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From beach read favorite Rachel Hawthorne author of Caribbean Cruising and Love on the Lifts comes another winter romance perfect to get snowed in with Great for fans of Stephanie Perkins Lauren Barnholdt and Susane ColasantiSeventeen year old Ashleigh is about to experience a lot of things for the first time 1 Snow She and her mom are moving from sunny Texas to an icy island in the middle of Lake Michigan which is completely snowbound As in no cars just sleighs 2 Small town life The icy island? Yep it’s tiny Like 30 people in the whole high school tiny And scariest of all 3 Boys Of course they had boys in Texas But none of them were as irresistible—or as hard to figure out—as Josh Wynter And before the snow melts Ashleigh might also be falling in love

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    I think my craving for Christmas stories is blinding my judgment towards books Take away the snowy atmosphere Snowed In is pure romantic fluff that features uite immature characters and relationships But for some reason I absolutely loved it Ashleigh Sneaux and Josh WynterFirst of all those names just make me happyAshleigh and her mother decide to embark on a new chapter in their lives by moving up North to a little island where they will run a bed and breakfast This island was so uaint and cheerful with its numerous fudge shops seriously there is a lot of fudge in this book sleigh rides snowy cave excursions and beautiful Victorian homes Oh and motorized vehicles are restricted to the mainland If it wasn’t for the freezing temperatures I’d pack up my bags and move there too The romance is one that I typically don’t like Josh and Ashleigh have an immediate connection but of course he has a girlfriend which sadly doesn’t stop him from flirting I really did like his character though because aside from his romantic confusion I thought he was genuinely sweet He also had that lumberjack sexy woodsy thing going for him That’s a thing right?And not that I condone any sort of cheating but his girlfriend Nathalie was truly an annoying character and I’m certain she should have been twelve instead of seventeen I mean the girl throws snowballs to express her anger literallyThe ending was so warm and fuzzy though and satisfied my Christmas craving uite well

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    I was in the mood for a Christmas y audio book which is why I randomly listened to this one on Scribd The book was okay overall but just sooo predictable And the main character sort of got on my nerves with being so obsessed with boys and the fact of not wanting a boyfriend at the same time as well as how different everything was with the love interest I guess the issue was the fact that this was meant for a much younger audience but everything was just SO on the nose and worked out so conveniently without any real stakes so I wasn't really very engaged

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    Pros It's shortCons Everything else

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    A perfect and awesome Christmas read

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    With someone to keep you warm might as well get

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    Easy to read But the characters lacked any real substance cheating was written off as okay due to circumstances and none of these people were even remotely likable The only saving grace was the fun environment and the use of You betcha which really made it feel like the midwest However one character only ever referred to her boyfriend as boyfriend and not by his name and that made me want to rip my hair out I may try another book by this author since it was uick and easy to read BUT SCREW THESE BOOKS THAT NORMALIZE CHEATING AND MAKE IT SEEM LIKE IT'S TOTALLY COOL AS LONG AS ONE PARTY DETERMINES IT'S OKAY GTFO here with that

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    I actually really liked it Initially I wasn’t all that impressed with the writing or the plot then about 100 pages in and the little twist occurred and I was hooked for the remainder Some of it really resonated with me too which I think probably contributed to how much I liked it I just loved the added ‘complication’ It was just a fun little read despite not particularly liking any of the MCs being a little cheesy at times and ugh those inner monologues

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    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToocomHow would you like to move from Texas where an ice storm is a major news story to a remote island in the Great Lakes that has no cars but does have store signs that say Return after the first thaw? And to find out that the junior class will have a mere six students when the winter break is over? Ashleigh's parents are recently divorced and to make a clean start Ashleigh and her mother have moved to a small island to open a bed and breakfast named Chateau Ashleigh Their first day in town Nathalie and her mom come and introduce themselves Ashleigh immediately has a new friend Through Nathalie Ashleigh explores her new town and meets various kids her own age Of particular interest is Chase who works at the local fudge shop Nathalie warns Ashleigh that Chase is a player but Ashleigh isn't too worried about that She's just looking to make some new friends and fit in One morning Ashleigh wakes up to find a strange boy knocking on her bedroom door In enters Josh the son of the local handyman Ashleigh's mom has hired them to help do some general repairs around their new house to get it ready for patrons Ashleigh is immediately drawn to Josh and a tentative friendship forms However it turns out that Josh is actually Nathalie's boyfriend Nathalie however never refers to him by name only as my boyfriend Ashleigh finds this odd but respects the boundaries and doesn't pursue Josh As the story develops Ashleigh suspects that Chase has romantic interests in Nathalie Nathalie might not really like Josh just the idea of a boyfriend and could Josh possibly be interested in her??? As the winter months on her new island home pass Ashleigh finds that she likes the uaintness of her new life and maybe the move might just have been the best thing for her I always enjoy Ms Hawthorne's stories and this was no exception I'll admit that I would never want to live on such a cold island during the winter But Ms Hawthorne has a way with describing all the charm of the village and almost makes me want to go there too Watching the tentative romance develop between Ashleigh and Josh make the story very appealing to all

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    Full Review on The Candid CoverIf you’re looking for the perfect read to curl up by the fire with this winter Snowed In is the perfect book for you This wintry book takes place on a perfect island and the main character is so sweet This book is so cute and pretty shortSnowed In is short and sweet what I would consider pure fluff This story is about a girl who moves to a small island with her mom and the adventures she has along the way There are plenty of cheesy moments in the book but they actually work well with the story and aren’t unpleasant at all This is also such a uick read that I was able to read in one sittingI loved the small island setting in the story Everyone is friends with one another and there are less than 10 kids per grade in the school Since it is set in the winter there are also romantic sleigh rides and cross country skiing described in the book that made me smile The main character owns her own bed and breakfast and that is honestly a dream for me This whole book just gives you a warm fuzzy feelingI liked Ashleigh as a character She is very considerate and thinks of how her actions will affect others before carrying them out She has a good sense of humour and such a fun personality I also found Ashleigh to be relatable since she is definitely not a morning and can’t go without a cup of coffee Her last name Sneaux is also while cheesy super festive which I enjoyedSnowed In is a wintry book set on a small island during the winter I enjoyed the main character and her sweet personality I would definitely recommend this as it is such a cute and uick read

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    A perfect vacation read A light hearted romance set in the winter on lonely Mackinac IslandI became intrigued by this when I read that it was set on Mackinac Island I went there once on vacation as a child with my parents and my brothers It's a beautiful locale and very remote And the no cars rule adds a historic feel to the island that's uite unusual Of course my most vivid memory of that particular vacation was on the mainland with my dad driving from gas station to gas station looking for a reasonable gasoline price He was refusing to pay the 50¢ a gallon that they were gouging tourists for when gas was only 27¢ a gallon back home I said it was along time agoAs I started reading this I was intrigued by the parallels and the differences between this and Twilight The girl protagonist is new to a uniue area There's the small town feel the forbidden boy aspect The way that the setting plays a role in the story But no supernatural here This is a sweet light hearted romance that entertains but doesn't go any deeper than a mild sunburn It's as comfortable as old flannel And it is sweeter than the fudge that island seems so fixated on What minor difficulties arise may be easily resolved as with any good vacation read This is a fast fun guilty pleasure read but be warned it may cause cavities