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The star that led the three wise men could be the same star wished upon by those longing for a wish to come true In the opening novella Christmas Child 15 year old Melanie feels cheated when her baby sister born at Christmastime lives only a few days But the brief life of her sister shows Melanie the lasting value of love Brenda struggles between noble intentions and real desires when she becomes the last chance for happiness for a dying boy in Last Dance The final story Kathy's Life describes a girl who appears to have it all Kathy is beautiful intelligent and has the perfect job as a live in caregiver for a couple's baby boy But not everything is as perfect as it seems Should Kathy give up the one person she loves most in the world?

10 thoughts on “Starry, Starry Night: Three Holiday Stories

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    Not as great as some of Lurlene McDaniel's other books but still good

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    Good if cheesy holiday stories

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    Three novellas about 90 pages each but boy did they pack a punchChristmas Child SO SAD but I liked the message Melanie was a really sweet girl who really matured a lot and I loved how supportive her friends were Absolutely heartbreaking though 4 stars Last Dance my least favorite of the three but still was cute Doug was likable enough but it wasn’t as deep or meaningful as the other two 3 stars Kathy’s Life a sweet story with another really good message Ellie was a good friend to Kathy and Kathy helped Ellie too 4 stars

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    I found these three stories although not read during the holidays sweet and touching Although I have to admit it wasn't Lurlene McDaniel at her best Since there were three stories made to fit into a 255 page each story was at least 80 which didn't leave much room to elaborate My favorite story was Kathy's Life I felt that was the most touching of all to give up your son so he could have a better life no matter how much you want to keep him The other two stories were just okay for me For Last Dance I was so sure that Doug was going to die because I looked for a deeper meaning in Brenda's wish on a star But I was wrong Don't get me wrong I didn't want the guy to die but I felt that the ending for Last Dance was too sudden and nothing really happened I will most likely pick up this book again during the holidays just for some holiday hope It was a great and fast readRating93100

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    The first story of this book had me in tears it was so moving and heartbreaking The second and third stories were heartwarming and kept me captivated McDaniel does a great job engaging her readers with her heartfelt stories

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    I've read this book times than I can remember and each of the short stories is a nice little dose of Christmas spirit

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    Nostalgia 101 Easy read but I will probably let the read books from this author live in my memories Still it was a nice walk down memory lane

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    These stories were beautifully written and showed that even though life can seem tough sometimes all you need is to believe and hope I feel like I really needed to read these right now Loved them

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    Overall I liked it I'm not that big of a fan of it being chopped into 3 different stories However I enjoyed each story individually Each one had characters that a reader can empathize with

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    WhyThis was there different books in one and all you can tell written by Lurlene McDaniel if you have read her books