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Special Forces Is An Epic Work Of Military Gay Erotic Fiction, Which Is Available For Free Online The Three Cycles Are Finished And Published Soldiers, Ch And Mercenaries Ch And Veterans Ch Special Forces HasChapters In TotalIt Is The Epic Story Of A Scottish SAS Soldier And A Soviet Spetsnaz Soldier Two Enemies Who Meet In The Line Of Duty During The Early Days Of The Soviet Union S Last War In Afghanistan Behind Enemy Lines Respect And Finally Love Grow But That S Only The Official VersionThe Reality Of These Two Men Is Dark, Brutal, Fuelled By Aggression And Insane Lust Steeped In Pain And Killing, With Death As Their Shoulder Companion, These Special Forces Soldiers Meet InTheir Intense Hatred Caused By Rape, Revenge And Torture Turning Into Fucked Up Lust And Years Of Secret Encounters In The Rat Infested Labyrinth Of Kabul And The Afghan Mountains Time, Despair And Desolation Smoothing Down The Sharpness Of Hatred, Its Venom Drained With Each Physical Encounter, The Lust Helping To Form An Understanding That Only Two Men Of The Same Kind Can Share Enemy Mine And Brothers In Arms On Two Different SidesThis Novel Spans Across Over Twenty Five Years Of Their Lives It S Harsh And Violent, But Life Is Cruel And They Just Do What They Need To Survive The Director S Cut Of Special Forces Soldiers And The Original Old Versions Of All The Books Can Be Downloaded From Vashtan S Website Here

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    I don t know how to rate this, because I completely adored the first part Soldiers and tbh I almost cannot stand the other two It s not that they re badly written completely opposite but the characters and the direction it all went in just pissed me off to no end.Dan suddenly became a whore and Vadim just had to suck it up to continue to be with him and it s so totally unexpected, I ve been like O.o during the first part of Mercenaries I know it s stupid, but I felt so betrayed Soldiers was a beautiful story fucked up, violent, but beautiful nevertheless, and that scene in the hotel, before the KGB bust I cried for real And when Vadim went to see injured Dan in the hospital too So after that having all this polygamy, Dan s harem and Vadim just dealing with his problems and PTSD And what I hated the most is that how the balance s shifted and Vadim s now in such a dependant position he s alone in a foreign country, he has no friends, he can t socialize well he s utterly alone and that after awfully traumatic experience his two years of torture and prison And he s somehow guilty now, he needs to apologize constantly, while Dan s out there enjoing the life.I just can t comprehend how Dan even could compare his 10 years relationship with Vadim their love and sacrifices and how much they ve been through together with his fuck buddy for several months Jean When he s been like yeah Vadim s better than all that, blahblahblah and even Jean , I ve been like whoa how can you even compare them If all it takes to replace your love for 10 years is some poor carbon copy, but younger, merrier and with less issues how the fuck you can even call that love So what if Vadim wasn t there, you d forgot him completely in what several months A year And in the meantime Dan was even ready to kill Vadim, when he s provoked him And now Vadim has to earn Dan s feelings somehow, he needs to suit his needs or Jean Matt co would have him I kinda wanted for them to break up and for Vadim to find another man I rooted for them with Hooch, tbh.I get Dan s motives, I really do, I understand how shattered he felt and why he wanted to get away and forget, but damn It s like these few months had changed his personality completely He only thought about Vadim before, even when he didn t know if the other s still alive, even if they hadn t seen each other in months, and then it seems he just blended in with his new soldier buddies, made a few of them his fuck buddies and totally moved on with his life I just didn t see any struggle, any memories about the past, only some brief flicks and I don t even see how his relatioships with Vadim are any different from his fucking around with these new people There s lust, there s comradery, plus these guys aren t as violent and fucked up as Vadim is I don t see that love that would ve made Vadim stand out from them all It s like pity and sad memories, nothing else and I hate it I hate that they lost their wonderful love and what they have now it s just a mere shadow for me.I just can t understand Dan and thus I can t sympathize with him.Open relationship is not my kind of thing either, but at least I can see the difference between the main partner and the others Kinda like Brian Kinney from QaF, when he loved only Justin, but had slept with so many others, because sex doesn t equal love.But I don t see that much of a difference between DanJean s relationship and DanVadim s relationship And I actually would mind very much, if my partner d have a relationship like this one with someone else, other than me I think it s pretty normal reaction and if Dan can t see it maybe he s the one in need of consulting, not Vadim I know it s not a sunshine and rainbows kind of lovestory, but seriously after this phone sex and actual shagging with Jean before the wedding the whole marriage thing looked like a farce to me I remember all those scenes from Soldiers , when I cried, and what was that for Their sacrifices and love and risking their lives to save each other To have THIS at the end So yeah, I was utterly dissapointed If it would ve been like Mercenaries from the start I d have just stopped reading, coz that s not my kind of story But I still hoped it somehow would return to what s been in Soldiers, so I kept reading till the end and man I can t remember the last time I was so pissed because of the book Jean s in my top 5 most hated fictional characters along with Carnac from Manna Francis s Administration Series.I m sorry for the rambling, but obviously I have a lot of feelings xD

