this, Zane muttered as he glared at the water And I could get a tan Your family is nice Sticks and stones may break my bones,but words will never hurt me One kiss from Ty never failed to make Zane want And Grandpa Grady was a hoot.Mr Grady Snr Mmmm, not sure what to think of you just yet.ZANETY

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    Cross posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw Reviews It s just as well FBI agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett are required to take a mandatory vacation after failing their psychological evaluations Six months later, they are still haunted by the Tri State murders A relaxing hike, a chance for the guys to explore their simmering attraction, and spending time with Ty s family is just what they need If Zane could survive a trip to West Virginia to meet the Gradys, he could live through anything Like a cockroach It s not that easy, though, as both guys are great at keeping a lid on their emotions On top of that, they are each dealing with issues from their pasts Zane is hurting from the death of his wife and recovering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol Ty is a former Marine who is suffering from PTSD, troubled by nightmares and flashbacks While this story is not as action packed as the first, there are very gripping moments that had this reader flipping pages well into the evening It began with the mysterious ATV tracks and ended with Ty s sorry encounter with a cougar Though they have to deal with bad guys on the trail, the focus of this story was on Ty s and Zane s deepening relationship and the interaction with Ty s family I especially liked Ty s brother, Deacon, who is a psychiatrist and aware of how Ty and Zane feel about each other than they are themselves His mother, Mara, is warm, loving, protective, and bakes amazing pies Ty s father, Earl, has a gruff, military bearing The complicated relationship he has with his sons made it difficult for me to warm up to him, but there was no question his love was strong, especially when Ty s life was in danger.Just like in the first book, there were unbelievable scenes and stupid mistakes made The writing style seems a bit controlled, or maybe I m just getting used to it I love the slow burning romance, the humorous banter, and the tension in Ty s and Zane s relationship What he was afraid of, he d come to realize, was not dark spaces or falling from great heights or being buried alive His greatest fears, in the end, were letting down those he loved and saying the words I love you without any hope of hearing them in return I m enjoying this series so far and look forward to danger and thrills, as well as seeing Ty and Zane overcoming their fears and insecurities Thanks to Barbie from Bookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group for lending this to me.

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    Ty Zane can t seem to catch a break The quest to get their heads straight quickly turns into the worst vacation in the history of vacations All Spoilers are Hidden How about after this we agree not to say the word vacation again, okay Actually, no, we agree to not even think the word vacation again Ty glanced sideways at him We ll use code, he agreed Call it time off time off from hell Hell would be relaxing than this, Zane muttered And I could get a tan After the action packed fiasco that was the Tri State Case from Cut Run, Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett have been languishing behind desks at the DC Bureau There was a lot of paperwork to catch up on and healing to do before Burns would send our boys back into the fieldUnfortunately mental scars don t heal as fast as broken bones Ty and Zane are on the verge of being forced into early retirement if they don t pass their psychological evaluations Burns has no choice but to force the pair into taking a long vacation, and orders suggests they make the journey to West Virginia to visit Ty s Family Zane wondered if Ty was a mama s boy He tipped his head to the side, watching them as he picked out a piece of warm bread, and thought maybe so Not that he would ever voice that opinion to Ty until he was good and ready to die. We ve been fed bits and pieces of information regarding Ty s family specifically that they re close with Director Burns This book opens the floodgates to information from Ty s past and his complicated relationship with his family All of the information served to round out Ty s character into one whose motives and actions particularly toward Zane become clearer Side Note I adored Ty s Mom and Grandfather They weren t necessarily featured players in this book, but Abigail Roux has a way of making her secondary and tertiary characters into vibrant individualsAfter visiting with the family and resting up from the long drive, Ty, Zane, Earl Ty s Father , and Deuce Ty s bother set out for a leisurely trek across the hostile mountains Because there s no way that could possibly go wrongTHIS BOOK WAS AL ABOUT THE BATTLES WE WAGEThe group battled against the mountain Weather,wildlife,trails,timeThe Grady s battled against each other Father vs son,expectations vs reality,brother vs brother,concern vs prideTy and Zane battled against their own minds Dealing with their pasts,overcoming fears,finding their easy connection again,re establishing the trust they had builtWarning this part is going to be spoilery if you haven t read the first book in the Cut run seriesIn my review of Cut Run I failed to mention how much I liked that the author used that particular title The phrase was repeated by Ty and Zane throughout the book they could always cut and run Together they could leave all the danger behind. I thought it was a charming addition to an already awesome book I feel obligated to mention this now, because Sticks Stones was perfection in a title.As I mentioned previously, the battles waged on the mountain were about mental obstacles even in the face of physical danger Ty and Zane have already proved that they can cheat death and come out on the other side They have no problem with sticks and stones or bombs, bullets, car chases, or serial killers it s the words that hurt them.Words which remain unsaid view spoiler by the end of this book both Ty and Zane have admitted to themselves that they have fallen in love with the other, but their insecurities are causing them to keep those words to themselves They know that their partner would have their back in a firefight, but they aren t sure the other would welcome any emotional attachment It s causing a huge wedge between the two hide spoiler

