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Special Agents Ty Grady And Zane Garrett Have Managed The Impossible A Few Months Of Peace And Quiet After Nearly A Year Of Personal And Professional Turmoil, They Re Living Together Conflict Free, Work Is Going Smoothly, And They Re Both Happy, Healthy, And Home Every Night Before Dark But Anyone Who Knows Them Knows That Can T Possibly LastWhen An Emergency Call From Home Upsets The Balance Of Their Carefully Arranged World, Ty And Zane Must Juggle Family Drama With A Perplexing Crime To Save A Helpless Victim Before Time Runs OutFrom The Mountains Of West Virginia To A Remote Texas Horse Ranch Harboring Than Just Livestock And Childhood Memories, Ty And Zane Must Face Their Fears And Their Families To Overcome An Unlikely Enemy And Bring Peace Back Into Their Newly Shared World

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    OH.MY.GOD.HEART HOGGERS That s what they are Or will be if a word like that exists How How do they do it everytime Everytime I think that they can t possibly take any space in my heart,they keep on taking and and I am KRAZZY about these two men.And now..YEE HAW,Readers This time. Welcome to Texas Are you ready for some wild rides Ty and Zane are living together now and enjoying some peace finally At least as much peace as they can muster with Julian s two cats from hell trying to kill Zane I kid you not But as is the usual case with these two,trouble always manages to somehow reach them.Well this time it is in the form of an emergency call from Zane s family.And voil ,the fun begins. A for Apple.B for Ball.C for C for Cats,Readers Small cats,big cats.Nice cats,evil cats.Tame cats,wild cats. He reached for the corner of the map to begin folding it back up You kids go on, then, Harrison said Check out that place Oh, hell no, Ty blurted I mean, no, sir Hell no, sir Zane chuckled Come on, Ty What No Not me Chicken, Zane whispered Yeah, that s what they think I taste like Zane laughed harder I don t do big cats, Zane Annie held up a hand I m sorry, why aren t you going to the sanctuary He has an unnatural aversion to large felines, Zane told her It s not unnatural, Zane It would be unnatural if I weren t afraid of something that tried to eat me And now let me introduce you to the itty bitty kitty,who can give Zane a run for Ty s affections..Barnum Isn t that cute And of course we also have H for Horses,Readers It will be unfair not to mention them Ty pointed his good hand at the doors to the barn, where Harrison stood I m not going back in there with that horse Zane flopped the rope against his thigh Ty, the horses are not conspiring against you Ty crossed his arms and shook his head He looks at me And he talks to me And he knows I don t know what he s saying Poor Ty And what about R for Romance The first pop of pre emptive Fourth of July fireworks over the Alamo made them both jump, and Zane turned so they could watch the fire rain down from the sky through the branches of their oak tree Another shot soared into the air, bursting into flickering flames of red, white, and blue People began to hoot and holler No one was paying them any attention.Zane looked down at Ty, and Ty grinned This was nothing special for Ty In his world, every time Zane s lips touched his, something somewhere caught fire Oh sweet heaven Ty s fingers were on his skin, sliding his boxers to his thighs, and it warmed every inch of Zane s body as he gazed into Ty s eyes I was just musing over how perfect you are for me Beautiful Aren t they And don t forget S for Steamy You okay to mount he asked Ty Next time you ask me that, you better be naked Oh yeah I missed you Zane felt solid against his fingers, and after a week of closing his eyes and imagining it was Zane s touch in place of his own, Zane s weight felt incredible against him I m not going to fuck you here, Zane said through gritted teeth, though he appeared to be trying to convince himself and not Ty. Want Go read this book But most importantly, we have T for Trouble Lots and lots and lots of it So,what kinds of troubles do you think these two TROUBLE MAGNETS attract this time Any guesses Well,nothing much Just men with guns.And getting shot.And some broken bones.And stopping illegal trades outside their jurisdiction.And cats,big ones.Saving them,all the while trying not to get eaten.Getting shot with animal tranquilizers and nearly dying.Dangerous situations.Coming out of closet or being hurled out,however you might look at it..As I said,nothing much.Just the usual Usual for Ty and Zane,that is I know you are wondering how did they manage to get in such deep shit this time,with just a phone call.So,you need to read this NOW April 8th APRIL 8th Have to wait till then forWell okay No problem Bangs head Anyway,it s time for me to take leave Readers.Ta Ta and enjoy this one