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    Top 10 reasons this series is like a relationship 1 When it s good, it s attack you as soon as I walk in the door good.2 When it s bad, you re just so over it But you can t give up on it you ve invested too much time 3 It s rife with subtext You just have to read between the lines, or you miss a lot.4 Sometimes, you wish it would go on endlessly But on occasion, you wish it would just end already5 The sex is smokin hot, but sometimes it s just too much.6 It can become an obsession It sucks up all your free time.7 It s a little scary.8 Everyone lies Rather frequently To themselves, most of all.9 It changes significantly throughout What you start with isn t what you see later.10 It breaks your heart, then rebuilds it Wash, rinse, repeat.

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    I did itread every single fucking brutal word of it Aren t ya ll fucking proud of me It only took me 24 days I m not really sure what I could say that hasn t already been said in many other reviews about this So I won t break it down and analize it it is what it is I agree that is the most epic and beautiful love storyfrom most hated enemies to most passionate and intense lovers Dan and Vadim are war, but are also each other s peace Its angsty and painful and bloody and violent, and then sweet and endearing when needed All the suffering is totally worth the rewards in the end Once I got past my squeamishness of the open relationship and orgies, I was pretty much okay The rape and hardcore, brutal sex didn t bother me at all I think Matt and Dan words describe it best most fucking amazing love story Matt What a fucked up love affair of violence we are DanNow I need to find someway to detox myself from Dan and Vadim they will be in my head and heart forever.

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    What we have is, as you said once, non negotialbe From the day you raped me, and the day I tortured you from the pistol wound and knife cuts, and from all the anger, pain and hatred onwardsfrom that very first moment on we were fated To die together from each other s hand, or to live together Dan You made me human I stand by that You made me into somebody I would have wanted to become, if I d ever thought about what I wanted to be that wasn t about a record or power or a rank or somedelusion I was chasing If all that was gone and stripped away, the man I am, I am because of what you did, what you made me feel all those years Vadim It was the most beautiful, the most intense, the most addictive, the most emotional, the most erotic, the most heart breaking love story of two people, two HUMANS I have ever read.That is all I can say Special Forces Soldiers, the original version, 716 p Read from August 08 to 14, 2013Special Forces Soldiers reviewSpecial Forces Mercenaries Part I, the original version, 830 p Read from August 15 to 22, 2013Special Forces Mercenaries Part I reviewSpecial Forces Mercenaries Part II, 662 p Read from August 22 to 26, 2013Special Forces Mercenaries Part IISpecial Forces Veterans, 573 p Read from August 27 to 1 September, 2013Special Forces Veterans I ve got two deep cut marks in my heart Two letters V for Vadim D for Dan Forever I don t think I am able to find the right words to describe what this book did to me, what this book means to me So I leave it this way.Speechlessoverwhelmed, overloaded with emotions MUST READ for everybody Even if mm is normally not your genre Honestly You won t regret it Because this book is not only one of the best books I have ever read, this book is for me THE BEST I have read.

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    Well, here is my HUGE review.

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    Oh, please can I give this 10 stars I really have no words All of the previous reviews have already said all the perfect words For a mature, adult reader this will be a life changing novel Admittedly, I put my life on hold to finish this book I just couldn t stop reading The character building was everything I will carry Dan and Vadim with me forever Take a look at my Male Male Romance Book Blog