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    Holy shitit just keeps getting better I think I may have a Ty and Zane addiction going on Damn those two are awesome This book was milder on the action and focused on the emotions of the two men There were some steamy scenes that made my face blush and my toes curling Wowcan t wait to read the next one I m hoping this one will be just as good I love this new addiction I ve got going 5 stars

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    TY and ZANE TY AND ZANE TY AND ZANE I am so into this series it is not even funny.What I love, other than hot hot hot M M romantic and sexual tension, is the sloooow build It is such a nice change of pace from the PNRs I ve been reading where it is love at first sight and declarations of undying love in the first chapter I like the complexity of their relationship and the baggage they bring It makes the series so interesting and engaging It reminds me in some ways of the buildup in the Kate Daniels series I seriously can t wait to see how their relationship unfolds.This book was wonderful and well written and jam packed with adventure On to the next one.

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    4 StarsRe read November, 2017It seems I never reviewed this one the first time around I must have been too excited about continuing the series to stop and write anything.I feel like this is one of those series that you actually benefit from a re read I noticed so many little details along the way and I was better at analysing the conversations for deeper meanings I found myself enjoying this because of the insight I already had I guess this insight comes easy with the foreknowledge of what s in store for Ty and Zane.During my original marathon of this series, Sticks Stones was the book I considered my least favourite of the bunch I m not sure why that was is but I think it may have a lot to do with Ty s father and the fact that I blame all the action and drama that unfolds while the boys are hiking on Earl Grady and his stubborn, arrogant, overbearing bullshit If he hadn t bullied Ty into following his decision to investigate what was going on in the mountains, then everyone would have been safe and happy and unhurt by beatings, near drownings, animal attacks, and even harsh unforgivable words Sure, there may not have been a story here had Earl Grady not gotten his way, but the whole situation still enrages me and makes me want to smack him around a bit On the plus side, the I read about Ty and Zane the deeply I fall down the fangirl rabbit hole I love the slow burn pace that unfolds regarding their feelings for one another, and I especially love getting inside Ty s mind and witnessing his Zane related revelations towards the end Ultimately, Sticks Stones proved to be another exciting read with plenty of action and adventure, as well as some solid relationship progression that we all know leads to the most epic of love stories.

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    This is a review of the audio book This was my first audio book, and it was fantastic I simply LOVED it It s really an experience, so much different than reading The narrator has a really great voice, and the way he did Ty and Zane just made me melt And this way I enjoyed every single part of the book, even the ordinary conversatinas were for me XD And listening to the sex scenes I just felt naughty XD It s really different when you imagine that stuff in your head, and when you listen to the guy telling you what was happening But the best parts were the emotional scenes there weren t many, but still when Ty says in that soft voice Thank you, Zane , or the BEST part so far view spoiler the first thing that comes to mind when he thinks of Zane I love you hide spoiler

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    4.5 Stars I think I liked this one about as much as the first one, maybe a little bit I loved how this one was completely different from book 1 Stick Stones didn t exactly revolve around a case, but there was no shortage of action and suspense Still very little romance, which would have to be my only complaint However, there is enough sexual tension and attraction there to really keep me invested And as always, Ty and Zane s banter is lol funny We get introduced to Ty s familysome of which I liked than others You can see Ty and Zane s relationship growing and developing It s these little moments that really keep me hooked and wanting to see where things go A really good series so far