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    REVIEW COMPLETED AUGUST 12, 2012 Want to go to West Virginia and risk life and limb with me Zane smirked and gave a single nod Sounds like fun From the blurb From the mountains of West Virginia to a remote Texas horse ranch harboring than just livestock and childhood memories, Ty and Zane must face their fears and their families to overcome an unlikely enemy and bring peace back into their newly shared world. Had a gay bull I had to sell last year That was a damn nuisance Gay son That don t cost me nothing Zane s fatherThere are many paths in life Some we choose, and some are chosen for us I like Ty and Zane s path, and I really appreciate it to witness their maturing process The I read about them, the I love them And I am inclined to think that if you didn t like Armed Dangerous, it s quite possible that you won t like Stars Stripes either Yes, there is some action that includes guns and knives and of course there are the big and scary cats as well, but the crime aspect of the story is only a subplot Ty and Zane are living together conflict free As it was, the conflicts were brought up by other family members Ty and Zane don t bitch at each other Sure, the banter and the sharp wit are there, and they like to tease each other pretty regularly, however, it s first and foremost about their evolving relationship It was romantic It was sweet and tender But a good sweet never sugary sweet Then again, it was very hawt and passionate too Having said that, I was so pleased to see their bond of love deepen Ty and Zane s love is absolutely palpable and it makes me one happy camper, that s for sure You told me if I ever came to Texas you d teach me how to ride, Ty drawled The low gravel of his seductive voice never failed to hit all of Zane s happy places I did I d say pun intended 3 3 3Oh, and let s not forget something substantial it was loads of fun Again If you need to smile and laugh then Ty and Zane deliver in spades The finger thingie was so hilarious I just had to laugh out loud Ty s granddad, Chester, is one seriously witty old guy When Ty was not quite sure how to voice his coming out, Chester simply gave him a leg up I felt a tingling sensation and his short and smart speech warmed my heart immensely Yeah, talk about anticipation, huh I liked Zane s sister too Well, that explains your disappearance, Annie said Her lips compressed like she was trying not to laugh Is this what they mean when they talk about coming out of the closet Zane glared at her, and she gave up and laughed God, she s as bad with the puns as you are, Ty said from behind the door. One other aspect of Stars Stripes is killing me at the moment I want them to talk about Ty s view spoiler captivity in Afghanistan hide spoiler

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    Zane slid his fingertips across Ty s lips With a blink, his expression changed, and he was gazing at Ty with such longing and love that he might as well have screamed it at the top of his lungs I wouldn t change it, he rasped Any of it This book made me go through a rainbow of emotions Anticipation, anxiety, shock, sorrow, happiness, fear, hate, love, swooning is swoon an emotion anyway, I did it constantly , I cried happy tears, I cried sad tears, and then when I reached the end of the book it was a mix of both The story in Stars Stripes starts with Ty having to go home help his parents, and he brings Zane with him They re both happy and at ease with themselves, talking about their pasts and planning a future But it isn t all peachy, especially when Chester declares to the whole family that Ty and Zane are together That was a shocker And the reaction from Ty s family was as well The way his father reacted I mean, I get it, but still don t approve All the others were nice, and I was glad that they both had support from atleast Ty s part of the family Then came THE CALL Zane had a family emergency and had to go to Texas, without Ty unfortunately Someone shot his father and the ranch had problems with tresspassers Lucky for Zane Ty somehow made it to Texas and joined him in the investigation Won t go any further in the story because it s something that should be read and enjoyed, without too much spoilers Ty and Zane were just wonderful It s so great to see them totally in love, and not affraid to admit it They talked about a lot of stuff here, and their relationship progressed further There was talk about a life together, marriage and childern Enough to say that I was in a constant swoon mode They had to deal with a lot of things, the most important being outed to their families I just have to say one thing Zane s dad is EPIC Ty s words The man is just brilliant and I love the way he reacted about them being together XD You could see he loves Zane very much and wants him to be happy Earl, that I didn t expect, but I kinda understand his reaction considering everything we know about him as a character Still, not my favorite person.Chester ROCKS Who else is there Deuce, Annie and Mara were great too, want to see them in the upcoming books Beverly is a B TCH She really pushed all the wrong buttons for me I felt really really bad for Zane.Other than that, it was a joy to read about those two in Texas Ty and his nerves around animals , and Zane with his sexy drawl Here are some of my favorite scenes Ty and Zane in bed when the cats came Earl talking about his finger being cut off Chester announcing to everyone that Ty and Zane are a couple TZ in his room after that whole incident the phone sex D when Ty came to Texas and surprised Zane one of the best scenes EVER, I was misty eyed after that one Harrison giving a present to Ty did I mention how much I love that guy Zane giving Ty his hat, and the scene in the bar BEFORE the sh t the rodeo sex but it was DAMN HOT meeting the tigers 3 Zane finding Ty with the tiger I cried a bit at that one too, very emotional and sad Zane and Ty in the hospital Ty comforting Zane after his talk with his mother did I mention I hate her Ty and Sadie sleeping TZ talking about having a family Harrison giving Zane the papers LOVE the man, LOVE, LOVE the ending And here are 2 quotes I simply loved 3 Ty lay down with him, curling around him and settling his head on Zane s shoulder He d grown comfortable with the opportunities he had to do this, to lean on Zane both physically and emotionally It had taken him a long time to come to terms with the fact that it didn t make him weak When Zane wrapped his arms around him, it felt right. For the first time, they were actually discussing their future in concrete terms They d both known, on some level, that they intended to spend the rest of their lives together It felt like a solid force now, though, something as real as the hands that pressed into his back or the lips that met his over and over as they made love.I ll be waiting for the new book, and I have a feeling I ll do my re reads of this pretty soon TY ZANE FOREVER

