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What If Every Kid Had A Handy Toolbox Of Ways To Get Along With Others That S Just What This Book Is A Collection OfConcrete Strategies Kids Can Pull Out And Use To Express Themselves, Build Relationships, End Arguments And Fights, Halt Bullying, And Beat Unhappy Feelings Like The Mighty Might, Which Takes All The Fun Out Of Teasing And The Thought Chop, Which Helps Kids Resist Self Defeating Thoughts And The Squeaky Wheel, A Type Of Persistence That Gets Results And The Coin Toss, A Simple Way To Resolve Small Conflicts Each Tool Is Clearly Described, Illustrated With True To Life Examples, And Accompanied By Dialogue And Lines Kids Can Practice And Use Stories And Anecdotes Show Each Tool In Action A Terrific Resource For Any Young Person And Any Adult Committed To Teaching Social Skills Includes A Note To Adults

5 thoughts on “Speak Up and Get Along!: Learn the Mighty Might, Thought Chop, and More Tools to Make Friends, Stop Teasing, and Feel Good About Yourself (English Edition)

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    I am so glad I took a chance on this little book What a gold mine My 8 year old son and 12 year old daughter highly recommend it, as do I I m 45 My son was being teased for being small for his age and a little hard to understand tools 11, 12, and 14 were spot on and help a good deal My daughter is having trouble making friends at her new school and feels there must be something wrong with her or she wouldn t be having such a hard time the section on making and keeping friends and tool 19, the thought chop, is helping her work through this I agree with the other reviewers who said it s a helpful refresher for parents as well The writing is simple and funny, and the examples, which are mostly school related, are great My second grader can read this book himself We all read the book and practiced the strategies together This book can help open avenues of communication between you and your kids and give them the tools and confidence to handle common problems.

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    I cannot begin to explain how helpful this has been for my 11 year old middle schooler She is painfully shy and awkward and other kids tease her She doesn t know how to handle these kids and doesn t know what to say.We went through through half of this book on our Thanksgiving drive It had so many current and relevant scenarios and exactly what to say when they occur We all practiced role playing and made up extra scenarios too The main theme is that every situation should be dealt with thoughtfulness and calm, instead of with anger I have noticed my daughter relaxed and happy since we read the book She feels she can handle difficult situations now She asks for us to make up scenarios that she has to handle, so she is really building her confidence Thank you for writing this book Highly recommend

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    I really like the bird analogies It s a fun read I m currently reading it with my 4 and 7 year olds Even my 4 year old is able to grasp the concepts and both children have been practicing what we ve learned It s really neat to watch them pick up on these kinds of skills

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    This book helped my 12 year old daughter figure out how to act and react to situations in Junior High She enjoyed it and employs the strategies it suggests.

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    My daughter is only six years old, but she battles not so much with bullies, but with her perception of what people think of her based on how personally she takes things they say I didn t find the part about dealing with the bullies too useful at this age, although sounded great for older kids because it is very broken down from why they might be acting out to what exactly you could say, but the information on how to deal with your own thoughts and realize when you or your child might have everything is terrible thoughts and how to deal with them is outstanding I always say try to stay and think positive and look at the bright side but the tools they have here and the specific examples are broken down in a much useful way that helps them understand HOW to make something positive Being so young, I m hoping she can adapt these tools and build on them for the rest of her life Some of this would even be helpful for adults that are always seeing the bad side and expecting the worst Reading it with her helps me to reinforce the ideas later on the way they explained it and I can also add a few examples of my own that are personally fit to her issues The Thought Chop and But Twist are very strong tools that can change so much For those two tools alone, I give this five stars, but there is so much information in here to help kids deal with life Not everything will apply to your situation, but find the stuff that does and you won t be sorry.