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A madman A secret generations old Another missing boy They called the sadistic killer The River Rat and he'd struck again In a desperate search for his neighbour's son Ted Lewis came face to face with the killer and survived but his life was irrevocably altered The residents of Marchand Louisiana believed they were safe The murderer had been captured and was behind bars But the nightmare wasn't over yet Because on that summer night something passed between the two men Memories of brutality and phantoms of countless victims torment Ted His normal life is shattered and he struggles to fight a growing presence that threatens to leave his soul stained forever

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    A stranger can lurk behind the eyes of someone you know The mask of a friendly face can hide a serial killer In a small Louisiana town when the killer known as the River Rat is finally captured that fact will rock a community But what lurks behind the mask of a serial killer?For the terror has not ended Something is loose out there Something that can hide in plain sight Something old Something with a hunger for blood and screamsThomas' debut novel and Bram Stoker Award winner is a taut fast paced supernatural tale that expands on a concept from the classic short story by Robert Bloch Yours Truly Jack the Ripper and deftly surpasses the source material creating an excellent example of small town horrorthriller that delivers it's share of both thrills and chillsHighly recommended

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    Stained is a book that dives into some pretty dark landscapes The concept is uite entertaining whether it be an infection or virus or actual entity possessing people murderers have caught this disease I really enjoyed the set up and character development for the first part of the novel but for me somewhere along the ride the train sort of derailed The book loses its identity trying to decide what it wants to be an outright horror show? A who dunnit mystery that's poorly tacked together? A character driven suspense tale but one that loses its way beneath the pulling tide of the plot? Unfortunately the combination was less than cohesive That being said it's still a book I enjoyed and maybe even so for what it tried to accomplish Ultimately I think it fell short of the final draft needed to pull the threads together into what could have been uite a masterpiece but it's still worth the price of admission

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    At last the River Rat killer has been captured and so a town can breathe a collective sigh of relief Except nothing is uite so straightforward Contact with the Rat will leave you StainedSomething ancient lurks but victims aren't so much possessed as they are 'stained' their souls darkened tainted by evil It is an excellent premise for a novel although the pacing is a bit skewed; everything moves slowly for 200 pages and then a breakneck finale The edition I had was also littered with typos which was somewhat distractingOverall a darkly disturbing and entertaining read

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    The Jack didn't change a person it stained them darkening their desires their vices and their soulsBam Intriguing right? For sure I don't know what I was expecting but I knew it was going to be awesomeThe River Rat a serial killer has been captured But during the scuffle one of the officers Ted has been stained by his contact with the murdererHallucinations doubts and darkness are driving poor Ted down a dark road he doesn't think he can turn off of Can he cleanse his body and mind? Will The Jack let him?The written story did NOT do the idea justice At about the halfway point the story went a little wild and was not reigned in One minute Drew was Ted's best mate the next he doesn't want him near his sister Linda Then at the next turn he leaves the two alone to copulate or whateverLinda was just looking for a fling no real commitments She was really adamant about that due to her recent separation A couple of chapters down the road and she is riding Ted so hard about commitment that I thought about going back and seeing if I had missed some scenesThe whole lock me up scenario had me shaking my head Drew hell all of the characters needed some real work They were all over the placeNot to be funny but I would have been really pissed if I had paid the 999 it cost because in my opinion it was not worth it2 Disappointed Stars

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    I loved this gory suspenseful intense supernatural chiller that’ll leave you with goose bumps and gasping in awe Lee Thomas wrote such a mind blowing fantastic novel that it is no wonder he won such a deserving award for it The story is a combination of the serial killer mystery Silence of the Lambs with the possession of The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose with the drastic bloodshed of the Saw and Hellraiser movies with the creepy fright of insert the scariest movie you’ve ever seen that keeps you up at night for a week with nightmares and multiply that by 10 I’m astounded and at times blown away at the disturbing brutalities that Lee Thomas imagined and created for these stained murders making me feel secure in my own sanity The story takes the reader along with Ted who has returned to his hometown in Marchand Louisiana to a small town life When the River Rat serial sex killer is caught by Drew the bloody nightmare doesn’t end Eventually Ted’s past catches up with him to his new start when he dates Drew’s niece and as Drew is drawn into investigating both him and the captured River Rat killer The killers aren’t just possessed but their souls are stained by what they call The Jack which manipulates their desires passions and cravings into something ugly and violent For those who transmit The Jack the nightmare isn’t over Once twisted and with the vivid memories of The Jack’s past experiences their violent cravings can continueview spoilerI’d like to believe that one or the other would be a however small some kind of a merciful release but this is not the case Neither the victims nor the stained are fortunate than the other in this Both are damned and tortured to endure unimaginable pain for hours some for days hide spoiler

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    Probably a notch above standard horror fare the story was intriguing especially for a debut novel but suffered from stock characters and pacing Almost nothing happens for the first 200 pages and then too much happens in the last 100 Some of the prose is cringeworthy but Thomas takes an original concept and pairs it with a high and bloody body count which makes the bad writing palatableI read the 10th anniversary print edition which I do not recommend because it is riddled with typosThis was a June 2015 selection for the Horror Aficionados group

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    Bram Stoker and Lambda award winning author Pretty good novel Very graphic but had a really interesting premise It makes me want to search out of his books

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    An excellent read The author really knows how to weave a great story and he's a master of phrasing and lyrical prose If you love psychological horror you'll love this book While the story is horrific it doesn't rely on cheap trick cliche or gore rather on truly wonderful storytelling It took me forever to find a copy of this book to read and the search was well worth the effort One of the best I've read all year

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    Psychological ThrillerThe beginning of this book a kind of explanation of its birth mentions the movie Fallen After reading the book the parallel is clear However Stained is even twisted A deep psychological and paranormal thriller This well written horrific tale is spellbinding yet terrifying You might want to keep the lights on

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    An excellent page turner What's Thomas really understands the intricacies and peculiarities of Louisiana culture Not just another police procedural though at the heart of this story is a chilling idea about where evil comes from how it is passed on One hell of a metaphor for the cycle of violence I read the 10th anniversary edition which includes an afterword by the publisher and I agree with what he says there in a sense the book is The Jack itself and you can put the book down but you won't forget it Recommended