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    Okay, this one is my new favorite Loved everything about this one Especially loved the boys going to Texas, learning about Zane and his family and his past Very action packed, that last 20% or so was pretty intense Things are so good for Ty and Zane I m scared to keep reading.I just know shit is going to hit the fan Also found it pretty cool that the author visited an exotic animal sanctuary 20 miles from where I grew up.I should go say hi to Barnum Or not

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    Hand to god, I never thought I would love another in this series as much as Fish Chips.I was wrong This is my new favorite of the series.Ty and Zane were flufftastic with each other, maintained the banter that I ve come to love and are still hot like burning between the sheets Or in the supply closet Or at the Alamo Bless em.I also loved Harrison and Sadie was adorably precocious Hells bells, even ole crotchety Earl Grady earned a brownie point with his acceptance of them as a couple Just the one, though He s still on my shit list and if he lays a hand on my boy again someone s feelings are going to get hurt.But my favorite part was Ty with Barnum D awwwww Little kitteh haz a crush.The mystery didn t really hold my interest all that much but I enjoyed just listening to Ty and Zane have such a good time together in Texas on the ranch and doing all the Texan things all while falling a little harder for each other that I didn t mind.Zane s mother I could ve done without but she did have her moments Not many but a couple so I m hoping she ll de pill as the series evolves J.F Harding was SUPERB Superlatives fail me for his performance It was that good.If you need a feel good read listen, this is a good choice.

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    5 stars for Ty and Zane.Loved it even I love you, Ty said out of the blue, his voice almost sing song Zane laughed You re drunk I loved you before I was drunk Zane s dad is epic Had a gay bull I had to sell last year That was a damn nuisance Gay son That don t cost me nothing March 2017Im done listening to the audio book This was sooo good highly recommended for everyone. fell hard for Ty and Zane again.So far this is my favourite book I love the growth in Ty Zane s relationship Chester is my hero, i like that we got to see Zane s family Ty and Zane are just so sweet

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    This was THE best book of the series so far Warm and fuzzy and sweet and funny I can finally join the multitudes in saying I love Ty and Zane.

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    Loved it Without a doubt, this book is my favorite so far I loved seeing Ty and Z acting as a couple as well as them interacting with their families Lots of action and family drama.I still can t decide if I am team Ty or team Zane I think it s a tie.Can t wait until I read the next one Although, I did read a few reviews, and I am a little nervous.

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    It s official I have a new favorite book in the Cut Run Series I love you, Ty said out of the blue, his voice almost sing song.Zane laughed You re drunk I loved you before I was drunk I ve had a rough time trying to figure out how to write this review Truth is I fucking LOVED this book Problem is all of the things which made this particular installment of the Cut Run Series so successful are massive spoilers, so I ll have to break my review down in a new way First off, the majority of this book took place in Texas Complete with countless Texas Cowboy jokes and all that You know who is a proud Texas native This Chick Summer evenings in Texas were apparently blazing hot right up until the sun went down, when they became merely uncomfortably warm. I was entertained by all the Texas love going on I enjoyed Ty s hatred of horses, and Zane s Cowboy alter ego leaking out Plus all the saucy ride em cowboy references and sexy stetsons It all came together to make Texas a character in her own right view spoiler I especially loved the scene of Ty and Zane at the Alamo on the Fourth of July That was a trifecta of love for me My birthday is July 4th, and I ve spent most of my birthdays beneath the Texas stars watching fireworks with the people I love hide spoiler

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    February 2019RR January 2018_____________________Re read February 2017LOVED IT