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    This book should come with the following warning labels 1 Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster the likes of which you won t believe until you re in the middle of the ride, yet again for the bazillionth time at the top of an 85 , 200 foot drop looking down and screaming, WHY THE FUCK DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN 2 The main couple has an open relationship If that idea bothers you at all, this story is NOT for you Trust me 3 Make sure you have a therapist and or support group to get through this read You WILL need it And now WARNING, spoilers ahead In abundance I did try to hide the worst of them, though First, a few general comments I gave this story 5 stars not because it s the most brilliantly crafted book I ve ever read It s not Because while there are some truly BEAUTIFUL fucking lines of prose in this story, it s choppy and disjointed in a lot of places, needs several hundred pages cut out of it, and really, I could have done with a lot less of the man whoring BUT, it deserves 5 stars because it is not often that a book makes me feel the extreme depth and breadth of emotion that this book did A book that can provoke that level of emotional response deserves 5 fucking stars I loved and hated just about everyone in this story at one point or another well, there was one character I only hated and never loved on him later And, there were many points when you re helplessly standing by, watching the characters implode then I just hated the damned authors, because even though the characters actions were painful, they made too much sense.So yeah This book really is an epic, very human emotional journey, and believe me, by the end you feel every one of the 25 years it covers Soldiers If you had told me and someone sort of did, eh Lisa while I was still in the first 150 pages or so of this story that I would end up loving both of these men, I would have said, Bitch, puh lease They are both batshit crazy and reprehensible human beings Rapist meets torturer, neither of them even remotely valuing the many lives they were taking during a violent guerilla war Not exactly a match made in heaven So what kept me going, you might wonder The breakneck speed of the action got me hooked immediately, and despite my initial repulsion by both of them, I was fascinated by the descriptions of the war they were fighting as horrible as they were Having majored in history in college, I found it very interesting, as the Cold War is one period that I am ashamed to say I don t know much about But somewhere between 2 3 and 3 4 of the way through this arc, I realized I did, in fact, love them both I loved Dan for his passion and his brashness, I loved Vadim for his poetry and his depth, and I loved the way a relationship evolved out of the recklessness of their addiction to one another Lust slowly became tempered by love, violence by tenderness, but they never lost the dark and dangerous edge that drew them to one another from the beginning There were so many moments when I felt gut wrenching fear for one or the other or both of them There were moments that made me laugh, that turned me on, that made me tear up, that made me snarl There were moments when the writing left me in awe at the beauty of its phrasing, and envious because I doubt I ll ever be able to pull off writing something so earthy and sexy in its strange but absolutely fitting mixture of profanity and eloquence Much like Nabakov, actually, just much graphically erotic it made me wonder if Nabakov is one of Voinov s influences Favorite part of Soldiers view spoiler Hands down, Vadim risking his life and his career to cross the mountains into India to visit Dan in the hospital after the suicide bombing Though the knife marking scene in the hotel room towards the end comes in a close second hide spoiler

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    A 25 year romance of Dan and Vadim This book was all encompassing, exquisitely and masterfully written, and at times I found it to be difficult to read yet still absolutely beautiful to read..I found this book s to be a powerful, intense heart pounding love story of Dan and Vadim, their love begins with a brutal start and somehow mocks normalcy Take, hate, and revenge, true enemies, and then love The Beginning Revolved Around the Beautiful Mountains of Afghanistan however, in this book you have to trek through those mountains per se and delve into the bad to get to the good.Book 1 The strength of Vadim and Dan s love began It was heart wrenchingly brutal in this book, yet it unfolded the beginnings of a truly breathtaking love affair Book 2 Dan lacked true compassion, he is the reason this book ALMOST lost a star, he was a force to be reckon with And he was just mean and difficult for me to like, and so close for me to hate But, in the end, he still won a piece of my heart Book 3 Dan s redemption, yes the writer gave balance to the love of Dan and Vadim Vadim was in control and he was a force to be reckon with when his heart and love was threatened The Veterans Home at last , and we delved a bit into what happen to them Such a beautiful closure This was my longest book ever read, to date, I read the ebook, Vashtan Edition, 3338 pages My favorite character of course is Vadim So I will read ANY amount of pages involving him But, the bottom line best part about this series is that it is a 25 year love affair A rare read find.The biggest flaw s notes in this book is the repetitive scenes and the pages.and, Dan which made this a difficult read The pic above The Beautiful Mountains of Afghanistan, through all of the ugliness, there is indeed beauty to be found, as I have found within the pages of this book This book falls short in the MC Dan I don t really like him at all.

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    It s brutal and beautiful and hopelessly absorbing and addictive Special Forces is one of the best stories I have read till date and it deserves the title of epic story with ease This was a truly exhilarating roller coaster ride and I don t think I will ever be able to forget Dan and Vadim.Soldiers review Mercenaries Part I review Mercenaries Part II review Veterans review

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